factual historical blunders. Controlling governorships as in idiots in charge of Florida etc. And a Mike Hammer uncomfortable mate of corruption self-identified, self-worshipper, personified, HANDSOME DREW BONGIANNIMutilated Mind? Friend said "Christian" in my presence. 

Proverbs 31:31

 Give her of the fruit of her hands, and let her works praise her in the gates. Reward her for all she has done. Let her deeds publicly declare her praise. 

Why Jesus Christ hung with prostitutes and men responsible for honoring the most vain man ever ever. Hopefully. 

EXCLUSIVE The Godfather of Tabloid: How childhood friend of Roy Cohn and son of an influential political fixer with ties to Mussolini left the CIA to start the National Enquirer with a loan from mob boss Frank Costello- - -    Mike Hammerplease some, any, truth? Really none? Always wrong not honestly expressing oneself with the whole world in Perpetual Risk. 

 What is going on with you I'd address whenever he witlessly wondered why GOD can't give his remorseless unforgiven soul a rest. Facing oneself is a test. Bored with education, is wrong. PERIOD. Some leave school. Others get through never attending and leaving once meandering's revealed pointlessly unappealing. Blue Blooded fools appear all over Television Literature, loser. Can see it? Can't you public? A better-looking Donald Dump.
 "Dumpster Footsteps" "CLOSE-UP! Handsome Use
    Really, I help anyone, you two should have found more of yourselves than society's open wounds I'm supposed to have reminded of in your own lives. If you'd just thought buy clues with me is relevantly useless while watching. Turns out a anywhere in the hundreds is nowhere near the debt I owe both of you. The Big Idiot looks so alone believing he's managed a life of STATED IMPRISON ME EVIDENCE. To be clear: Sue me. I even like watching lawyers spend money on someone else.
OIL-DRIPPED Madness Tool - Drew "head-tripped" Bongianni. Linda Tripped imaginary use tool?
Count the Mar-a-Lago Cells. Testify at all against anyone really posers? Immunity from prosecution isn't even in your games. 
Mr. Bongianni's soul mate is actor Bill Montgomery who appears, perhaps care of the, infamous King Rupert-Mia Farrow intrigue network, 
at the beginning of Whatever Works.

https://www.facebook.com/ron.kuby.5/posts/6657938774266860 Mr. Kunstler, you knew ... 


Supercilious History, CHECKMATE ! ! !

--- su·per·cil·i·ous - adjective - behaving or looking as though one thinks one is superior to others.

--- What is History? How do Historians study the past as contrasted with Non-historians? History is the study of change over time, and it covers all aspects of human society. Political, social, economic, scientific, technological, medical, cultural, intellectual, religious and military developments are all part of history. 

--- CHECKMATE ! ! ! --- 1. : to arrest, thwart, or counter completely. 2. : to check (a chess opponent's king) so that escape is impossible. checkmate.

"I don't want to be a loser too," HANDSOME "Party Favor" DREW !!! 

    The coherent person in your life, Mike? SHE said"Don't you get it? He just explained how you" (NATIONAL ENQUIRER) "idiots can get out from under this?" Meaning Mike who illustrated trying to coordinate a dinner as business meeting behind whose back exactly?  YEAH. Kurt Vonnegut AND I LOVE reading so sue me. Champagne for seat(s) in witness chairContrived confessionsI clearly said then, what two of us witlessly couldn't comprehend!

    "You will run out of chances! There's a limit to what I can figure out for you. I began and you agreed I'd indeed I'd warned history indicated the invasion of Ukraine is coming. That will change everything, as I see it. You shook your head how could I know and I just looked up how does anyone know the whole conflagration sits there a stolen entity anyway. Mike Hammer political showboat for contrived awareness evil's not as evil as is known after all. NATIONAL ENQUIRER MINDS - - - RIGHT. GO TO THE HELL YOU ALREADY ARE. get out of here idiots 

    I said then, having to change the mockery you idiots have made mismanaging pretending fake commercialism is industry." You GOD damned pretend executive trained Rupert Murdoch another fake KING MORON you GOD damnedf idiots. Mar-a-Lago is just not big enough for all the misled to fit inside so you better find rooms for your exposed selves NOW NOW NOW !!!

    I so very cared about you that I even challenged at our last, thouroghly unprepared, on your team's part, Supper's Ready Party Sade missed attending because you'd needed an Argentine spy across from you to complete your two pawned set. SEE PUBLIC. I dont care how they're owned and maybe their personal expectations justified a purpose. But when Mike hammer insist look me in the eyes and be told my life can't survive without they spy controlling me? Well imagine what describing the conclusion mean  but sent her well wishes in a postcard years before with a fellow television journalist. He'd no doubt spent little time learning, idiots can't get that far. How he hid, as I had from myself my admiration for her standing in the window. I don't know. The Argentine spy's jealousy still hasn't expose itself for the necessary separation. I told her I want that retirement fund for you, but I never made enough to afford your econokic sautés. I honored being honorable. Pretend i can only get money if I ask? John Le Carre 101. Evil people can't even remember their own realities. Here, take this. my economist advisor and I discussed the twists associated with pretend mismanaged marijuana is a consequence. Bob Marley was assassinated and we talked over him till of course South Carolina and early where Black Independence is still ritually shut down. Senator what's your mane intolerant of Black Rights Congressional Strom Thurmond Memorial Chair. Mike Hammer pretend friend of BLACKS current Mar-a_Lago underpaid malnourished security guard. 

 railing maybe the novelist's admiration's gone that far. But heck. commemorating I'd uncover your deceptive life in my too. You solve Argentina. You approved of her selection of adapting me to this place. And had me pay for it and look like I don't know your team's devaluing worth for your own mastabutory pleasures. Create jobs replace find a job NOW NOW NOW. EXTRADICT RUPERT to Australia now, there close to the ocean to put the key. Understand politics? These people write their own history's a mystery miseries. 

    So let's see the picture I know Kurt Vonnegut wants me to see. Mike noticed saying his orders were he'd control that. That said, I said, in other words you and the Argentine spy, unimaginatively worked with, work out your stories. My friend and I are working with the actual accomplishments of, actual, human literary scientists. 

    Literally Mike? No history classes? He confirmed Staten Island, where raised, ruled by rednecks as I was warned by the bicycle community culture soon after I'd arrived in 1985. 

    Nothing? Mindset blandness blind, namesake, mediocrity of mismanaging the uninformed intelligent mind.  Manipulating advertising to diminish friendly and have everyone question significantt sincerity when even the biggest amalgamation of idiots tried getting away with it another generation at a time.  Dunk ...

Film pursues historical perspective on contemporary events. 
Channel THIRTEEN, WNEW, REEL 13 SHORTS submission vimeo.com/742249556 page.
Politics shouldn't be religion, nor religion politics. hammerandcyclemessengerservice.com

Every time written through again the realization you'd not even bothered to learna clue in liquored up bitterness. The affair of celebrating destroying celebrities in this essay - 

? Nothing to mix with the mindless dribble the nonsense meant. I remember looking at Robin and Jay thinking how could it have ben my responsibility to teach him. Like Elizabeth making me explain why her untrained to read son failed history. Probably walked off thinking, I've probably yet to meet all the children you failed. Denying ever visiting New Smyrna beach, where for, and hearing, "you what?" Meant what? Right listen for more shading of truth. Never assume till full meaning understood. 

Fifty Year + Claim to Membership Sunday, July 2, 2023


    Friendships arise as we meet people and in my case I was warned long enough ago to realize many things. Foremost? Malcolm Forbes warned "what if he knows about you," when I refused having lunch with Dr. Hammer when we discussed my creating The Hammer and Cycle Messenger Service. In this particular instance it appears a friend of mine and my editor's through the manipulation of the American Economy had to work with people against me. Particularly after challenged 


If confused about confusing American Publicity Machines? Encapsulation of just how stupid stopping America's cultural growth is. I have no idea how much they paid themselves to conspire around me, but evidence indicates promises were made that should have been paid up front if competency in business were involved. QUOTE FROM ME: Do you realize I read Roy Cohn's Autobiography 5 times to be sure of what I think about that publication. You don't know why I hate them? Why do you stand there confusing friendship with defending the bazaar. Nail's head Hammer. 


    Friendships arise as we meet people and in my case I was warned long enough ago to realize many things. Foremost? Malcolm Forbes warned "what if he knows about you," when I refused having lunch with Dr. Hammer when we discussed my creating The Hammer and Cycle Messenger Service. In this particular instance it appears a friend of mine and my editor's through the manipulation of the American Economy had to work with people against me. Particularly after challenged

Slapstick (1977) by Kurt Vonnegut, page 32: They were fabulously well-to-do, and descended from Americans who had all but wrecked the planet with a form of Idiot's Delight - obsessively turning money into power, and then power back into money again, and then money back into power again. 

But Caleb and Letitia were harmless themselves. ...

Page 50: Elected representatives, hence, could be expected to become members of the famous and powerful family of elected representatives - which would, perfectly naturally, make them wary and squeamish and stingy with respect to all the other sorts of families which, again, perfectly naturally, subdivided mankind.

Page 164: I was impressed. I realized that nations could never acknowledge their own wars as tragedies, but that families not only could but had to. 

    Bully for them! 


Ah, spoke up. Good. Go to Hell National Review - The Disappearing Conservative Professor

Cornell University's Self identified corporate-conservative professor alliance - BIG OIL Favoritism Apology in any degree to offset stated destroy the world Patronage System? https://www.facebook.com/CriminalEnterpriseSystem/

Criminal Enterprise System
Criminal Enterprise System
Criminal Enterprise Syste

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