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In Six Months I Leave if New York Crowns BUSH-CIA GOLIATH Bill RITTER Above All as Destroyer King of All Media Integrity and Professionalism

    Idiocy money not caring for anyone, while shredded to death. Has already designed a world with half-hour tornadoes so the world is really already classified destroyed. Stable gone, so REVERSE is then only answer. Fix the WHOLE ENVIRONMENT and stop thoughtless and irreverent encapsulated destruction of capitalism. Competing as wealth circulating just amongst yourselves. INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES were meant to build business, not shred. 


    Inflation unfathomly worsened by our Economic Top surfing inflation. Fighting inflation raising taxes every year New York? LIARS! Not facing being a broad ROY COHN DENYING CONSPIRACY removing the penny from all valuable concern. 

    Someone else's faults combined to mean - keep shredding money for money!  Unless the magical machines timed to shred further, have marvelous success any one second to the next. The business of shredding money so PRed Professionalized, they lost sight of What Has To Be Done. Momentum carries juggernauts away. So find further shredding schemes to fix the last one that didn't make enough. Explanations for those mobster bikes with motors on pretending to be bicycles THAT'S A FRAUD on a lot of this city. Big scar on my left arm from MY THIRD TIME HIT YESTERDAY by pretend Doiordas and Ubewreats know what they're doing. 



    2008 Housing Tragedy? Four slices of the money down the line, a company wanted in and the money made selling off The Repossessions could no longer handle their over-ruining their BUBBLE MADE of The Great American Housing Retirement Dream for a generation and aren't really showing intention to fix what's destroyed as the conscienceless are responsible for with the planet. 

    Build monorails. Warren Buffet in train business where companies stay solvent by collecting insurance while spilling chemicals on 19th Century Technology across America that monorails wouldn't spill.

    Charity a sign of LOST Financial Flow in Complete Circulation. The Poor used to be able to clothe, feed and house themselves at the minimum levels of capitalism. THAT SURFING INFLATION Shredded. Elitists Rule? GUILTY. Fix us.

    Not only is ABC NY-7 Bill Ritter a BUSH-CIA Plant assigned to destroy me, the author of The Hammer and Cycler Messenger Service. But Bill Ritter is a Complete Meddler by Praising Big-Oil's LIE we have to have them while they already Destroyed The World. Half-hour tornadoes go up not down no matter how far the Sophisticated Half Measures get us. Three Generations of half measures of pure lie. 

    Trying? No. Buy your gas where electric is provided, otherwise the conspiracy is still shredding the planet as if the fun and games of Roy Cohn Avoiding Reality last forever running from the truth. 

    Planet Face Our Consciences, please?  

JFK? "They all wanted him dead."

Reverse BIG-OIL GOLIATH DRY WALL BRAIN Bill Ritters Assassinating the World in their CHEMICAL GREASE WARS For Vanities Sakes! 

WAR WHORE - Bibi Gun Netanyahu!

    Bill Ritter is ON RECORD adoring IDOLIZING American Transportation Mediocrity. BUSH/Oil/Criminal Empire, most likely probably still Big DICK CHENEY Boardroom Rule. Conscienceless Empire. Including, obviously, the vanity of lying about being devoutly religious. The BUSH-CIA OIL-WAR MACHINE stopped and slowed ELECTRICAL ADVANCE. Done by YALE Demons, among the Legacy Hiders, from the SLAVE SHIPPING STATE OF CONNECTICUT

Get the co-conspiator witch off NBC's THE TODAY SHOW entirely! Propaganda Icon for DADDY WARBUCKS!

    A Florida Governor among the Hateful Minds who want children Hiding From History. Some day maybe all forgotten how wicked morons are. 


    Grand Poobah Prescott Bush sold Family Soul To Oil Industry that was broken up to compete with itself STILL A MONOPOLY. Prescott Bush also funded Adolph Hitler. Leaving us two Mad King Georges, last two Monarchical Witless Centuries of Shortcut Rule. By Territorial Predatoryism out of hand. Putin Secret Police own Ukraine same way two largest component makers are Taiwan and China. China's too much a monolith not to not be able to dip in wherever they want. 

    Russia's concern is not getting share of wasting wealth oil revenue so clear Ukraine again as it's' the Bread Basket The Communists wouldn't let go when Khrushchev was deposed for wanting Ukraine For Ukrainians. Breadbasket of Russia History? No Predatory Victim of Predatory Muscovy State. Nothing changed except new generations victimized by not facing history.

    Avoid the stealer residing next door. Also unable to face financial crises compounded past flexibility by the rigidity of Constipated Wealth not circulating. Just stored to remain in the contest of the most power hungry sealed up satisfied destroyers of the world in history. 

    Unconscionably a New York City Council Person was on the radio complaining the GOVERNMENT FORGIVEN Wall Street Thief, New York Mets owner Steve Cohen needs New York to feel grateful he's willing to plant 8 Billion - he knows how not to lose. Provide a few jobs so GAMBLING shreds more New York Money to who knows where outta here. Mr. Cohen appoints Wall Street Pig-Pen Chris Christie as Mets advisor. WHY? They really are huge FAT _SS GLASS CEILING SITTERS

    CRIES are heard on local radio for GAS GLORY to continue ruling their ideal of a "Fair Marketplace." That for generations has been resold PR crap. That's just lost Secret Servicing Boys Servicing Each Other. Banana Republicanism

    Migrants chased to North America, while luxury food remains smoothly shipped from their homelands' fields to America. Circumventing the LA trained Cocaine Fueled BUSH-CIA created gangs. So capitalism remains overpricing mediocre methods of siphoned off made-up profit. A legacy of easily controlled tyrants, because Cubans stole Cuba from the MAFIA! Good grief. 

    So everything is smooth exploiting everything else.

    Tyrants ruled and their Legacies still. Because PENTAGON DEMONS joked while playing they were Defending Capitalism. Historically defined as Guilty as J. Edger Hoover was in his defining America as one big happy United Honky Cracker Republic

    The Kennedys made it so enlightened FBI members were around. Not J. Edger fame built on Middle America Bank Robbers arrested and killed, robbing banks with hardly any money in them in The Great Depression. While The Mafia Streamlined Gambling for Today's Corporate Structures to not face the Bad Habits encouraged by heads in the clouds figuring on bad luck can't always happen twice in a row. The House makes money, the public pays them. Native American Operators wouldn't operate with DONALD DUMP. Let's get reputable everybody and stop thinking Gambling pays anything back worthwhile at all. Same as History of Black Capitalism. Whitey's Exploited Profit came first.

    No ethical roadblocks to today's US Supreme Court, so humiliatingly back-patting themselves as of rectitude when just following how our own legislatures are ruled as well. The US Congress is over 50% Corporate Lawyer Ruled. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was murdered/assassinated for enforcing the law to liberate BLACKS. Just as much as he was cleared for the FREEWAY to ship live-and-dead people back-and-forth ON GAS to drop Napalm on Vietnam. Vacuuming more money wasted on themselves. The Whole War Arms Industry could have built monorails is history.

    School Integration? Easy enough schools built in between neighborhoods. Busing was/is a CON JOB Charade of standards, to lessen focus on ending  American Apartheid. The RIDICULOUS Dilemma.

    Jackie Robinson integrated American Baseball? Integration as reality? Would have meant a minimum of Three Black Professional teams taken into the HONKY CRACKER Major Leagues. As illustrated in no Canadian Professional Football teams in the American Professional American Football Marketplace. Because controlling money's more important than the integrity of the game.

    Fair Marketplace always ruined by Monopolists. Evil Koch Brothers love smiling posed Roy Cohen.  

    Congestion Pricing should be one dollar. Not overtax underclass to subsidize trains. While roads are provided and repaved free for World Pollution Destroyers. Monorail as a system, the population rides smoother than bounced around, to HELL AND BACK, when Management's in a hurry on their 19th Century Technology Tracks!

    Never faced conscience is disease encouraged by Whatever Bills. Dizzy World Bob Iger? You should not be playing political volleyball with that Icon of Republican Disreputability Ron Yale Broomstick Tool DeSantis.  

    ABC was cut from NBC to divide MONOPOLY. Fascinating a US Court was able to contend CBS wasn't competitively huge enough as an offset consideration when identifying NBC's Monopoly Nature.  ABC running from Columbus and 66 and Times Square is adapting to unprofessional icing The MEDIA MORE. HUGE MISTAKES!

    BIG MONEY shouldn't be processing dumbed down America. Yet Rupert Murdoch got away with it till today. Because soon? 

Donna Brazile's Challenge 

Some three to four years ago, Ms. Brazile with camera never leaving her? Looked across the table at Chris Christie and a Conservative Fake Republican co-conspirator and said, "You guys don't get it. You come on here every year and say the same thing over and over and it never changes." Never evolved at all. "It's coming down." Quote Donna Brazile

    We are ready. The plan is FRONTLINE documents the near impossible of Robert A. Caro appearing in a Lincoln Center Theater with all proceeds going to a church. Mr. Caro will be convinced by me to do what his imagination never thought possible - and maybe it won't happen. The first documented filmed night, will be in the church and longer as a rehearsal. THEN I'd never insist Robert Caro do anything he doesn't want. He can agree and never intend to do it. He'll watch the first night and when he speaks the people will listen. Second night people will listen even if he doesn't say a damn word. Although I want to insist his wife Ina, as a woman be there for us. 

    But once again, I don't tell people what to think. Ina Caro may decide to take over the whole thing. Robert and I won't stop her. 

    Not like that nitwit of an ABC-7 News Moron's done insisting he speaks for anyone he wants. Goliath Bill Ritter. Great ambition manifesting Satanic Insanity laughing. I'm not kidding. Faced by a Bible, Bill Ritter grabbed Sportscaster Ryan Field to emphasize the joke he wants of me. When both Ryan and co-worker were with Ms. Sade Baderinwa when we bonded. Then waited out a couple months for Bill Ritter's move. I wasn't told but panned out Sade Baderinwa knew Ritter was after me. And I saw some things leading up, that meant I was targeted. Both Ryan and Lee Goldberg looked down when my eyes asked, meaning GOLIATH speaks for himself. BILL RITTER thinks his Joyous Roy Cohn Personality is flawless. BUSH-CIA molded are real self-absorbed monsters. While people who fashion their TV HEADS grow them extra too-large. 


    DISNEY did not fight New York City that let imposters fake being Mickey Mouse as if that's Free Market Place idealism. Should have given DISNEY a corner, where their characters shine like at the Disney Parks. To me a humiliating performance on both the City Corporation and Wrong Corporate Vision at 66 and Columbus that is the best study street window in the city well established two decades. Bill Ritter sits atop ma GLASS CEILING that doesn't give a crap and lawyers combiner together to not fix anything unless PROMISED TO BE PAID MORE THAN WORTH.

    Signs to the skies make a windfall of useless profit when more studios to compete with Disney's would have made TIMES SQUARE really what's claimed New Year's Eve. Now Dizzy ABC is running downtown to further reduce professional media as CBS' BLACK ROCK does at 52nd Street not having a fabulous showcase similar to NBC's just blocks away in The Rockefeller Center. No idealism. Just pass the buck here while not responsibility. The city is lazy not functioning how real capitalism is. 

    Kathy Hochul is One-Party State LYING Wife of CAREER UNION BUSTING LAWYER. As devious as assassin Linda Tripp Manufactured hit on President Bill Clinton by Corporate California Military Republicanism's Monica Lewinsky. Of Faking Rich Democratic Party Family. Only thing against Barbara Walters but she was controlled by the game too. But went out CROWNING Whoopi Goldberg THE VIEW. Disagree? Mrs. Clinton and I might do Carnegie Hall while Sade Baderinwa sings. Don't disagree. We might do that anyway, Mrs. Rodham-Clinton 



Overrule WOMEN to ETERNAL DISGRACE. Fixed ADOPTION & Girls & Women's DECISION would have ended unfair abortion decades ago. DONALD DUMP proof Mitch McConnell Supreme Court INSANE! @nytimes @AP @HillaryClinton @FLOTUS

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