Friday, December 7, 2012

News Is Not More Tragic Than Ever?

Each day's news stories, and not just those labelled main events, are designed for mass consumption to appear worse than everToday there's not more tragedy, as the truth is there are more sophisticated ways to solve problems than ever before. Nor is the seemingly calamitous nature of today's events due to a pronounced ability to sound more provocative when competing for an audience's attention. To paraphrase the famous adage. History just repeats itself.

No Peace in the Middle East? Heck, people today have nothing on the battles of the Crusades. Those people were confused as hell without any possibility of compromise in sight. Just one look at the well-dressed folks around (or missing from) the conference tables today makes clear what insight should be. That even the rowdy people in the streets, worked into a frenzy, are just trying to figure out how to get paid. Just as those around the negotiation tables are who contribute to the manipulation of their various populations' emotions. The integrity of their legacies that justify their oppositions, faded generations ago. No one has any business fighting against anyone's right to be anywhere on this planet.

Click Reuters for their video report on the death of the London hospital nurse who was duped by that prank call from an Australian radio show to a Royal Family member's hospital room. The seriousness of the report and official spokesperson displays just two facets of how the incident was most likely blown all out of proportion for the poor woman. The nurse should still be laughing about that call now. The world should have been laughing with her. Disgustingly blown out of proportion. Harry is right

The following are Subjects from Yesterday, Thursday, December 6, 2012

Then there's this from The Washington Post
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In case you're torn over the commercialism behind the Sanford, Florida trial of George Zimmerman? The merit of this lawsuit against NBC aside, as a May 23, Soapbox View Essay titled the Absolutely Tragic Trayvon Martin Case alludes, the time to be shrewd was when police advised against following the teenager.

And From

An Abduction Shines Light on Ukraine Asylum Policy and on Kremlin Methods

Highlights the chicanery necessary to maintain control?


One of history's great ironies is Joseph Stalin's labeling Leon Trotsky, The Opportunist

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