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The Legend of Congestion Pricing Fraud

    Charles Komanoff, the, WALL STREET SHADOWED, genius who figured out the price that The Public should pay to pay the whole load for Big Oil's stealing the Earth's ability to survive? He's made money for 30 years proving that. While the country is set again to repave more asphalt FOR FREE for the people who let the son of one of Wall Street's Owned remain alive. BIG OIL WAR BUSH CIA!

    E-BIKES are motorcycles and BIG COMPANIES are still scaring New Yorkers with lazy afraid-to-actually-work-children encouraged to break laws, because they're made desperate by still not making money BICYCLE COURIERS solved 5 years ago

    The companies with LAWYER ASCENT created a TWO COMPANY Monopoly Food Delivery System that destroyed the FREE MARKETPLACE For Labor we created. 

    Uber Executives looked at me with HATE knowing they were destroying competition for labor for BIG OIL's VANITY. What we made right? Workers in UBER were fired for working with us making the APP right FOR CUSTOMERS! Destroyed and I warned them 5 years ago not to do it. They killed 5 taxi drivers with SUICIDE because the taxi commission wouldn't admit the money is gone and kept stealing MORE from drivers

    The system protecting the BICYCLE INDUSTRY DELIVERERS? State Attorney General Letitia James and I will discuss taking it all away from the MONOPOLY. And FIX what these Shriveling Money COMPANIES are documented knowing they were stealing from New York City's citizens. But ya'll know I'll compete with you for nothing and not gouge the restaurants anything. 

    Seriously we're bringing the beauty of a system to help and we'll make money. THEN CHARGED A LOT THAT PUT A LOT OF THE RESTAURANT BUSINESS out of business. No ethics nonsense.

    Pretending BIG Oil owning Wall Street is good enough. Charles Komanoff Throne Sitter and Kathy Hochul, Concubine Racist for Defeating the 125th Street Train Station Hub that Racism never allowed built for WELL OVER a century. And Kathy Hochul proudly destroyed for racism again

    National Airport weather delays are New York City's Great International Airports not properly connected. Generations ago Taxi Cab Demonstrators were used to kill MASS TRANSIT to keep their gouging tourists business coming in from the airport. 

    Manipulators never thought I'd learn as much as their bought off crews. Hippies always knew CHARLES KOMANOFF could not get out from under being owned. Charlie too. How I know. HA! HA! HA! Just don't make the mistake my editor did and say something to hide from THE BIG DICK CHENEY as I already WILL NEVER FORGIVE HIM FOREVER for being Big DICK CHENEY'S PENIS JAY! 

    A retired CORNELL New York City Law Department Chief is ready to field complaints. Idiots too self-absorbed not to realize you need lawyers. STUFF'S so STUPID? Ron Kuby and I have yet to talk over how I use him as scalpel at the necks of these retards working for BIG OIL WAR Criminals. Hidden under the wrath of Mad King George H. W. Bush's HIDING ROY COHN smile up Dick Cheney's _SShole Wrath. 

    Complained to that Eli Wiesel had a problem with me?  Eli Wiesel knows these are as FAKE JEWS as that HOLE IN HELL Bibi Netanyahu. Just go FLAKES, FLUSHED!

    People destroying Sade and me, pretending to not have to care or have to know about me at all in their world of POLITICAL ELITE WHOREDOM FOR JUST EACH OTHER. The purse holders. Judy The Witch Komanoff WAR LOCKED IN As Pretend Liberal for the BIG DICK CHENEY up her controlling _SS! 

    Wrong decision believing protected framed by being away from me. Caught WALL STREET LYING IN MY FACE. As UGLY Charles and Judy, as that piece of ___t Bill Ritter

    CHARLES KOMANOFF(!) backed motors on bicycles to pretend they're bicycles that the APP services destroyed New York with. Pretending care, while destroying what bicycle couriers carved as dependable for customers. 

    Elitist FOR WHORES Charles Komanoff with Congestion Pricing oriented for the already cuddled and happy elite. The mountain solved BLAMING THE PUBLIC for BIG OIL destroying the world through 3 generations of PUBLIC RELATIONS Lying. 

    CONGESTION PRICING is a planned late Publicity Stunt that will never solve the crisis of trains still propped up entirely by capitalism. While the people already documented destroying the world PAY NOTHING FOR IT ALL BEING THEIR FAULT. And also documented through DR. ARMAND HAMMER and the BUSH CIA haunting my entire life. Case Closed.

    State Prosecutor who GOT The National Enquirer Criminal Mike Hammer out of my life? Entirely unconcerned I'd moved on to another frame up. While John Le Carré BUSH-CIA Plant HOWIE granted himself Prosecutor Immunity. Among CHARGES that NEW YORK STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL LETITIA JAMES would be required by law to apply to that WHINY HUSBAND OF JANE. Great kids. Howie pompous.  

    Didn't mean to? You're all lying. Michael Bloomberg, himself, and I saluted off on you NUTS FOR BRAINS. Carving money up that should create business. Not shrivel all of it hidden at the top to play capitalism is infighting within an OIL TORN APART World. But just money. Duh. 

    Selfish Wealth for anything but everyone else. Michael Bloomberg and I are going to perform what's called carving a NEW ASSHOLE for Heathen MEDIOCRITY! 

    BUSH-CIA PLANTED FRAUDS like NY State Attorney HOWARD SHERWIN? Survive keeping Mike Hammers and Bill Ritters afloat. At work all over the country. Lying for a living for the dumbest of all moronic Satanic Yale Tragedies. The Prescott Burning Bushes of the Slave Shipping State of Connecticut. 

    Why DISNEY/ABC BOB IGER (this is important, Abigail Disney) participating in dumbing down the image of professional journalism in the strategic capital of the world New York City? Is another mockery of Executive Elitism. Carving up money, shattering ethics. For generations the behemoth Capital Cities-Disney-ABC, or whatever name this week, could have bought THAT LAND under the best street window studio I've ever seen. STUPID. CBS BLACK ROCK at 52nd and Sixth, silent in NBC's THE TODAY SHOW shadow. 

    While nuts there's not even text, bottom of screens at King Rupert Murdoch's ROY COHN HIDING TV Atrocity FOX 47th and Sixth Avenue. 

In Six Months I Leave if New York Crowns BUSH-CIA GOLIATH Bill RITTER Above All as Destroyer King of All Media Integrity and Professionalism 

    Fates difficult for them to swallow, if able to face. The feeling was no money or real friends I'd never get anywhere. Miss you SADE! I don't care. Years ago Kathie Lee Gifford was clear why she was thrown away by ABC Executives! I heard her clear! BILL RITTER DEVIANT GOD Haters WANTED HER KICKED OUT as a CHRISTAIN. Why Gelman looked straight at me after my telling an ABC BLACK SECURITY MAN used to haunt me to GET AWAY! Babbling Christian Music! His handler talking to me like he's a better CHRISTAIN AND GOD isn't everywhere creating any miracle GOD wants. Belligerent HUGH! Nicknamed Jeff you'll be arrested too for Ritter lasting this long. AND I TOLD YOU Grinner Bill Ritter TOOL! Hugh nicknamed Jeff another BLACK MAN used against me. So shameful.

    Why I so thoroughly exposed Bill Ritter for laughing about GOD and The Holy Bible. Bill Ritter is his own lost conscience. 

    Sade and I will step on you. MOVE CHARLES KOMANOFF'S NAZI _SShole. PRESCOTT BUSH Whore of YALE WALL STREET. And Komanoff jumped under a Robert McNamara limo at Harvard to plant himself incredible Liberal as did Bill Ritter with his fake anti-Vietnam Identity. 1972 when it was an elective protesting Vietnam, and Ritter was kicked out of San Diego Military State University. For LA Capital Life under Dr. Armand Hammer TRAINING. I refused lunch, Hammer still haunts me. I can see dessert all over Bill Ritter's face still! People need to face criminal behaviors. 

    In my apartment 30 years ago, I told Charles Komanoff I figured out my novel's protagonist's name. Hank Greenway. I'd just read the simply written Forrest Gump and Americans recognizing Tom Hanks fame. The capitalism greenway built from bottom up Moscow no matter how unrealistic the smothered ambition. 

    Then Charlie told me about Congestion Pricing. I said we'll probably be ENEMIES some day. Taxing the lower class more is not a solution to get people on subways that bounce so landings are only smooth because the trains are slowing to a stop.  

    That's why this essay comes around to a STATE ATTORNEY. Jailable for telling me he's investigating UBER two years ago. Why Attorney General was included in emails near then. Letting Ritter have a turn means HOWIE is constructed as his mind-bended friend with the iconic Mike Hammer name from when blacklisting was thought necessary to protect an elite caught in a momentum scapegoating tragedy. 

    Mikey grew up the farthest end of Long Island. Where Spies of Private Nationalist Commercialism, at his Dad's Hotel, thrived on toasting the remnants of Gangsterism. That supplied Good Booze out there drew Ring Lardner who loved the city but went to live where \The great Gatsby Elite Migrants went to party hardy. Probably had som pleasant moments with his alcohol, but the ROT GUT citizens mostly got killed Literary Hero Ring Lardner. Believe it. Timothy Leary wrote about a happy go lucky spy traveling in the world with drugs he gave away. Who knows what kind of trips happened messing with people with stuff that wasn't put LSD. And at what abnormal dosage it appears many lost sight of not understanding you need the adventuresome meddling with some mind. Because LSD is a trip. Bad trips. Those people probably have consciences very difficult to face.

    So the evolving of leaving real work to others, became twisting more convoluted crap. Scaring up more crap. Carving profit from every twisted means necessary. 

    Letitia James' fault? Hardly. Nitwits are that stupid flowing along. Trying to satisfy bad decisions always going wrong. As The Holy Bible even describes our traps are made all by ourselves.

    Comes around as all these people are owned. By The WAR PAGEANT RACIST HONKY CRACKER CIA-BUSH CRIMINAL EMPIRE. Responsible for gas already ruining the world. We should fix. They loved thinking their propped up credibilities could completely, ethiclessly, ROY COHN pretend above board credibility. All portend The Grand Roy Cohn Vision of not facing anything gets anywhere.

    When Charles Komanoff got me in The Great Hall of Cooper Union? He told me "NO!" Don't go make sure the projectionist made sure of everything. Bullcrap depend on professionals. Poor kid was embarrassed afterwards when I got his autograph on my Show Flyer.  

    When the Fifth, Park and Madison  documentary started with that absurd loud offensive noise to offend a PBS Executive there for me? Charles Komanoff said why don't I get up and tell the man to fix it NOW. And JUDY the Komanoff wife's eyes glowed at mine with HATE. All these well off WALL STREET LIBERALS wanted to not be discovered owned BY LIARS. Weird as Bill Ritter of ROBERT Iger's allowing DISNEY Corporation's presence in New York to be smothered by people of Wrong Intent as you're now defined unless you buy the land you're on at Columbus and 66. Otherwise people will say look what being a Wise ASS got Bob Iger. Sorry about the sarcasm but there's a point. Point Guard for Bill Ritter ends bad no matter how hard Bill laughs that everything is about Bill. 

    One Party State Governor Kathy Hochul confirmed by husband being a LIFELONG Union Busting Attorney. Same construction as Witch Judy and that HIT JOB Monica Lewinsky from Arianna Fake face California. If that woman can shred journalism as if she has a clue then certainly obvious Monica's FAKE DEMOCRAT MILITARIZED BUSINESS California parents created her as sure as John Lennon was killed for SAYING THE DEMONS ARE DEMONS. Outright fraud claiming to not be destroying the world.


    Mr. Komanoff should know the congestion price should be one dollar. Not pricing out the weaker economic class or pretending this isn't outright fraud making the future pay over and over falling prey to an evil banality from the past. While Limos pollute as per usual. 

    That's right. That Man when  I called before going to Roy Cohn's played elitist intellectuals time wasting. Recommending 10 hours on Roy Cohn's Angels Over America. Komanoff knows Hippies always hated his RIGID AUTHORITYING in charge of BICYCLING Promotion. Transportation Alternatives abandoned to whichever swing commercial aspect brings in bucks to survive. One thing The Battle of The Bike Ban in The Great Hall of Cooper Union proved. It's not evil exactly lost in our entertained lives. But the Chautauqua experience and other things where people listened to each other as people at church do together. Community Intellectual growth. Big Oil shipped the elite to the suburbs to chase away the Animal Kingdom and ability of people to understand what's going wrong. Nicely closed and fed, too. As Aldous Huxley's Brave New World describes.

    PR World, GAS WIN ENOUGH. Cha-ching. BUSH-Oil-CIA control

    Half-hour tornadoes so keep charging the PUBLIC as if BIG MONEY HADN'T RUN AWAY, Hiding In Plain Sight, to Castles from responsibility for being irresponsible. 

You can see love of the game in Cliff Robertson's eyes.

    As legends go the Story of Congestion Pricing is wrought with Point of Perspective shadows. "Fucking games," Robert Redford said. The concept of Congestion Pricing is the load of fixing BIG-OIL's Socialized Cosmopolitan Destruction of Capitalism. Not soon enough is the reward already destroying Earth.

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