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Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Political Myth Of The Modern Mind?

  One opinion is this has been the most God forsaken time in the history of humankind for quite a long while. Another is there’s never been more progress than ever before, if only those other people would get out of the way.
  Today a New York Times front page headline Romney Faces Pressure From Right to Put Ryan on Ticket, included this introduction: Editorials in favor of putting Representative Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin on the Republican ticket as vice president follow a wave of public pressure for Mitt Romney to erase doubts about his commitment to conservative causes. As if his incessant badgering of Democrats as Socialists, from the stump, wasn’t enough.
  But of course this is how our current political equation is labeled for the public’s digestive ease, and whose convenience? The public’s? Because real issue-oriented debate diffuses where our attention should focus overall? No, once again, the public hardly cares as most of what’s drummed across the country is what’s easiest for those in the business to package and sell. A poll, discussed just this week, even suggests it’s the political media the public is most tired of. But they just repeat the jargon so it’s debatable it’s their fault at all for why the messenger is blamed.Though I remember being upset when Tim Russert on Meet The Press would, with a stern expression, call anyone to task over the same redundancies because that’s what was the week’s headline news. While now David Gregory does the same blasted thing but with that grin, that however nice it is, people would be scared of electing to office. Though I might trust him, I still wish some dag-gum original questions could enter the debate without the questioners being immediately dismissable as outcasts.
  So it’s not anyone’s fault? It’s just the game as it has always been played? Well no, it can’t be that exactly, so it’s everyone’s fault. Yet everyone is powerless to change the status quo. So we rally together as Occupy, or Tea Party, fan-atic-s, and grouped together we can force something, or anything, on the political entity enterprises and find out the more we push for change, the more the song does remain the same.
  Fiscal conservatism, who wouldn’t want to be fiscally conservative? Liberally tolerant, who doesn’t want to allow others their space? It hardly matters, because the cold brutal fact is those with power aren’t relinquishing it or sharing with anyone who doesn’t allow them to keep controlling the strings whether we vote or not. And it shouldn’t be sad that half the country believes the other half is wrong when that has always been and is our strength. The ability to agree to disagree. So conservatives, shove it where the sun doesn’t shine, and liberals get off yours the poor don’t need you anymore. The fact is raising the minimum wage has never raised the value of the minimum wage. Taxing the rich has never solved the declining treasury because prices rise to fill the void in their wallets and, anyway, as anyone with a clue knows, that money has been less taxably reachable offshore for years and, who knows, when that loophole is clogged, maybe that’s why we’re financing these trips to Mars so all our banking can get as far away from the general public circulation as possible?
  For me, in the midst of all this nonsense what’s best is probably just another sarcastic answer. Take a rich guy to lunch today. They might leave a larger tip. And we could all use more clues how to solve today’s financial crisis other than Sea Biscuit in the third. Don’t know what that means? Some wisdom has failed to pass through the generations. Well, in the old days when someone asked for some insightful information, one might give them the tip “Sea Biscuit in the third” because as one of the greatest race horses of all time, Biscuit would probably win any race he was entered in that day at the track. But that horse never ran smaller stakes races and well, our political process seems, at the end of the day, to just be about how much the winners get when eating their bigger steaks.
  Yep. Obviously I’m snubbing my nose at the whole convoluted mess, and you still know who I’m voting for. I just want to go home and I’ve had it up to here with all of you.
4 Responses to The Political Myth Of The Modern Mind?
Jim Budzynski says: August 9, 2012 at 9:02 pm (Edit) Unfortunately we still have to make choices.
Charles M. Fraser says: August 9, 2012 at 9:18 pm (Edit) Mr. Budzynski, if anyone should feel free to tell me off, you should. You’re being too nice. You’re a politician, aren’t you? It’s not unfortunate, there’s magic in our political process and the rabbit will come forth from the hat as sure as Kreskin was the best, whatever he was, I ever saw.
Charles M. Fraser says: August 10, 2012 at 10:45 am (Edit) This is a somewhat relevant Woody Allen and William F. Buckley Jr. discussion related to this topic.
Vengeance says: August 10, 2012 at 11:19 am I can’t help but laugh when I see this article. However, if Mitt Romney wins I believe change will be made and anyone who is not rich will definitely suffer in this world. But isn’t this the whole game of it all. If majority of the people are poor they would depend on the one who has it all. Money+Power=Respect. S.N. if people wake up and become “one people” and overthrow the mess that the government is dishing out then maybe we will began getting somewhere. People are brainwashed into acting like suckers because too many times one or two people are used as examples of what will happen shall anyone ever try to go against the government. People are scared as hell in this world when they feel they are doing anything wrong to upset the government. Why? Because they fear punishment when in fact they are being punished everyday for being whimps and suckers. The American Government has got Americans and other nations by the balls and everytime the government feels threatened they pull the nut sack of the people to release pain. A sign to the SUCKERS that their going too far! The government has too much control!!
George W. Bush, Dag-Gummit, Please Apologize Clock
Nov. 17 - Dec. 19, 2018
The Political Myth Of The Modern Mind  
8/9/2102: ... 
(I am stunned reading that the name Vengeance basically had the last word. I must have been particularly bitter that day as it's assumable my last words were of similar tone. Because - Yep. Obviously I’m snubbing my nose at the whole convoluted mess, and you still know who I’m voting for. I just want to go home and I’ve had it up to here with all of you. - is it finished.) 
What's So Funny About Heartless Ruthless Fakery?
     "Witch Hunt" as has been bandied about, of late, roughly copies the, never apologize, deny anything playbook brazenly practiced and bragged about by the cravenly opportunist lawyer - Roy Cohn. An anything goes, extremely proportioned, tokenistic flag-wearer. As opposed to an American holding of our flag in high regard. 
  With the public's relations' mirrors angled such that dissected nuance is patently shallowed out. Surface-ly shaped contrivances have only their intended consequences admitted to - if at all. Open speculation's lost to snippets of just near-relevance. Whereby the point's mere happenstance and an outright aggressive denial's not even pressed for details from which coherence evolves. 
  Some bubble humans have crafted here. Obviously God/Allah didn't raise a finger to create our entire mess. If only we'd followed that thought, then, maybe, what's down the line didn't always have to be other things coming first. Business should have gotten us ahead and out of our complicity with environmental disaster. Global warming or not. What's so inconsequential about facing a better world beyond manufacturing greatness? Mr. President?
  To so brazenly unfocus the public consciousness by conflating detractors' detractions into distractions. Face it. People really didn't want to see Soap Operatic coming. And the manipulative use of the presidential halo to further engender a bitter social-wide aberrant Americanism that's, well, apropos for such a self-consumed rationalizing as we've been exposed to by our political leaders. As tough as it is to say, at a certain point, President Trump's perhaps our first elected scapegoat. The country desired another Teflon Don. Which is of course, a bandwagon already claimed to be on. Another grain for the salt pile.
  Of course there's no shame. That's the point. Weeks back our president said  "global warming a little bit" after being squeezed about a tragedy. See? Growth America, is all on our shoulders. And certainly not The Great American Pollster Presidency. This country always should have pursued being bigger than that. An ideal tossed away by having border walls. Bullcrap the problems on the other side aren't everyone's responsibilities. Mr. President. 
This turned up at the Fairfield Museum, 11/17/ 2018, 
near The Sun Tavern, where President George Washington documented resting, October 16, 1789.
President George Washington likely slept here.
  The ritual second day stop on the New York to Boston journey. 
Don’t Bury The Lead’s The Number 1 Rule
in media presentation. From scribes through news journalism to sitcom and fanfaric  spectacular. Whatever label applies, the basic premise of grabbing attention's remained the same. Skimmers' eyeballs could miss something of import so everything should at least have a go at appearing as if 
across the top. Particularly since audiences are now direct consumers reduced to the Great Tag Spectacular's ALL LEAD.
  Meanwhile this specific editorial's intent is to bluntly criticize The New York Times. Attack would be an over-aggressive word, full of over-reacted to vitriol, and to all our mutual disadvantages however anyone's leverages are interpreted.
Here's the thing. A full page advertisement, produced with TBrandStudio, condoned excessive automobile speed. Projecting the keeping in play of the obliviousness, behind the hypocrisy, involved in compounding the economic culture's not stopping exploiting Mother Earth's fossilized insides. There wasn't enough business at one time, so the  amounts of refuse weren't exactly even a minor concern. SO? 
  So where's the we're smarter than that now attitude been - all this time? On Public Relations Row, lost in that fantasmic chasm of circulating over-priced affordability. When a foundational solar source of power, for every home and office, wasn't a priority decades back? The who, what, where, and why of how that's to happen is still so preposterously silly, that face it. We've let capitalism down with our uncreativity.    
  But everything's ok because some day there'll be a machine to take care of whatever problem there is. Do people having to act as if we're machines now, provide possible clues? Is programming every possibility possible?  Can't specifically  blame the car companies for shortchanging the world's transportation systems. Ours are cultures ripe for exploitation, still. Sure. The Times has to run Rupert Murdoch's advertisements as opposed to committing censorship. And The Times doesn't have to run ads in Mr. Murdoch's publications because there's that old trumpian twist of accusing first before having to resort to denial. From The Times' not noticing the money and Mr. Murdoch's not needing it, both are fallacies. As if traffic were all the manufacturer's faults? Ancestry's miscalculations people are kept from understanding how critical our mistakes have been to change their happening now. 
  Face anything. Mass transportation's advantages? As often happens in history, the public's not wanted to see past the diamonds' glitter and glow. So exploited that taken advantage of is a bottom line, stemming from an outright laziness behind the preposterousness of our not being able to afford our world working better. Travel shouldn't be so inherently dangerous. Period. We should be smarter than outrageous speeds making up for the inconvenience of lost time. We're the inconvenient wrecks paying homage to the Mobile Throne. 
Really, of course, the problem's been that the selling people a comfortably expensive way of life is justifiably sound. That's where the money is. Ironic at all, that Willie Sutton owns the phrase? People should feel rewarded. Anything less is complaining spoiled sports not in on the huge haul. Yet there's already enough money for eternity, so money has to solve ecological abuse in more creative way than taxes. For instance only buying cars whose financial backing is by companies working in the broader Transportation Business as well. Duff sitting elitists. 
  But, everyone with a clue knows there's no other option than handling money's flow. So there are charges etc., adding difficulties to everyone's lives as well as unfortunate, out of hand, violence as took place in Paris. Nonetheless, Yellow Vests For Everybody. Fact is people already have this extremely debilitating burden of worrying about how much they'll suffer through retirement without substantial funds. A million and something? Once upon a time, people survived on the interest on $100,000 in the bank. That's history? Frittered away. Then finally, is it true, that making the planet great's just an indifferent ordeal of make-believe idealism? Publicity? Sure, economy's working right. But not when disparity's manufactured by squeezing from the consumers' lives. Oh yeah, citizens. The further tappable billions all over the world. 
How Is It People Are Oblivious To Civility?
   How has this obliviousness to common sense become such a head in the sand scapegoated disentangling from responsibility. Responsibility? As easy enough to gripe about as hard to face.
  football riot in Buenos Aires is a disgrace and clear example of others blamed in advance. Boca's bus comes down a traditional street for River devotees' congregation and bedlam ensues. Duh. I've sat in Monumental Stadium and waited the half hour for the opposition's fans to leave the area. The people are desperately hoodwinked. But all the responsible parties are very wrong. River forfeits, and with Boca's humility, history has a chance. Otherwise it's all hail the inflated pride and cashflow as nothing's done about building, and redeeming, the whole world's character. As per usual.
And happened by here - 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Does A Mexican Trip And Invitation To Moscow Make A Difference Surrounded By Handlers, ALL THE TIME?

  Heads of state follow protocol by meeting on neutral ground or exchanging home bases. Retinues transport and place leaders where safest for pictures at some particular time. Could Hawaii have loosened up Presidents Putin and Obama? Then next time take in the Black Sea if the muscle and might of Moscow weren’t so important to please. Point being, travel, even for work, is usually a form of vacation. Why else have this pretext of exotic summit locations lending issues a level of (self-)importance? How necessary is this expensive carting around of such flamboyant roadshows other than to stimulate local economies? Oops, never mind, maybe they could tour the world’s ghettos? Or how about their having a TED TALK to iron things out in front of a crowd rather than just threading together agreements practically walked away from while being signed?
  So, Putin and Obama travelled and saw the G20 Summit‘s sights and everything is hunky-dory now that Reuters reported agreement on Monday that violence in Syria must end while offering no new solutions or sign of a healed rift over tougher sanctions against Syria. Ba dump bump. President Assad’s jam was noted here Jun 1, 2012
  While professor of government and politics at George Mason University, Mark N. Katz wrote the following on Tuesday for CNN. "Moscow doesn’t see itself as willfully and wrongly defying 'the broad international community.' They genuinely believe America and its Western allies are pursuing misguided policies toward Syria and Iran. For Obama to think he can get Moscow to adopt the American approach without compensation is simply an insult to Putin. If it wants Russia’s cooperation on Syria and Iran, it is going to have to make significant concessions to Moscow on other issues. Washington must now decide whether the cooperation it wants from Russia is really worth that. The Obama administration needs to understand America cannot have its borscht and eat it, too." – Mr. Katz’s CNN essay also includes the concessions President Putin might need to do the right thing as far as Assad is concerned.
  So with the public excluded, the Press was reduced to commentary on the two pitchers, Putin and Obama, and how they looked and what that meant for the game. Except there’s no reason for leaders to tell anyone anything and they’re never alone. There’s probably a table vote for this week’s designated loud mouth to reveal tidbits to the public(s) as inevitably politics is a circus performance and Press this time upset the acrobats didn’t jump higher. Even though Obama told reporters afterwards, “We agreed that we need to see a cessation of the violence, that a political process has to be created to prevent civil war.” Plus President Putin said, “From my point of view, we have found many common points on this issue,” adding they’d continue discussions.
  Diplomatic. However reporters cited attitude, pointing out U.S. and Russian officials described the meeting as positive and business-like while both leaders were seen as cool and detached. A personal dynamic that sharply contrasted chummy Vladimir Putin and George W. Bush. Journalists entering the cramped hotel ballroom, saw neither smile while leaning toward each other in discussion. Then remaining seated, President Obama initiated a handshake for the cameras. It was reported Obama sometimes gestured while Putin sat stiff through the joint appearance, and both glumly watched reporters leave and made no move to re-engage with each other.
  The Press is kidding too, right? Thinking this confrontation should be more like J.P. Morgan’s Jamie Dimon establishing a humbling rapport before Congress? Why would Obama and Putin not display tension over what probably can’t be reconciled to everyone’s satisfaction? For them to portray anything beyond grim is just putting a face on things, don’t you think? But sometimes its hard to tell. Wouldn’t it be great if all that mattered to have a fantastically happy day was All The Presidents Smiled?
  USA TODAY covered a joint statement issued at the conclusion of the meeting that symbolically, if not in fact, repeated an at least year-old mantra: In order to stop the bloodshed in Syria, we call for an immediate cessation of all violence and express full support for the efforts of UN/League of Arab States Joint Special Envoy Kofi Annan, including moving forward on political transition to a democratic, pluralistic political system that would be implemented by the Syrians themselves in the framework of Syria’s sovereignty, independence, unity, and territorial integrity. We are united in the belief that the Syrian people should have the opportunity to independently and democratically choose their own future.
  Uh huh. Who’s cleaning the mess up if not the suit taking credit?
  Smile, everyone’s watching. Politicians?
  Yeah, I’ve never seen two men colder toward each other my entire life.

While this masterpiece was faked.
  This was a presumably valid, MSNBC, American television discourse on the presidents’ meeting.
  First you try and try and try again …
September 29 - October 11, 2016
Does A Mexican Trip And Invitation To Moscow Make A Difference Surrounded By Handlers, ALL THE TIME?

6/20/2012 Uh huh. Who’s cleaning the mess up if not the suit taking credit? Smile, everyone’s watching. Politicians? Yeah, I’ve never seen two men colder toward each other my entire life. While this masterpiece was faked. This was a presumably valid, MSNBC, American television discourse on the presidents’ meeting.
 First you try and try and try again …
  The original essay's first paragraph could have been written today in light of September 9th's cease-fire treaty over Aleppo that was shredded past mulching the documents themselves. 
  Try again, 6/20/2012? Been here before. Where it doesn't matter what doesn't change when the same is the change being called for. Unleashed discipline worked up to feverish devout proportions that already cultivated what's foolish about us. How the vast schemes civilization spawns, viciously inflate politics to resemble a country's peoples' framed reference that's the real game personalities, heading pyramids, rule. Go team. Ah machinations. Really we're all just sitting back, shaking our heads, baffling over what political professionals want understood when there's not an issue jargon can't undermine and beat? 

  Go forth and diversify, my eye, since capitalism's supposed to prove it's socialist. But besides that. What if the resources that make the world so hospitable are necessary to the planet's health? Science can't prove otherwise. Hell yeah the atmosphere's screwierBut I could feel better if the planet were more solid-ish. So what?  
  The future will manufacture oxygen and this generation scapegoated for their inconvenience. How every era's remembered, when faced, for tragedies passed from the past. Useless not to forgive generations that naively developed modernity's fossilized cultureComplicated sentence. Complicated formula? Bottom line. Mass transportation should have been subsidized to the level the automobile was and still is. Safety? We're so d___ smart the reality is we can't finance solutions. Too expensive or cheap. Not enough moola flying around to replace coal with solar. Earthlings could imagine burning our souls. Money making decisions people do, because what should a mechanic do? Collect buggy whips? So transportation's song remains the same. Where the mentality is bikes are in the way and meant to be the pedestrians' bane. Because cars can't be safer. So custom adapts and makes it all our faults the entire transportation system isn't already designed safer. Bridges, trestles and tunnels should be everywhere trains and the rest of us cross. How could we expect people to accept room for bikes when so much more room than necessary was used to explore congestion? Going in one direction doesn't mean losing the other entirely, because, as I understood decades back, people aren't giving up mobile thrones
  But this generation's so smart and why responsible for all the blame now. Sure China copied the United States. A crystal ball wasn't necessary to see that coming. It was important to sell more cars to a culture that already knew how to ride a bike. Ethics have nothing to do with law is probably why the law's most sought after as a means for revenge than the promotion of lifestyles that would thwart bad things happening. Poverty? Doesn't have to be that difficult to be poor. Yet capital remains so hog wild pretending to chase inflation, ignoring the penny's value reduced to relative meaninglessness. 
  So the entire Congressional  apparatus, bureaucrats, head-in-ground citizenry, dinosaur-ish commercial interests, all are responsible for September 29th's New Jersey train slamming into a wall killing a woman and injuring 108 people because better technology to prevent mistakes, termed accidents, are on hold because SAFE TRANSPORTATION was never affordable for a country that irresponsibly over-indulged the loving of our mobile thrones
  No accountants worth their fees would undermine a client, or former client, disputing that said client weren't the one who genius-ly figured their way through the tax code to profitability after a substantial business loss. But not all of us wedge access to that great wealth provider, falsely attributed to P. T. Barnum, described as "a sucker born every minute."
  No reason for comfortable children to do no less than support every stance their parent might take when addressing the public on the national stage. Chelsea Clinton for instance. 
  When coaxing the American public,  integrity ...

  Some credence to the idea civilization is in full ironic mode. Maybe turned up to 11. Where everything said before turns out exactly as ironically expected. Trade and treaties last as long as militarily feasible, whereby contestants are comfortable with either dependent strategy. Uh uh. Doesn't make exact sense to me either, but let's look for what shapes up next. Anyway ...

The title - 
Does A Mexican Trip And Invitation To Moscow Make A Difference Surrounded By Handlers, ALL THE TIME?
is apparently accurate.

  So choose your conspiracies wisely shouldn't be good advice, yet. Everything working up nicely for the Vegas presidential debate. What better place to bury the remaining hatchets? The only question, will the roulette wheel ever stop so we can get off? 
  From 6/20/2012: Obama told reporters afterwards, “We agreed that we need to see a cessation of the violence, that a political process has to be created to prevent civil war.” 
Uh huh.
  Cut to the chase. The perpetual spiral needs relooping.