Monday, July 8, 2024

No Such Thing As a Better Police State. End the Institution of Cultivated Criminality, As Seen Through The Eyes of The NYPD and me.

    Absolutely racism in the ranks of the police and society are a foundation of instability, resolute in its awkward inability to not face reasoning with one-selves.  

1. Our U. S. Constitution calls for things such as no double punishment, that our prison and jail systems completely ignore. Notice Federalist Society Malarkey faces virtually NO ORIGINALISM. Especially in making up the idea companies of thousands are seen as individuals. Whose power grabs whose nuts now, Supreme Court Justice NAZI Prescott Bush _SS in Chief. Stick that redundant grin of yours up your religiously devoted to your own status _SS. You are a disgrace, with your cohort that Black White man, pervert on the US Supreme Court. As testified to by the fact that to save his Dupont Chemical Delaware Senate Seat? Joe Biden made a FOOL of Himself undermining Anita Hill's testimony

    Politics is so mired in self-feeding itself, as is HUGE-OIL MONOPOLY, that President Obama begs for money for Biden to beat a COMPLETE FOOL is the nonsense of politics. As developed by degenerates in Manipulative Groups all over the world. 

    Revenge all over the place. American Social Drug Deception coordinated to meet Chinese revenge for the Opium Wars that destroyed a successful 19th Century Economy to Imperialism's satisfaction. Deng Xiaoping personally ensured The Triad's stake in the enterprise, while back when Chou En-Lai bragged to Egypt's Nasser about the plan. Predatory Imperialism always finds a way to not face itself as the rewards are overpowering. Back when war was just pillage and orgy for profit. As sophisticated as we are. Nothing changed. Stalinist behavior Communist Party 

    Why capitalism circulating China isn't paid attention to because the FIX is in. Mad King George Bush I was the first US Ambassador to China and gas destroyed the bicycle's pervasiveness 20 years later. Nothing is as satisfying as pictures of Barbara admiring George, acting ups storm. Hour Tornadoes due as BUSH Damned Celebrities Rule.   

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