Monday, April 1, 2013

What's To Be Done With Your Legacy?

President Putin?


Its possible, of course, to leave many legacies. 

Major and minor. The dictator, right, allegedly industrialized the Soviet Union overnight and inspired the belief of many in the collectivization of humanity. All while betraying individuals on a grand scale, yet Joseph Stalin died a hero. But, from the vantage of Spring 2013, Russians are more prosperous now and many can appreciate the current regime beats pure, poisoned, state capitalism all to hell.

If the citizenry weren't secondary to the discretion of petty officialdom? If Russians were particularly happy the good old days have commercially returned? President Putin, yes, we all know it's tough running a country and, boo-hoo-hoo, Westerners have no clue to the Russian mind, etc.

But that's the point, that it is hard. Look at the legal labyrinth the United States became to protect us from ourselves? Maybe there's no other way than protection by and from ruthless hard-asses, huh? 
And maybe no one's particularly noticed the public nod and shy smile were already memorably done by the great one? No big deal though. Its also tough being original on permanent display. 

Anyway, kids today don't care what Comrade Stalin's smug demeanor was before cameras. Though they'd probably get a kick out of hearing the Man of Steel's drinking buddies lived in perpetual fear of delivering bad news to him. Impatience similar to government reaction to the public's burgeoning expression of dissent that's been essentially squashed. 

But is this what you want, Mr. President? A public that, as in North Korea's case, voices disapproval of imperialistic America only when prodded and not otherwise on their own. But there's something to get a handle on. American imperialism. Except Kim isn't publicly getting it. Sure capitalist exploitation sucks. But corporations don't have all the money and entrepreneurialism has gotten us farther than the fight over economics. Poor guy is in a corner like every other schmuck reassuring dangerous people they still have a job.    

No doubt President Putin, you'll be seen in the future as one of your country's transitions from an authoritarian past. Not just a caretaker for countless harbored interests that must be coordinated to keep the nation-state up and running. Somehow, in the repeated denials, hints of accommodated corruption will wash away and you can afford to be generous. Or is it still too large a step to pay police enough to survive without living on the free-market dole, Mr. President?

Power is ...

Anna Politkovskaya

Power does ...
Power was never one of the world's more wholesome pursuits. Its truly the most dangerous and essential necessity to handle with care. Pure dyn-o-mite. So what is right is constantly compromised by where the most profit lies? Mr. President, isn't it time ruthlessness is less important than Russia? 
Whose Check, Mr. President?

Is the characterization, pictured right, how you see it too, Mr. President? Является определение, на фото справа, каким вы его видите, господин президент?  (Mikhail S. Gorbachev)

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