Saturday, June 24, 2023

The Enquirer Exposed

The Enquirer Exposed


Criminal Enterprise System
Criminal Enterprise System
Criminal Enterprise Syste

    Friendships arise as we meet people and in my case I was warned long enough ago to realize many things. Foremost? Malcolm Forbes warned "what if he knows about you," when I refused having lunch with Dr. Hammer when we discussed my creating The Hammer and Cycle Messenger Service. In this particular instance it appears a friend of mine and my editor's through the manipulation of the American Economy had to work with people against me. Particularly after challenged by these films 

because the publishing concern's possibly still run by people close to THE BIG IDIOT'S hysterics.

👆 Poster Child of Dedicated Perpetually Late America 👆

    Funny the lopsided mystery WAS/IS this close and next to me. The person whose name only acquired the status of Inquirer, in this case for peopled-set to represent against, and never heard a rational voice from, me. Aw got to ... you know? I warned when work started there those years ago. COULDN'T LISTEN? Understand. Many it was money necessary to have minds think or give a damn actually. I don't like perverted selfish and not my fault and when perpetrated around me I don't care who defends pinning down to misunderstand You idiots wrote your own histories. And I sad. Some day I'm screwing those liars down

    Excerpts without Politico permission considered public right to know.

"business as usual ...  Financial District ... Wednesday afternoon ... Wall Street wags were clustered al fresco on their lunch breaks. Ferries docked and departed from their creaky slips at Pier 11. Tourists clogged ... South Street Seaport ... second floor of an East River office tower ... editors of America’s most notorious tabloid ... sat around ... picking out their ... victims ..." 

In Pontious Pilate full view osf self absolving their own selves for responsibility for all the mess Americans suffered under destabilizing Wall Street for the continued success of OIL-DRIPPING madness destroying the world for their well enough priced retirements in ... 


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