Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Endlessly Negotiated Middle East Peace?

The New York Times had an excellent editorial, Friday, March 22. Carl Giacomo's In Defense of Palestinians is as good a title as any from which to assess President Barack Obama's First Presidential Trip to the Middle East. 

Tree Huggers?

The weekend's commentators concluded the imagery was a disappointment to Palestinians who'd have liked more symbolism on their behalf. Because it was also important Israelis were pleased as the American President spoke publicly that Israelis should see Palestinians' point-of-view. This trip then, for the most part, was virtually euphoric as even the Gaza Strip's dissenters Hamas provided fireworks. 

But if not kidding ourselves, we know nothing will happen unless grudges change and The Holy Land is shared. If ever a situation was in more need of a jobs program, huh? And isn't it painful to think of Palestine's Gaza Strip aWest Bangladesh? Or why can't everyone just say Free Trade Agreement and squeeze this industry of hate out of business with a complete economy? It's ridiculous limiting God/Allah's imagination to violent jihad that's just plain Medieval.  
Another Highlight, The Auto Broke Down

Anyway, it was also encouraging that President Obama facilitated rapprochement between Turkey and Israel. Didn't President Obama give off a 'we can be casual about this' charisma? Of course that's the message smiles always deliver, but our president really seemed loose for the cameras. The kind of cool you want to see at diplomacy's free-throw line. But now it takes sweat because last week was just symbolic and the antagonists will only begin stepping on new ground when the old vengeances no longer fertilize revenge. 

Should I ask if he has problems with telemarketers too?

January 9-11, 2008 was the last time an American President visited IsraelPresident George W. Bush met Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and President Shimon Perez, plus, on the tenth, President Mahmoud Abbas of the temporary Palestine National AuthorityFact is, as an alone gesture, a Presidential Visit is quite symbolic. Before Bush II, only ClintonCarter and Nixon made the journey that was an apparently too hot of a political potato for TrumanEisenhowerKennedyJohnsonReagan and Bush I.
Soapbox View      Soapbox View       Soapbox View  

Missing from Picture? The Fireworks Crew and disappointing in light of how everything else was so polished.
President Obama's March 21, 2013,
49 minute 
Speech to Israel.

Game Over?
Paraphrasing a frustrated Palestinian,
EVERYONE should do Gandhi well. 

Secretary Kerry's finger left securely in the dike?



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