Thursday, June 20, 2024

Distorting POLITICS So BIG-OIL/CIA Banana Republicanism Destroys America as has WORLD

CENSORED ON XTWITTER where Charles Komanoff lies Claiming IDENTITY above everyone's intellectual capacity. LORD here Below Shitface Idiot! 
HIPPIES were always ready to help these TWO LOSERS who thought STATUS IS EVERYTHING.
    In The Great Hall of Cooper Union Judy intimidated EVIL EYES and KOMANOFF STOPPED ME FROM SEEING that a sound would be on the entire show because he said I can trust professionals. Then immediately upon start says why don't I go stop show and fix it. MANIPULATE ME went out with humans insistence, that believing in OWNING ANYTHING GETS AWAY WITH EVERYTHING. 
    World swarmed over with manifestations of CHARLES KOMANOFFS. WHORING AS HELL-BENT AS BILL RITTER MALE FIGUREHEAD RULERS up their NAZI _SSes. THIER DAMNED IDEAS having astronauts train without wives so GERMAN WHORING IS AN IDEAL. 
    Where's Prussian/NAZI HELL? That's right. An entire Argentine Elite designed to destroy money for fun. Christina's is sunbathing in CUBA. While THE CONDEMNED FACELESS RICH of ARGENTINA want answers why I was not KILLED VISITING THAT WASTED WEALTH COUNTRY eight GOD DAMNED TO HELL Times! Hide from me? How stupid? Very.
    KOMANOFF/RITTER/ARGENTINE HIDE FROM not facing consciences. INSTITUTED by Big-Oil-War Shrivel Capitalism Ensuring Monopoly of OIL Destroys World. RULE as still defined by them as we all are faced convicted allowing those stupid arrogant ASSES rule of destroying the world. 
    ELITIST STAGNANT MONEY REACHED STAGE ONE: HALF HOUR TORNADOES NOT REVERSED? SPELL everyone's Charles Komanoff's and Bill, RITTER's SOULMATES. Confined to their irresponsibilities as drivers of humanity to ALL HELL. 


Idolize idea of idolized selves. Thank GOD I get to hate someone I love - Judy? Have him Masturbate your Eternity of HELL as CHARLES JUDY KOMANOFF, Inflated Shriveled, EGOS!
    YES Fans? THE SHITFACE IDIOT so IDOLIZED himself he was humored CHRIS SQUIRE died, and was OBITUARIED in THE NEW YORK TIMES. Right in my face. To Hell with an EGO that GOD Damned Disgraceful. 
    CONGESTION PRICING SHOULD BE $1. Told? This braggart WHORE for WALL STREET shouted me down, at a Eulogy Gathering, that he'd accomplished motors on bike with pedals causing HIS ELITIST STREET WAR. HIS LAW OF NO ETHICS, NONE, ALREADY PAID OFF RULES? 
    TOLD Komanoff  30 Years ago this is just tax! TAX his NEW JERSEY WALL STREET WHORE GOVERNOR CAN COMPLAIN ABOUT. Let the low money standard bearers be scared on subways and not soothed by MONORAILS. Because Cuddled EGO Charles Komanoff is DAMNED for knowing the full truth while FULLY exposed as a FULL COMPLETE KATHY HOCHUL WHORE
    Destroying unions for a living husband, that Charles Komanoff wears like the flag on Donald Dump's lapels. FALSE. Your Conscienceless Soul burns figuratively on the point of a needle, Charles Komanoff, Dick Cheney TOOL. Not you? So ROY COHN deny forevermore. GOD DAMNED FAKE JEW - ROY Boy Cohn KOMANOFF who'll enjoy ANGELS IN AMERICA Forever for advising wasting men time recommending sitting through eight hours. Read Roy's confession six times. MAGGOTS FOR A BRAIN is IDOL WORSHIP Komanoff! The GREAT WHORE of WALL STREET.  
    STUPID KATHY HOCHUL of One Party Republicans-Run-As-Democrats State. You lick Mario Cuomo's boots in eternity when you pass to SPIRIT facing what you've not built the ability to face about pretending it's fun running away from actual ethics to achieve VALUELESS CELEBRITY. Don't believe me. I don't care. 
    I don't have to care for people who cared for themselves more than others. RACISM RUINED over a century ago what KATHY HOCHUL VETOED again at 125th STREET. 
    The SYMBOL OF HONKY CRACKER HARLEM Destruction. Where a train hub, since over a century ago, RACISM KILLED. That would have had this city well ahead of where BIG FINANCE built the rest-of-the-world over with trains to THE MEATMARKETS OF THE ELITIST clogged skies. 
    GOD, from the beginning, DAMNED ALL OF THIS. I'm first though. Think I made it? I don't give a shit. I've faced whatever I've had to and knowing you RACISTS are still behind this crap haunting me 62 years? RIGHT! GO TO HELL FAKE JEW Judy Charles Komanoff. 
    Outright LIARS KOMANOFFS. TO MY FACE, YOU WEALTHY as a result of being PURE FAKE LIBERALISM'S ROYAL PAINS-in-Your-Own - Oh No YOU BECAME worshipping your own NAZIS _SSes. 
    Judy's a Dick Bigger than Charlie's Brain - SUE ME! 
    Charities know how to count. So Judy provided her slicing the pie from atop the WALL STREET KINGDOM of MONEY that refuses to budge from Judy and Charles Komanoff's TREMENDOUS CUNT. The vacuum of history forever more known as Bill Ritter's HUGE Spliced to SMITHEREENS KOMANOFF TONGUE of a beloved prick spewing from over the River Styx at Dr. Armand Hammer's City Mansion for Bill Ritters running from facing they developed NO CONSCIENCES TO FACE. FOREVERMORE? 
    Right, see how saying go to hell works on me? What these jerks symbolize by IDOLIZING keeping me destroyed and small and kept from Public View? They even have idiot drivers stationed, parked, at BLOOMBERG's so I can scramble their brains for lunch. 
    You'll never face your consciences  LIAR CHARLES KOMANOFF? From the Soul Bill Ritter promised doesn't exist. Because all that's necessary is BILL'S Huge KOMANOFF out his pants claiming GOD is relevant as even a concept. They're unable to hear GOD's ability to laugh everywhere all tab the same time. Best part is in SPIRIT? Judy and Charles enjoying up each other's NAZI STOREHOUSES are humiliatingly abhorred by their pleasures. When they strike out at each other their spineless selves only whack their own faces MUTUALLY MASTURBATING. Friends of Racists haunting my entire life.
    Tony Hiss meeting me? Proved father ALGER INNOCENT! While KOMANOFF, his friend proven at the same time, though I didn't know yet? HUGER WHORE FOR EMPIRE than the outright LIAR, Nixon's FELLOW GATEKEEPER - WHITTAKER CHAMBER.
    All The KOMANOFFS AND Bill RITTERS, conceited beyond words. CASES CLOSED. 
    HUGE GOLIATH Bill Ritter's tiny Komanoff Dildo for his tongue in the twisted mouths of those honed to achieve their dynamisms as SUCCESSFUL LIARS! Komanoff Fame built lying down in front of DEFENSE SECRETARY McNamara's limousine at Harvard? Same manufactured result as Bill RIITER'S VIETNAM TROPHY. Moved (contrived kicked out, 1972 when an Elective) from San Diego FAKE STATE University to Dr. Armand Hammer's LA Whorehouse Capital. In hereafter though? Great confusion why their minds' achievements all mingle in that Dr. Armand Hammer Hell across the paved River Styx Sixth Avenue House in NEW YORK. Rudy Giuliani is hors d'oeuvre. 
    Only satisfaction that actual friends are revealed EVIL TOOLS? THEY GOD DAMNED Earned it. 
    WHORE WORSHIPS HIS XTWITTER KOMANOFF IDOLED SELF. So of course I WAS censored there. The Great Hall of Cooper Union on self of  George Bliss says personally, from me? Satisfaction is JUDY CHARLES KOMANOFF is REVEALED HELLFIRE STUPID!

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