Monday, January 7, 2013


Influencing change has never occurred overnight. Making it almost useless to think how it might happen. When, by thriving on hope, we let ourselves in for big letdowns. Because leverage is usually due to outmaneuvering from strength rather than the powerful being confronted by something sensible to face. So violence becomes an outlet for frustration and cooler heads hide in the balcony from the mess being made in, and of, free speech in the cheap seats. 

As Putin’s Grip Gets Tighter, a Time of Protest Fades in Russia 
is the digital edition title of The Sunday New York Times Ellen Barry report titled, in print, In Russia, a Trendy Activism Against Putin Loses Its Momentum

In a nutshell the article and titles tie up loose ends. Explaining, essentially, how everyone's economic stakes are in jeopardy, so, under the circumstances, protest just to protest without a significant broadened public and political awareness is just pointless. So, for the moment, offering an excuse for contrived riot is just not worth it. Is it? While expressing free speech is, so the 2012 Russian Political Culture Revolution is not just folding. It lasted a season while being polite within reason. 

Unlike Northern Ireland that's exploded for five nights according to Reuters in Northern Irish police clash with rioters for fifth night.

Isn't it obvious how important peaceful protest could be, Russian political elite?


Also in yesterday's New York Times Looking for a Jump-Start in China  highlights hopes for progressive political reform in China. While today BBC News reports on a journalists' strike to protest editorial intrusion by censors. While there's also this earlier BBC News report on the same issue. 


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