Tuesday, March 5, 2024

ABC-7 TV NewsWomen Frown No More

 So what? Even in THE position of completely destroyed by BILL RITTER'S Male Hierarchy TEAM, that's history. Numb Nut won't even have those anymore as time evolves. His standing up for whatever he pretends to stand up for, by interfering in our lives, completely swept from under him in the way magicians remove table spreads without tableware even moving. 

    Standing? No. ABC-7 TV RITTER - You're a head case of THE WORLD'S OWN MOST TRAGIC PROPORTIONS. Egos don't face things, DUMPSTER JUNIOR! And you want your credentials opposing that idiot in tact. YOU, ritter, actually, as stands, DESERVE NO AIR TIME! Who cares how much propriety flaunts from that Mt. Rushmore-ian Stone Silence Roy Cohn Memorial Chin?   

    Armand Hammer's LA SNITCH, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre attest. So shallow YOU ARE not only conscienceless, but mentally incapable apparently as evidence revealed. AND apparently one Woman Broadcaster, recently back from extended leave, came up in my Twitter Feed showing the Bill Ritter Faces on a FAN for the office party for Bill's recent birthday. Did you remind them Bill? That it would be tacky to flaunt those Bill-The-Twit Ritter Fans in my face? 

    After all, a top reporter who's never had an occasion of our looking at each other before, diligently waved coming out of the elevator and leaving the lobby 5 minutes later. Done ritually for ABC fans outside. SHE DIDN'T GET THE MEMO I am an AVOWED enemy of The Troglodyte Bill Ritter

    Before all this startedN.J. Burkett, walked past me at Second Avenue before 42nd Street and stared me straight in the eyes meaning TO ME NOW - dude you're in for it. YA KNOW when this started both prime-time local affiliate male reporters had the time off. It was just - Bill, the women and me for perspective. HIGHLIGHTING it is Bill Ritter's MALE SUPERIORITY CONSPIRACY, as FROM THE BEGINNING destined, in my eyes, for squashing by the premise EQUALITY. JERK! 

    So Ritter habitually drops head, TO FOCUS ON DESK, as I approach studio on the bicycle. MOST everyone else facing what Ritter isn't. MALE HIERARCHY FIGUREHEAD!

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