Friday, March 22, 2024


    Formulaic workweek's last day. Party will be where The Kings deal themselves in self-served best. Relax. Custom. You'll know when inclusion doesn't interfere with The Kings legacy of domination. Implanted generation by generation, throughout history. Sport. Looking for women. Talking with women. Hope not to know each other that well. Easier to emulate The Dumpster's Tiger years. That 
neighbors divulged were women leaving his apartment in the morning, dissatisfied. Probably disrespected according to role as Dump's rocks off entertainment. 
    It's just completely, thoroughly, wrong that man was ever a Presidential Candidate. The horror. Shame. Wayne Barrett investigated Money's Chump. The Donald.
    What I know or Dump Chump knows, are two separate things. He may not fully understand. But he knows why and how he became such a definitively corrupt s.o.b.Yeah, meanShe's racist dad's wife
    To match Dump's indifference I'd have to go a long way. Somewhat did. Celebrity's required, unfortunate, notoriety aspect, splatted right in my face. How could she, Sade Baderinwa, believe I am so romantically and forevermore infatuated by her TV Star, that her benevolent curiosity deserves well-rewarded. 
    Actually she's more than TV Star. Imagine my impatience ABC! I'd say woman but I watched her not back down. And satisfaction in men pretending they're security. 
    Realized decade back, Dumpster's an illustration. Dumpster bragging point, his invincibly interest. Veneer. Bleepin' A.
    NOW, still, as THE NEWS informs us. Besides perpetual tragedy in Ukraine, a big problem is Netanyahu's status. Begging military money to remain vicious scoundrel on Israel's behalf. How does that exactly escape blame for supporting Outright Militarism? And exacerbating points of revenge? However much Muslims can be blamed for supporting revenge? Goes both ways. Utter arrogance among those who probably can't even spell - humility
    Bibi Gun is invited to speak to a U. S. House of Congress, by Male pictured with WOMAN + FALSE IDOL, SUV
Get Out!

Or put me in jail. I'm thoroughly disgusted.

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