Saturday, March 30, 2024

ABC Shallow Male Hierarchy Figureheads? From BOTTOM-FEEDER RITTER to Top Robert Iger! Walt Disney's Smiling Because Your Arrogant Highnesses Are Condemned

    Abigail Disney. ...
   ABC getting rid of Kathie Lee Gifford wasn't on your two specific male hierarchy pinhead watches.  Hammer Fraud Ritter arrived later. But Bob Iger? YOU are where the buck stops. Your account. You're The Male Pinhead at the top. Be gracious. Maybe GOD scorches my soul forever, because that's my request. Instead of you two pricks. Cause that's my aggravating plea. Re-fry my soul's wrong conscience sins, please? That LIAR BILL RITTER, confidently spoke his own fate's traps. Mr. Irrelevant.
    Keep Glowing, Macho Fraud! 
Mr. California - San Diego Naval Base 
Military Industrial Conquest Conquistador
    The way SS/Ritter, giddily bounced out the elevator, approximately 4:50 PM Friday, yesterday? After eyeing my, outside the window, lowered head, looked at his bigger SECURITY JEFF version. Mr. (Premier) Iger? You have whole divisions of Arian Racists? Cause this one was same, bigger. EVERYONE knows I'd never be violent and only be killed or beaten to a pulp. WHY POLICE DIDN'T, AND DON'T, COME, JUST, AT YOUR IDIOTS' REQUEST! 
    Hello BillBob Iger ... ... ...

    STUPID SYCOPHANT, SECURITY JEFF. Rigid-Face of self-love disgust with anything else but selves. Dominate women? GOD's gonna make either me or ALL ya'll, near enough, Dumpster Bigots regret not devoting enough respect for your Live Souls, or at all! 
    And I lived through one of your fellow egotists screaming he didn't choose to be alive. He'd do anything to have achieved the riches of you two. Despite Walt Disney's probably grinning broader than FAT NOSE Ritter NOW! Condemned forever/his choice. I only know what I see. Me and "NO COMMENT."

    Like Shallow Investment Ritter that much Mr. Iger? And in charge of all that money? Investors? It's beyond male hierarchy. As proud as Ritter is recognized acting like he's moral? He is as corrupt as_ Bob Iger at this point. Nullified BobPERIOD. ... 

Mr. Iger, sir? This tune /\, "he" you or I?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Noted Stalin Biographer Runs Down Historical Parallels To Journalist Masha Gessen’s Phone Call From President Putin

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