Friday, January 4, 2013

So There Are More Women In Congress Now Than Ever Before in The History of the United States of America?

In office March 4, 1917 – March 3, 1919 
January. 3, 1941 – January 3, 1943
I didn't want to just bandwagon jump in on opening day. A day for ceremony as, after all, there really are more women in Congress now than ever before.

Remember Suffrage? 1920. Jeannette Rankin. Hard to believe women were really treated as badly as that before then? To have their individual identity not count. Yes, it was as bad as that. Why we're just beginning to see, short of a century later, the magnanimous rise of women to 20% in The Senate and 0.1862069 in The House of Representatives. 

Women in Congress

A Reuters piece by Jack ShaferThe Andrew Sullivan traveling blog show chronicles the successful commercial career of Andrew Sullivan's political commentary blog The Dish.

It's not as if I wouldn't love to now offer crack political analysis of insight of even more consequence than, just maybe, everything would improve if there were 30% more powerful women in politics. It's just for the moment, nothing is more insightful than that. 

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