Monday, March 18, 2013

Miracle of Miracles, Finally, A Huger Argentinian Celebrity Than Maradona?

Diego Maradona

And Messi

 + both Perons?

Because it seems the Papacy of Pope Francis I has received enough ample air time to dethrone the football players from Argentina's pinnacle of public esteem. Live Network Coverage in the United States of an over-an-hour-long spectacle of waiting between the smoke signal and St. Peter's Square celebration included CBS news anchor Scott Pelley's, play-by-play, anecdote that all the Cardinals had to have their very own personal moment alone with the new Pope. But what's obvious is the suspense would just die without the extended interlude. 

Imagine this then in jest, that the several Super Bowl sized crowd, is waiting, standing room only, while upstairs a ceremonial kissing of royal rings is more likely to have happened than finding out the gospel truth a new Pope got in a game of foosball backstage before coming out from behind the curtain?  

Immature hijinks just isn't the message of humility The Vatican seeks to flaunt? Especially when there may be no end to hearing Pope Francis I cleaned his hotel room and took the bus. It's good shtick, while promoting Pope Francis I as arrogant beyond belief would have flaws.

But, due to the new Pope's purported humble pose toward the use of limousines vs. mass transportation, to be totally believed now he'll have to hock the treasury's more flamboyant crown jewels to feed the children sleeping on the streets of Buenos Aires. Because he's already traveling, after only a few days, as pictured below with the grin under the scrutiny of Security

As the world over something more than just the police clearing eye-sores is necessary. No? 

So? It's reported the new Pope was partly chosen for his record advocating traditional values. Not to be confused with complacent self-righteous satisfaction and over-wrought moralism planted in our modern world and fertilized by eccentricities from the Middle Ages. Still? Soapbox View 

Expectations are high for the new Pope and there's so much to gain kept that way. Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Everyone. Hop to it?
Any Similarities Between This Vehicle And A Limousine Are Purely Coincidental


And Coming Soon To A Nightly News Near You

Today's Daily Mail scratched up this headline, Day One and new Pope faces first controversy: Argentinian pontiff Francis I labelled British 'usurpers' in the Falklands one year ago.

A day one controversy? Based on a year old comment from the Pope just to create headline eye candy for the British public. While covered President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner greeting the Pope today without their apparently stoking the issue.

As Argentinians insist, its a conundrum from the age of imperialism but restraint is best on their part while almost being comical that neither side accepts slicing Solomon's baby anywhere near down the middle. 1Kings 3:16-28.

Cameron warns Argentina, CFK calls referendum a ‘parody’ from the Buenos Aires Herald 

Unilateral facts, indeed By Andrés Cisneros for the Herald 
Merco Press

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