Letter For Americans and United States Presidents

NOW Women NOW, Supper's Ready NOW. Any Man Late? So what.  

Hillary Rodham Clinton for Chief Justice, United States Supreme Court

    Supposed Republicans were able to name OBAMACAREThen claim fix-and-repair through years of not bothering with anything, but military budgets are supplied, and literally unsurprising twists of history triangulated into January 6th and the Mar-a-Lago Penitentiary inmate. The beautiful victim star in charge of his own lonesome head. Medical Insurance idea? Congress' Medical Care. Exacerbated, and taxpayer paid Medical Care for their own Idiocy ... President Biden there needs to be less confusion among Congress' Space-head Cadges to liberate our Vice President Harris' voice from token Republicanism. In honor of Hillary Rodham Clinton's historical contribution to getting over our country's faults. And properly submitted to United States Supreme Court in May. - - - Relatively uncertain of socialism's shining face Ocasio, Wall Street bartender, Cortez. When my comments aren't doable again at 5 AM? Not facing discussion works round the clock. Too sweet. I could feel it. Congress should complete Obamacare and stop representing being paid to represent historical moments best left drinking among friends on Wall Street. Right, conceived by her lonesome looks like a Linda Tripp. I'm staying tuned. There's that Murdoch ploy of buying the right to speak right out from under me, but. FREE SPEECH is not just a hope, it's reality or not. Shakespeare ... 

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