Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Turn On. Tune In. Rise Up.

    "Turn on, tune in, drop out." Life's not necessarily confusing when puzzles are known just that. Puzzling, but ... 

    Darn wild what GOD's experiencing in all of us. Within one human the possibilities are infinitely immense, times billions, trillions and intense. Whew. 💝💝💝 Thanks gazillions. ... 
Ms. Baderinwa, 
    "... times they are a changing." 
    Of course, not ready. You see the thread I'm hanging on. Afford the likes of you? Never part of my ever most wildest scheme. Things change and you don't haunt me at all. Tug at my heart all the live long days though. 
... Malcolm 
    So. Foosball? Played some. Had good games. They were the uh oh Pool Halls for the teens, post-teens, in their time. The real sharks were a skill above. When you got to the table with them, they'd give a look at your eye to remind it's over already. Someone at ABC-7 at 66th Street, New York City, thought they'd given that look. Missing mine. "Tiresome" Honky above pay grade ___t. 

    Yeah boy. 2010, or so, John Cleese, Madison Avenue, pantomimed Basil Fawlty, for me, thrashing an invisible car
with a flimsy transparent tree branch. Genius. Bill Ritter? Pictured with HACK SEAN HANNITY, humongous disappointment in any regard. Hannity has still failed to confront me at the FOX building and thrash me as THE SEAN promised when email confronted 30 years ago. Rupert Tool. Foosball, Robert Iger
    And Robert Iger? Imagine the look and smell of victory where Ritter's head went gleefully up representing small, opened eyes, wonder. Saying he honestly had no idea who I was outside the window. I shruggingly held his eyes on me glare. But knew then, this man can't afford my facing him lying to me again. In the time since, accused by me a Dr. Armand Hammer acolyte notwithstanding
    But The Fraud sure saw eye contact and some of the moments Sade and I spent together, window between us be damned. So really? Just don't mess with me or her. GOD fry me please if wrong. Wouldn't even suggest otherwise. Appreciated GOD's judgement all my life. 
    Thing is? I don't live in make up believe and jerk's a commodity. Well, PR deception's ruled the country paying huge dividends across the top. Idolizing it and themselves till death souls depart. Ta da! 


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