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    That the debilitating factors in human history are reducible to Men's ignoring Jesus Christ, is Human History. The symbolism of caring for prostitutes and plainly being in people's faces meaning - you're doing it all wrong. Prostitution or prostitution in marriage is the only economic outlets and they're blamed for sin? MEN ARE IDIOTS FOR CENTURIES! Then improved a tad.

    Scapegoating Jews. Offense, Defense doesn't matter. Same holds true for all lines of racial separateness. Who're you people kidding? All the grievances and grudges of the world are exacted from the collateral damage in terms of profit and mobility. There's profit and the fortunes are faceless. Often called or thought of as patriotic labor, but in essence acting out the needs of a class without any inherent interest in ending war or even the deviantly brain-dribbled people shooting more innocent lives out from under us. In schools where we haphazardly enforce kids teaching themselves. The chosen find rosy paths. The perhaps less read to as small children, manning the where do we stick them task. 

    But wait! We don't know how to pay ourselves properly without the economy being relieved of responsibility for the POOR's SCAPEGOATING AS CHARITY. Finance fully circulating is capitalism, what we have is executive malfeasance no one's responsible for. As we know Lehman Brother's Executives got their money out before American Financing of Retirement through their homes was SABOTAGED

    Debilitate your economy with inflation and money slicing without accepting any responsibility for it? Then let the CHURCH labor your mistakes. Their duty as Watchers Over of the less fortunate cannot be forgotten. Nor should exploitation of the church go unrewarded. (Laugh, that's supposed to sound funny.)

    But ruining the economy for MEN'S INSTITUTION OF SITTING ON THEIR Bill RittersMANY, half a year, months ago I TOLD Mr. "You Wrote Something Bad About Me" that he could change it - it's satire. Just before RITTER SAID, his last words he gets with me, "I don't have to deal with this." 

    Gave it all to SECURITY, Ritter did, like some darned John Grisham/Tom Cruise Movie. That's how much you're faced as a mean piece of crap - BILL RITTER. I can literally watch that chest of yours protrude throwing out your name and chest over everything in the studio desk's vicinity. 

    I don't respect Cruise's Mental Standing enough to use his name in print and I just did referring to you and YOUR FOUL ACTIVITIES intervening in Sade Baderinwa's, and my, lives. Because you are an Egotistical Freak Ritter. And Cruise is a BOUGHT SYMBOL as you are. Yes and maybe ensconced in my Central Florida, backyard, Travolta can yap up and pile on me too! 

    But wait, that's it. Why censoring me and shattering my imagery at the ABC NEW YORK window is SO important. Why men, in my personal life, were exposed, by women, as of owned by Ritter's ilkBrethren-ed in the Men-for-Men religion. Religion, not denomination. As the Trumpster once claimed on Fifth Avenue that his denomination Presbyterian was his religion. 

    YES MY EDITOR AND I enjoyed together his liking the word ilk used about Dr. Armand Hammer. GUILTY ILK - the implication Hammer could not abide and my objective responsibility. I refused lunch. Ritter could have gorged at their LA meal? All Malcolm Forbes had to say was, "what if he knows about you." Knowing I'd grow into myself.

    The National Enquirer's Mike Hammer fronted ilk too. Bill Ritter, uh huh, probably with his face everywhere wants remembered as more important than the legwork done in publishing. Importance best remembered by this sampling of onlookers of relative significance. Publisher of huge publishing firm says when introduced publicly in a park, "You're introducing me to him here? Hello" and walked off. And Woman from same firm, five years later. "I understand your book but my boss won't help you."

    Decade and a half ago I couldn't be told what THE DUMPSTER said to a FORBES editor forty years ago on the phone. Especially I never thought myself more important than my book. That's what meeting Ina and Robert A. Caro meant. The Hammer and Cycle Messenger Service is as important as I advertised in The New York Times Book Review.

    Guess what? Actions and words definitely DIDN'T HIDE that certain people reflected just watching MY FAILURES percolate. Unlike Sade Baderinwa, brilliant watcher. It was from the dinner after the first season, before the 2nd baseball season, that I can remember (Mike) Hammer's hard stare at the woman I lived with and however did she let me get away with the ad in The New York Times Book Review!!! His threatening eyes in my eyes on the baseball field. Implication: I'll be ruined on my own. Boo! I dove in, head first. Charles M. (Thomas Paine) Fraser vs. Authoritarianism, still.

The card I watched Robert Caro, with Ina, casually slip in his coat's left pocket.

    She, modern Hammer's Handler, even yelled "can't you see he's trying to help you?" When I described the idea of writing for the National Enquirer if jobs were being lost and the Conservatives could write facing me. But as is known. Made up doesn't face. Just jargons up

    One of the worst moments in my life was listening/watching on Friday to women on The View bragging of Chris Christie friendships. JARGON BARF BAG CHRISTIE! Part-time work for that heel for decades, ABC? AND treat me like NONE OF YOU CAN READ? Disgusting, Executives. The women are TV personalities, prodded to play the game is their contract. REPEAT: JARGON BARF BAG CHRISTIE! Just writing terminology Donna Brazile can't use SAYING THE SAME THING!

    Remembering that Friendly ABC Security Man say I'm just after people when I began the explanation of how Lee Goldberg can be completely against me. BUT (I continued.) I'd have to preserve Cornell Honor and lie for him. Or just not belabor the truth. Truthy? Both Goldberg and I have grinned and shrugged, through the glass, that people prefer not to think and Ritter was paid well to front against the future being lied about by the past's mistakes. As everyone knows - Can't hide from the weather. 

    A lot of money was made burning Vietnam. People follow the money, that's the root of war and why Netanyahu is allowed to hide. Because both sides thrive selling their commodity HATRED. This isn't a game show. Israelis go back to Israel. Trains from Palestine to Palestine and Saudi Arabia buy solar paneled Palestine selling electricity to Israel funding Palestine. MONEY betrayed the Palestinians and everyone's duff sitters scapegoat any and everything else. Ooo patriotism, gag me with an ax.

    Yeah Ritter, I listen. To me you swill gasoline like a thousand dollar a day HEROIN ADDICT! 

    Imagine that, though. The New York Times Book Review. Eustis, Florida's own, grew up less than a block from that racist Groveland Four Sheriff Willis V. McCall. 

    Executive Leeches not dominating everywhere. But enough to blacklist me enough. So far? Or done? I've finally proven to myself I've tried hard enough. I'm not answering for people. Just myself as judgements done. Thank you GOD

    Hilarious thing about attorney Ron Kuby? Him knowing about the State Attorney who hung out with Nektar and you two. The arrogance of having your group's individual minds depicted to me as more mature than mine? ALL THE TIME! In addition - Shallow use of concentrating on just money defining me. And I wouldn't find out? Shake head here ...

    My editor is at worst a trapeze artist and YOU GUYS, YOURSELVES, WERE TELLING ME what I needed to know THOSE LAST MONTHS before my own arrogant embarking on a Thomas Paine Soapbox View path. ARROGANTLY! ... Mike Hammer stares me point blank down in my eyes - doesn't go forgotten. BILLBOARD MIKE HAMMER. 

    AND MY FAVORITE - "My own brother," she said slapping her forehead before the other suggested gelato. Ah little moments are all I got with "NO COMMENT," and mentioned here to re-emphasize just how important she is and how the hatred I have for those involved depicting us apart is your faults alone and disgusting how everything's depicted my fault. What arrogant money worship does. 

    RITTER/NATIONAL ENQUIRER CONSORTIUM of men for boys! Take your little boy, "Jon Anderson is looking at you" insights and stuff it up your ARROGANT RIDDLED BUT PAID ENOUGH LIVES

    As women knew/know. Executive Men matter more than respect for relationships. Company Man men/boys. One woman admitted over a year and a half ago that her man wouldn't let her read me. Well before the THOMAS PAINE/WOMEN RULE format was unveiled. 

    Oh no, Rupert Murdoch and aSSociates! What did I find out? What people have known for generations! Money's used poisonly! And the RULING MEN destroying the world Is Not Okay. Gasaholic best friends are bought all over AMERICA according to THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER's Mike Hammer

    Sue me! Ritter especially. Already ABC-TV NEW YORK HAS MORE THAN PROVEN, on Ritter's behalf, Pontious Pilates with their slanted opinions are an abundant crop of Scapegoating Forevermore.

    At times, in fact, Targeted by SECURITY all over Lincoln Center. They'll have much to be proud of knowing their lives were put to use for people's ruining the world's vanity. But yet everyone's bought, so all worship Bill Ritter as has been sold. Just a news reader leading news readers. BILLIONS OF US as tiny brained and EGOTISTICAL!

    RITTER'S tact, to my face, was his not believing "in GOD." But then that's probably just excusable for understood as naive. GOD is smarter than us and thinks beyond words so GOD's decisions would seem GOD's. But evil, Ritter, is defended TARGETING ME! YOU FREAK! My soul's cool however GOD decides Christ's forgiveness in my vein. I'm just a bystander. Became a loud mouth my shy personality never wanted. But proven by RITTER'S ILK! Lone voices can be doomed lost in the American Wilderness when facing the future's a denied past.  


Crackhead Ritter! !!!

From the South, I like this song.

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