Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment

    In my years in the 1990s, bicycle messengering for the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment, with Elite Couriers? I can't remember ever having seen that office make a mistake that required my time rearranged. I never charged WAITING TIME as I didn't want clients to think that mattered to income. 

    Actual boondoggle at companies where the gypped back-and-forth of money undermined professionalism. In messengering, accentuated and started by EXECUTIVES slicing off the BENEFITS and salaries of couriers carrying their work. Another executive elite sliced off when necessary. Before all bicycle Messengering was owned by experience through the ranks, destroyed as well by the executive elitism of sat at desks. 

    LIGHTSPEED'S OWNER BRAGGED HE PLAYED POKER IN ATLANTIC CITYWITH HIS UNION BUSTING FRIEND LAWYERS. In Kathy Hochul ThenMonica Lewinsky Governor of New York. Conspiracy of hunches written all over women used for sabotage by the California Military Industrial Complec=x. Forever convicted in Nancy's words, ":They shot my husband" when the wicked network preferred the MAD KING GEORGES after all. Cemented in Prescott Bush up Dick Cheney's NAZI _SS forevermore. BUSH II can grin just as BILL RITTER. BUT BOTH? I already voted GOD's REVENGE. Mike Garza and JEFF SMITH. You two can screw each other in Japan and you'll never far from judged Bill Ritter Didoes. 

    Male Figureheadism in PINHEAD MIKE MARZA     ANY TIME @ 11. CARRYING ON BILL IS THE WHOLE DAMNED SHOW. CONGRATULATIONS. Wrote yourselves. I'm just satisfied it's that certain Marza and Jeff Smith like holding onto bill ritter the throbbing dildo. _SSholes jeff marza. You two are more conceited than ritter, if conceivable.  

    In the case(s) of J. Pierpont Morgan(s)? I was shown his desk and chair, tourists don't get to see. Because my Sorbonne educated girlfriend arranged it. Kind of puts Argentinians, waiting around, laughing at me with no money in their places as totally useless except as Elitist FACES can't face themselves. I met Argentinians who know there should be ethical behavior despite a system designed ti even clip THE POOR. All over the world really but under cover. Those benefits on your credit cards you're on time with to not be charged interest on outstanding debt.

Benefits paid for by THE POOR unable to get out from under SADDLED DEBT. Systems work neglectfully all the time. Bill Ritter's World and he loves framed his face happy and satisfied he ruined my life with Sade. YOU ARE HELL, DEMON BILL. 

    Geraldo Rivera became famous exposing corruption in sanitariums and drew Kurt Vonnegut's everlasting hatred visibly seen not giving a crap except he's famous. Mounted with Bill Fake News Reader Ritter, especially so.

    Christine Legarde and I agreed at St. Patrick's Cathedral. Argentinians symbolize everything wrong with shriveling money the world over, and then some more. Banks confiscated money twice, to the Elite's pleasure storing money all over the world just for themselves. Christina' damned as farm away as CUBA that's still forbidden to count. Americans not over taking out revenge for THE MAFIA losing gambling there. Get it? People who don't really work, manipulate the planet VERY WRONG.

    In the bicycle messengering case, leading to present day DoorDash and Ubereats, whatever, etc. (just MONOPOLY after devastating competition for labor, AND TOLD DON'T DO IT) scaring New Yorkers with the idea the algorithms are smarter than people that did the work. In sync ran right 5 years ago. Then companies ruined it NOT BLAMING THEMSELVES as per usual.

    So in our world contrived by even a worthless male figurehead Bill Ritter owns ABC and the world's women situation. That's right. SCUMBAG doesn't begin to describe how weather J. Pierpont Morgan's' NAZI ASShole ids planted across Bill Ritter self-worshipped HIDING FACE. 

    Absolutely contrary to the laughed at  policy of ABC thhat they have NEWS Divisions of Integrity. I've seen where they are. I don't guess as Ritter's Buffoons do watching Sade and I wait out the IDIOT'S Schemes. Mad King George Bushes Whore where their spirits never rest. 

    Go Ahead MAD BUSH II, claim as innocent as Bill Ritter. Fates entwined as they miserably are, as it is. 

    Built-up Celebrity Ritter, just as the nitwit Jenna Bush is constructed known for nothing but squaring her appeals to notice me. Bill Ritter Fakery to a Model T.

    Those two RITTER-BUSH Witch Concoctions  connected to the forces that killed JFK and now in Contemporary History my best friends GUY BABYLON and KEN CARPENTER. Out in the open because NEW YORK STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL by her silence, opposite of Bill Ritter's means she agrees. 

    The Military Industrialized OIL Destruction of the World Team of ASSASSINS needs to stop killing to hide. Let the buffoons Dump and Ritter be worldwide embarrassments. FACE that Biden even talked to DUMP means YOU FASCISTS won't give up stroking the wheels of political Debate going exactly nowhere near forward. Poor Bill. State and FEDS don't want to bother jailing you. Maybe a job at Camp Mar-a-Lago Penitentiary because ABC judged on just you is a lot of innocent going down for pure selfishness. Thatr's what RITTER SECURITY can't face. All around them KNOWN they're stupider than Bill Ritter cause your damned palaying victim is worthless. DAMNED SPY for World Destruction.

    Bill Ritter a bird with glass in between wilted that posterior face of yours, your SECURIY oimnsists is my FAULT not believing another Lie from you BUSH-CIA Creepsa demanding your assassinations and destrou=n ig careers hold purview. Why the Mike Hammer of THEW NATIONAL ENQUIRER and Bill Ritter are noticed;le targets to laugh at so the miserable remains of what killed JFKL shout Bill Ritter the _uck up saying nothing meaning NONE OF YOU EVER FACE ANYTHING. Thanks. Well, at least people know.

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