Monday, December 17, 2012

If Only Litigation Wasn’t The Only Thing Between The People And Powers That Be?

From 1928-1936
First though, The Sunday New York Times featured Please Don’t Mess With the Charitable Deductionin the Sunday Business opinion column, ECONOMIC VIEW. Under the label Soapbox in print, but not the digital edition. The essay Please Don’t Mess With the Charitable Deduction is by Robert J. Shiller, a professor of economics and finance at Yale University, who gives a perfect explanation of the nuances behind why charitable deductions shouldn't be curtailed as they are an excellent feature of the American tax system.  


Also in The Sunday Times there was a, business-as-per-usual, report titled Under Threat of Fines, Moscow Protesters Turn OutBy Andrew E. Kramer and David M. Herszenhorn with contributed reporting by Ellen Barry and Andrew Roth.  

Seems a government agency wouldn't grant a permit for a demonstration in Moscow, Russia. So, despite the newly arrangedexorbitant fines for unauthorized demonstration, this manifestation of government defiance had to be carried out on Saturday. If only because there had to be a significant statement objecting to the hilariously, obnoxious, odious laws passed so as not to have to listen to the public. Barriers to justice that took the world centuries to adjust through, even at an ever so slow pace now in the modern 21st Century.

According to The Times - While some opposition leaders urged people not to attend the rally because there was no permit and arrests were virtually certain, others said they saw no choice but to fight back against the effort by the government to squash dissent. 

True, in America demonstrations don't generally take place without permits, and those that do seldom happen more than once without real advocates going through the bureaucratic loop-de-loops. Anyway, let's look at this situation in Moscow seriously. The protesters' staged events, so far, aren't implying by demonstrating that they're for upsetting the government of Russia, but for going forward without leaving the people behind. It's about Russia healing itself. When there's only so much opportunity to go around there's still no reason not to share.


There's a numbness to mass murder. If only our eyes opened to the multiple deaths happening every day. But catastrophic tragedy as happened in Connecticut is very numbing. We don't need this. No, not another one. When will all this end? Gun control made the guns available. While the sickness even normal, and abnormal, minds are capable of, facilitated last Friday's tragedy. There's a bitterness that can be sensed behind what motivated this desperate act. Countless relevant possibilities, even if none are why it happened after all. Really, no rock should go unturned in trying to figure out how to stop every murder.   

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