Thursday, January 3, 2013

When News From The Far Flung Corners Of The World Is Upbeat?

Barbara Walters and Harry Reasoner

Every day the news is designed to make us feel good no matter how necessarily devastating it has to be to get our attention. You can't assume accuracy when different values are placed on information by entertainment. And would we spend more attention if our television news celebrities didn't smile?

The New York Times finds Inmates Find Health and Solace in Yoga
in Prison

Prison Yoga Project

POLITICO's top feature story of the day How Google beat the feds included the figure of 25 million in lobbying fees, but of course it's just too darn cynical labeling that the cost of business. Politico also covered Glenn Beck's rebuff and Al Gore's AL JAZEERA score selling Current TV.


RUSSIA: The Tax HavenStarring Gerard Depardieu

Also from REUTERS, the headline
U.S.: Time not right for Google executive's North Korea trip

Which means, so to speak, it's not prudent, leverage-wise, at this time, for the U. S. to re-communicate on humanitarian grounds? Except basically the Google exec. and Bill Richardson traveling privately is necessary diplomacy if the country of North Korea is to ever disentangle itself politically to diversify.
Soapbox View June 14, 2012 - Clinton Hopes Kim Charts Different Course
Soapbox View October 15, 2012 - Under N. Korea's Microscope

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