Thursday, April 4, 2024

Potentate Bob Iger Please Stop ENDORSING Pinhead Figurehead

    Reprehensible. Fact, ABC Channel 7. Illiterate News Reader, owned in New York by Military Industrialized Complexity and Robert "Bob" Iger, is still imposed on me. Plus the dignified women who actually work for your and their companies. My fingers hit letters, but(thead) doesn't change Ritter's creating entire situation himself. For utterly disreputable friends? Right! Confidence game. Judgement's fine? Just Watch.    

Heavyweight Ritter crackin glass ceiling. Cool. 

    Back of the front section of the New York Times, a few weeks back, had the full page ad of a corporate investor advising Disney investors. More than likely Figureheads want other Figurehead Salary Influencers Over Women. So I don't trust any of it. 

    What I know is every time I see Ritter, audacious brazenness. He knows I know how pathetic a creep he is. Arrogantly foul. 

    Bill Ritter pompously, arrogantly claimed, "I don't believe in God." GOD doesn't believe in Bill Ritter either. While not my place to interfere. GOD can forgive whatever however, GOD's business. Chauvinista Bill Ritter? Never should have intruded in our lives if he didn't want "bad things written" about him. AS I EXPLAINED BEFORE HE HANDED ABC Guillotine Duty to SECURITY with "I don't have to deal with this." 

    Intelligent people verify what they're not dealing with. Shadow boxers shield intrepidly. Depends. Ruthless usually wins. Though extreme shallow generally negates. More ruthless than I? Epitome of arrogance! Wha-wha-wha-what! 1 + 1 = 2 Ritter sycophants. 

    Herr Ritter insisted his believing in GOD's mythologicalization grants immunity? What his eyes said. I could be wrong. I know he is. The way his body and eyes made doesn't matter movements. 
    Something about the brain. For all we know, we're not sure exactly how it works. Yet some see GOD as LIGHT delivers the best messages through the brains networks. 
    This nonsense dealing with shallow people's aspirations, I just want behind us. I live a life in seclusion and come out facing superficially polished fascism. Dressed to the nines, having bought out morality as a cause. Diminishing value escalating shattering the economy ran from fixing. Generation-after-generation. 
    Face me. Can you? Not hardly.

    Ritter is capable of twisting everything, as I've seen. I imagine my face twisting as THE CLOSER's does after getting witless deviant's confessions. Don't have to say a word Ritter. History, I imagine, wants remaining open on all the crap thrown at it. Bleepface.

Corporation's BOMB SHELTER 

Did Not Work when RITTER EXPLODED. 

As Shill Bill Doesn't Work Either! 

Portraying Empathetic-Pathetic FACE!

    Yeah, Brilliant Bob. Since my phone was stolen last fall, I've no way to verify I'm human to Linked-In, Facebook, anyone. I don't exist except to history. Where Bill Ritter Identifies his friends SOULLESSLY FRIED TOO! Congratulations BOB! 

Identifies Florida and Disney

Figureheads Judged

--- --- ---

Singing Duo


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