Friday, June 21, 2024


    SOULS WERE ALWAYS ON PERMANENT FRY. Whatever Bill Ritter doesn't believe? Excuses nothing or anyone. Especially GREAT SAN DIEGO PIMP WHORE BILL RITTER! World NOW ALL BROTHEL as Owned by the DAMNED KENNEDYS KILLER LEGACY. CONDEMNED for your believing Contemporary History IS BOY RULE and Right to SHRED ENTIRE UNIVERSE

    BILL RITTER'S World has rendered themselves KINGS. For no reason other than never having equality ever mean anything, as they play mix up the messaging for a living. ABC JEFF II wanted to know the evidence? Defining their being specifically of the JFK KILLER LEGACIES. YOU JEFF are evidence. BILL can just lie and get away with it? Not really, he's shredded historically already. All documented. 

    The New York Attorney General, Letitia James, knows who all Bill Ritter's _ssholes are. HUGE BILL RITTER _sshole JEFF. As you were told many times enough to grow up out of Bill Ritter's Corrupt for WAR OIL DESTRUCTION BILL RITTER NAZI _SS. Bill's people never want the POLICE!

    Smiling, both the idiots, while BILL FRAMED ALL ABC HAREM BILL! Your lost conscience can't find you either, Jeff. Told enjoying that PIMP winning, is all he gets? Greatest BLACK WHITE RACIST ever? Laughed IDOLIZING his using FAKE CHRISTIANS To PRAISE Satanic Bill, right in my face.

    Explain to your FAMILY, JEFF. JEFF really named HUGH since you are proud you're not my friend, WHILE FAKING FRIENDLINESS YOU WHITEST BLACK RACIST WHORE FOR HONKY CRACKERS EVER! You SHIT FACED LIAR in my face. GOD Damned BILL RITTER'S _SShole JEFF. Dick Gregory and Eli Wiesel's SPIRITS say SCREW YOU & BILL FOREVERMORE. GOD DAMNED BLACKEST WHITE Racist EVER. Shithead! Pray for something for your _SShole JEFF!
    JEFF has always been a Black WHITE RACIST making money supporting WHITE OVERLORDS. Your nose of BILL RITTER IDOLIZATION is just stuffed with money. And that BLACK WHITE RACIST told more than others? Thinks being Bill Ritter's NO CONSCIENCE is fun. You absorbed in real MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX BULLSHIT. Great Whores of ABC on the end of Bill Ritter's Dr. Armand Hammer tongue engorged DICK Cheney. YOU disgrace for leading BLACKS DISGRACED at ABC. DICK GREGORY was specific with me. Doesn't matter. All this mess devoted to people of BILL's ilk destroying me? Just label them. 
    Not facing ourselves is in season. I am judged harsher than anyone. You retards playing at STOPPING the World understanding I'm an intellectual. MIKE THE HAMMER, that pounds JEFF'S ASS, was always specific his evil eyes would not respect me. Too much of JEFF's SHIT all over that FAKE JEW HOWIE'S GOD DAMNED for Lying to NEKTAR'S Face. 
    No SHIT no INTERNET PICTURES of The Great DICKHEAD Jeff's little HOWIE up Bill Ritter-Dr. Armand Hammer NAZI ASS. But they're comforted knowing not giving a shit worked out their way. BILL RITTER WHORE JEFF! _UCK YOU forever. Because WHOOPI GOLDBERG knows you're a PIECE of BILL RITTER Shit too. 

 Enough of everyone knows how EVIL BILL RITTER LOVES BEING.

HE LOVES BELIEVING GOD Doesn't Exist and now he'll LIE he never said that by saying NOTHING as his ROY COHN don't face anything resides here below as KING of THE BILL RITTER BROTHEL HAREM WORLD. That's how much the EVIL Twisters of VIETNAM never cared about anyone. CAROLINE KENNEDY-Schlossberg says, "FUCK YOU, ALL HELL BILL!" 
    Thing is, I can't fix BILL. His purpose is having people accept their world's already destroyed. IDOLIZING Bill as among those running from responsibility for centuries. While agonizing his lost usefulness for those still able to hide not facing their own consciences FOR ANYTHING! 
    Learn! Don't have your children grow up not understanding consciences as Bill's NAZI parents and Donald Dump's did. BILL'S PAGAN Worshipping himself, raised him to rule the World as just PIMPS owning everything. TOO STUPID to accept PROSTITUTION is all Men Just controlling economics as the HUGE WHORES Bill Ritter's Legacy always was. 
Facts FROM JFK Killing. One Advertised Marksman does not need that many bullets from different directions. Some gun, huh? Additionly Dr. Martin Luther King's Assassin got out he was as directed confused as the KILLER of JOHN LENNON. As The Holy Bible says: Wrong people doing wrong things will keep doing wrong things never catching up. Face what NIXON said on The Watergate Tapes
    NIXON feared the children of the people whose LIVES his people intentionally ruined just for profit and disaassembiling REAL POLITICS in AMERICA. Yes. BILL RITTER is that tied to being mixed up with Hounds of HELL lost idolizing themselves as BILL RITTER'S Monumental DICK Cheney

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