Thursday, March 21, 2024

Happy Thursday ??? ??? ???

ABC Security Jeff? When was your turn to "CALL THE COPS?" Yes. I know. Kind of truce in effect. But realize, can't pick up and toss all of you. So that's as far as ya'll are trusted. Your turn to "CALL THE COPSABC Security Jeff? Or gave up without admitting to New York City's ABC-7 News' False-Face Male Hierarchy Figurehead? ... Clearly none of you could clearly communicate with anyone, or each other, without layers of self-deceiving deception. "He's gonna step on you again." 
    Cops have known me since six, protecting my right to independently say my piece. Peace. Apparently men, or women, other than Ritter Sycophants, ignored THE MEMO Racism's Hidden.
    Way things usually work. Workweek winds down around Thursday and plans revolve around two days not expected at work. And whole world revolves around this relaxed view of life, or better. With variations. The starving lose track of days. And falling apart, track of dates. While luxuriously buffered like ABC-7's Bill Ritter? Take an entire previous, staff formula, week off. Needing rest and focused fabrication time as truth's muddled when devious deceiving collapses. HOPEfully. Yes. I know for money's sake. Idolized money's sake. Cavernous difference. 
    That Mr. Ritter enjoys pompously throne riddled? No face to face me? Nine months later, of responsible for interference, means - TARGET Back At You
    So world's not on same page thinking electrified trains and cars 
everywhere. Because news readers aspiring to Pinhead Bill Status, have preached over airwaves for years that the public should Worship Big Oil's Economic Foundation RUINING THE PLANET. Accept? Any scapegoat Ritter's welcome to, Mutt and Jeff guess. 
    Because they care so much for money in your pocket? Pinhead Male Hierarchies didn't give a crap about circulation. Or that fixing the excess pollution and Too Much Dug From The Earth is the problem - is the solution. Not just struck mum by facts. Well-Paid Scumbagism, Reading News. Male egos surpassing human proportion.
    Irresponsible "hell on earth" fries.
    We'll see. Messed with me Ritter. You opened your own floodgates, yourself, Mr. Bill RitterArmand Hammer Oxy-Admirer or useful acquaintance. Didn't set you up to lose your virginity, as brother was set up in his 4th Street Manhattan townhouse? But your ego-driven head was driven somewhere. Total Disappointment interfering LA Business Writer Ritter
    See DISNEY/ABC? Up to Ritter, or corporation to face yourselves for what will be a year if you let more months pass. Sure, I know protocols and you're mistaken I can't see what's hidden by male moth-brain-eaten buffoons
    ABC and Ritter go down in history reversing why ABC was founded? Are you people kidding? Reinforcing fair competition in our United States. You can't just claim Ritter obviously doesn't mean anything, just because he's such perfectionist Pinhead FigureheadHistory's purpose isn't Reinforcing WhitewashingBill Ritter/Bob Iger/DISNEY/ABC, etc., there's a problem with the order? No bleep! But  Florida(NY) Security and I are cool. The New York Times.
    Herr Ritter? Boo! ... 

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