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FULL DISCLOSURE: The New York City Police Department, NYPD and I Prefer Ending The Cultivation of Criminality

Apologize PEACE OFFICERS, our business coming.  

But(t) DONALD DUMP is an idiot.

Shouldn't cost a bloody cent to ELIMINATE THAT CRIMINAL. 

    Presidential Debate was a PLATFORM. A GIFT! Not debate, funding. Note the talk is candidate is to be respected as in the process? Respect the process? 

Because THE OUTRAGEOUSLY infiltrated with idiots Republican Party says so? 

Because THE Democratic Party is SAVING UP to play to a draw? DUH!
    Not much imagination required to notice. Business remaining the Keeping of American Electoral Politics Reduced to a Huge Unadmitted FACE NOTHING Roy COHN JOKE. 
    THOMAS PAINE II's Declaration of Individual Rights, is titled - Common Sense Is Not Censorship, Described by Thomas Paine II.  

    Inevitable, how much works. Pay us now for made up crap later. As EXEMPLIFIED by The Players in the Industrialized, Politically Contrived, OPPONENT-TEAM for BIG LOUISIANNA OIL. JAMES CARVILLE the Mary Matalin of DONALD DUMPSTER money was good once INFAMY!  James Carville, Maureen Dowd nailed him, quoting women are getting too much power in the Democratic Party

    A MADHOUSE of Twisting Political Perception was the symptom in The MAD KING GEORGE BUSHES' 2000 STEAL. That's an Historical Confession. Donald Dump another faked up Celebrity. As good as another, when America's not given half-a-chance to know exactly HOW DAMNED CORRUPT twists were that prolongating GAS. 

    Instead of simplifying LIVES with Monorails that don't scare the crap out of us as 19th Century Rail can. It can be made much more stable. Not being done and prices aren't competitive to entice. Just more blame the public executives can still get away with hiding anything. Causing Havoc that means chemical spills.

    DADDY WARCHEST BUCKS Warren Buffett leaving a fortune for this that and other. FINANCIAL PROGRESS GIANT OF MONEY, for sitting on pretending competition is circulating the top. 

    So caught red handed Mr. Buffett, where are you in my being defeated. Disgusting what the Argentinians though funny entertaining themselves thinking their stain wan't known so absorbed would sting more 

    Argentina? Man who soon enough after died, turned from talking Spanish to our common friend-companion and said to me, "you do know they dug up the tracks to the fields?" 

    THEY BRAG the trucks doing the long hauls from the fields deep in Argentina are measured as to speeds so as to not be dangerous. The Corrupt Idiots drive like fiends and laughed throwing German imagery at me at the end like a game. 

    Hey Bill Ritter! Exposing the corruption in ABC by even considering supporting your crap is nothing compared to how I see you. No matter how you squeal, or portend you're not? I see you among the faceless criminals killed Guy Babylon, by heart attack, of The Elton John Band & Ken Carpenter, Banker and important friend when, whose son plays Major League Baseball. 

    Why I mention that? Why BILL RITTER is left a BLIMP of Not Facing Anything Ridiculousness. He's had idiots say why don't I sue. When Letitia James the New York State Attorney General has received all critical related emails them last year, I know this is about embarrassing the crap out of KILLING PEOPLE just to run and hide from responsibility. 

    Get it, Bill Ritter. Doesn't matter what you might imagine you're not guilty of. Framed in the Fraser-Baderinwa New York Family Legacy, you stink and really emblemize a lot of nonsense. . 

    BILL RITTER hiding the Slicers and Dicers shadowing Quality New York Jouranlain while underwing basic economics surfing inflation like an infernal whizzing husrricane with borders like we shatter capitalism all over the place playing money can shrivel anything is FAIR PLAY. Ethically, a lot has happened nowhere near ethics Ball park. Such as Bill Ritter playing Celebrity Tag with a recluse who doesn't play bigger dipstick show offing before the Public. My SECURITY NYPD is bigger and better than Little Adolph's Tag Team nonsense. A cop plays seduction to play more with me. CASE CLOSED. Nothing lie QUALITY since RITTER lied to me in the first place. 

    Anyway, on duty cops shouldn't write tickets. Should be a DUTY STATION near 24 Hour Bathrooms and end the resentful use of outside in bitterness because people are goofy and the ECONMY collapsed pretending it's all about that DAMNED BEAST.

Slicing and dicing money is a fun war and those over there on that end went too far? Economic Geniuses at LYING TO OURSELVES

    Our American Train System in a shambles points to not giving a crap and letting RAIL remain just a LOSING money maker as Robert Moses and the Demons of MisUsed technology designed. The RAIL INDUSTRY is programmed to lose to GAS, that's already destroyed the world as HALF HOUR TORNADOES indicate about the NO CONSCIENCES that corruptly undermine integrity still. Playing oh don't blame mum that much. BiG OiL was never competition. PUSHED Everything Aside in 19th Century. Before needing TESLA celebrities kooky. Why Mark Twain and he hung. There's  LIGHT in a golden Future when we figure on having everyone there. Overshot Utopia folks and Donald Dump Jingo Narcissism still is the Nature of Criminality's twisting because the purpose is just twisting when AMERICA IS SUPPOSED TO BE SMARTER THAN We've proven. No duh!


 Formulas, Instead of Racists', Still-in-Place, Objectives. Patrician Mediocrity is not a New York Community Pillar. 

    In Bill Ritter's Charade treatment of Sade Baderinwa and I? Involved in his checker game of resources defining me as ignorable. Terribly unresourceful, bankrupt and destitute. 

    MEANWHILE Sade Baderinwa passing me holding up her Bible with her name in it happened among THE PRESS at the Donald DUMP SEXB is Publicity Trial.  I don't think Ritter could do that. 

    Though Sade did do BOZO steps arm-in-arm with Ritter, who stupefied me how he was absorbed in the charade without a clue to observe. Just glowing in the feeling of that head of his framed happily successful. He likes to perform with his face. Except to actually face.

    Over a year since Sade Baderinwa and I knew we should have conversation(s). Bonded as our eyes could. Despite General, FAKE Newsreader, PLASTIC FACE Ritter's Checker Head Security Forces. Inc.?

what follows needs polishing, gotta go glimpse SADE

    What's left descended from The Assassination as Answer Team. Cut the crap. Proof of THE FOOLS Conspiracy to kill JFK is the gazillions of dollars made on the Vietnam War that were shredded for fun.  

    thing s=except obviously RULED by MIONDLESS self absorbed Dick Cheney. Politics? Politic's is the freak Dick CFheney's daughter having a Donald Dump's an idiot BANDWAGON TO JUMP ON. Biden doesn't need a damned dime to prove Donald Dump's a Criminal Idiot. The Professio0nals just need trey Gravy Train sustained. As with WEAPONRY - that corrupt. 

    Weapons enough to fight for years on what's made 

under the BUSH-CIA California Military Complex that even then had two submit as attested by Nancy Reagan herself shouting, "They shot my husband!" when that Alexander Haig squeaked he ruled the WHITE HOUSE SO MAD KING GEORGE BUSH I COULD CONTEMPLETE HOW MUCH MORE FARHTER RFORWARD HE'D TAKE THE COUNTRY DOWN DADDY PRESCOTT'S WITLESS MONEY IDOLIZIONG CT+RACHHEAD DUMP. 


biden says gives u s morte moneyn to beat the worst person ever not only prseident. like the big oil fraud not getting off theior lazy asses and divedrsifying. fruedm your mminds on ego and gave sade and i amn 

knew I'd already fallen in love with her when she was first introduced to New York. Took me while to figure out. She could have for years just yelled "Hey You" at the precise tome and we would have met. Smart woman. That Bush freak Family that stole the 2000 Election really did plan rt Bill Ritter to sto0-p Sade's being a part of out Fraser-Baderinwa Family Legacy in New York City. 

    Hey Bill Ritter Water down my art installations crew. Ya'll gaping to the CORNELL CL:UB to wipe Sade's Pink heart from them right corner of the building. Cause you people have a problem. I wrote in huge LETTERS Across from the YALE CLUB

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