Monday, July 8, 2024

Evil's Inability To Face Overpriced Mediocrity

    The Country and World's Shallow Male Figureheads are Scoundrels. Proudly, not facing, denying ruining me. HAIL The Kings nonsense. Not Facing Selves, Fake Victims, Bills! ... He among the Killers of My Friends. Makes Playing Empathy? Right where it's always been. Up NAZI Riddled Stupid Bill _SSes.

July 6 - I'm Targeted and Eliminated if Freedom Can't Recover From Dishonorable Rule

July 1 - FULL DISCLOSURE: The New York City Police Department, NYPD and I Are Closing Down Criminality's Cultivation

June 28 - HISTORIANS! NYC ABC-7 Figurehead, Newsreader, Bill ... Has Proven A ROY COHN FACE NOTHING Not Admitting He's BUSH/CIA, Unadult BIG-OIL, MILITARY INDUSTRIALIZED COMPLEX

June 28 - NY Attorney General Letitia James and The Closely Observed CORRUPT State Prosecutor "Howie" Howard Sherwin's Cosa Nostra/CIA LEGACY Behind The Conspiracy of Individuals' MOB HIT MAN Bill ...

June 27 - Dear, Exemplary CBS-2 News Investigator, Marcia Kramer, 

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