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Good Friday, Workweek Done? I Probably Work Easter. "How're You?"

Business 101. If we're happy ... Ms. Copacetic ... 

    Sigh. Not like trucks are rolling but, however stagnant things appear, change happens. I just know beneath the panic of our being apart? We're going to laugh. Otherwise, not our gig. Others would be better children-respecting adults to play with. And played by ABC-7's Male Hierarchy FigureHEAD's really? Nero fiddling all over again
Sure, bears repeating. 
    Jesus Christ emphasized prostitutes to show Economics are wrong as men's domain. Grown how little near 21 Centuries After
    Nearer ...
    Still George C. Scott's intoxicated he and Dr. Strangelove see eye-to-eye

    Come on NOW. Every historian. The question is absence of moral triumph. The present's fiddling the past. Manipulation of the future. Uncovers that eventually without moral progress, what history teaches warns history isn't learned. The past doesn't, and does fiddle the future. While the present's fiddling fumbles futures but hopefully learns from mistakes.

Nero born 12/15/37. Fiddled, Rome burned 7/18/64. 
Reigned 10/13/54 to d. 6/9/68. 

      Historians carry on deciphering. 

    Really. All down to who, how, what, why, and where the publics' minds are bent. Focused best as Power's most useful, as essential, asset. Fear works. Why nations reticently (shielded morally behind blacklisting perverting-desperate-worse) pardon Russia's emphasizing Their Empire. Thereby not facing The Prolonged War Against Ukraine is also resolved fear for their empires as well? Sigh. Putin defending Russian Historical and Christian Honor is CRACKPOT

    Also the wall that needs down?  Despising Netanyahu is clearly LOVING ISRAEL and All Religion too. GOD is GOD. Not precisely a religion as GOD as everything encompasses everything we are. Lord Bless Women Rule ...

HELL's only where Deserving Souls reside. ... Sisterhood no longer denied and demeaned by men. 

        So, SHOW OF HANDS where historians perspectives lie? Historians are responsible for whether or not their leaders ever feel justifiably embarrassed. Putin's in that unaffected atmosphere. As Modi of India also treats his faults as armored. Historically poked full of holes, elitists Modi, Putin, Leaders of Chinas etcetera on-and-on yada-yada on. 
    Logical. But under command that's as coercively influenced as transgressions State claims to control. State Honor Is Not Unlimited Power Over People. CASE CLOSED.
Ukraine-Kiev always acquisition relative to Muskovy/Moscow/Russia. Proud of War. Statesmanship's dishonor forevermore. No Surprise Prefer History Books Removed

    Not neighbors united by proximity as generations of Russians are still now told. Ukraines' History is hardly even owned by Ukrainians themselves. History the Putin Regime can't face. Stalin shipped and killed a lot of people removed from Ukraine among other czars' sins.

    O come on now! History's due homage. NOW. Now when people should be coming to grips. It's not just more history, it's what we'll never fully grow up from till fully faced. Current War & Authoritarianism, of even the democracies, is repetitive nonsense. Not only rhyming, but humanity's killing ourselves repeating ourselves to death. Amusingly, no. 

    Down in history StalinistVladimir Vladimirovitch. Must, deep down be really dissatisfied. After all. Gazed on as more arrogant than God? As if God's a fully made up human emotional machine. You President Putin are part of twisting what has no place here. This platform of yours defending Western Christianity? Crap. Crapping all over history, your crew is. Time you faced long fed up

    "Who are you?" You could ask. I might respond I've been screaming from the rafters so long, oxygen's thin what you morons planned left. Muscovy announcing a dome for city to avoid the massacring pollution's effects of being monsters ourselves? 

    Ignoring ramifications is KING as inhuman Dumpster religionized. No useful place for those without  interest in keeping straight records. (Walt Disney says spit on the Male Figurehead Liars, Dear Abigail.) Advancement acquires ability to head forward, straight. Unnecessary to make things up, BillBob Iger.

    See? From where I sit, how historians view is critical. Haven't risen above the PR din in generations, but coming. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and I are going to smoke a joint.  

    Air's thin up where President Putin and Netanyahu and Modi of India and the Etceters planted their "Bad Egg" heads. Meanwhile we're expendable canaries. Collateral Damage money's made on. Is it possible the conscience-less learned to breathe carbon dioxide? Nitrous oxide's probably connected to their evil celled brains somewhere. Thing with drugs is they work on you. Why beer disturbed men hit women. Deluded delusions pervade worsening those with no conscience hold on their limitations. Terribly disgusting how a certain California Military Industrial Complex New Yorker believes power solves his everything. No not Nixon. Though The Tricky Dick was ensconced here for a time. Believe the game's a stacked deck. How history reads for future subscribers. Chemical Empire DuPont Delaware and co-habitants of the Koch Brothers promise history can be hid from forever if invested in right. WRONG!

    However you won. However this turns out. Since killing is worst of all and important to you, you've done it. How disappeared am I exactly. Ritter looks at me but I can't risk his lying to me again, for his sake, so he can't recognize MY WATCHING HIS SCUMBAG SELF. Right. I impossibly care Putin changes. Ritter and Iger. Face yourselves and feel what not giving a ___t really means for you two. Drag gum Iger? Condemned with that gnat. Yes, "NO COMMENT." Company needs removed from Ritter making IT a joke. 

    Historically? True. You, President Putin rose to equal Stalin's demonic ambivalence. Both of you so obviously prideful smirks. 

    If I were sadder now I'd be crying. Get it President Putin? If you think you've been having fun, you could have a lot more. Especially since no more people should die over what you're doing. However you wish. Remember. You can't tell history what the future thinks. And from what you've made available, means you misinterpret any sympathy. 

    Both Presidents Egomaniacs on your shaky three-card-monte table, President Putin. Your two faceless cards. Morbid thinking what conspired from the resolve for manipulative power in you two and the manipulators profiting from you self-idolized pawns. Rewarded. Good moves you two, in your ways. But checkmate? I think you both lie, you've the power of Queens. 

    The past sings to us. Come on now. Behold our foundations and fates. Foundations and fates that should amount to more than just crumbling tourist attractions. New York City promised the world inTimes Square and just pocketed money for big signs saying beware corporations were as devious with promises as the rest of you. Republicans Mayor Adams and Governor What's Her Name. Pure set up scammers. Give us lots of money pretending what is known makes New York look stupid. Wall Street did not create the Banana Republics, the lost immigrants ran from. Our Elitists Bill Ritter is the idolized target for. Country? Face condemnation, or scapegoat yourselves to death. Either way, Robert Iger I care more for you than Lamest Brain. GET IT! Don't bother telling me you don't believe. GOD nor I care less about your "pay grade" level. Tried well beyond your self-idolized insignificance NOW.

    Our era's become we can't afford to pay you. But could you, the customer, please buy our products so we share in our data's prosperity. And tip too as we take no responsibility for exaggerating the inflation that's designated all of us so irresponsible. Judges may as well put me in the hoosegow to get all ya'll off. For the time being. Sayonara

    Not time for revolution. Time for Common Sense. And Common Cause?Time's upon us where political pursuit reminds us sincerity matters more than everything, except emblematic patriotism itself. Could be I'm also obsessive about patriotism too? Except I understand what's specifically led throughout history up to now. The fact the tangled web Shakespeare wove, shouldn't describe forever now. And does, oh no ...

    History's more than a dream, President Putin. Boo! 

Noted Stalin Biographer Runs Down Historical Parallels To Journalist Masha Gessen’s Phone Call From President Putin

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