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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Would Healthcare Going Down Like Alcohol Prohibition Demonstrate As Much Guts?

Because in Prohibition an unrealistic intolerant enforcement was successfully rebelled against, leaving us serving virtual penance by continuing to punish ourselves for self-righteous immoralities. And yeah, what about subsidizing our opportunity deprived is in the way of whose success, really?  
Rein In Costs?

Because "not working and can't be fixed" is usually enough assessment to walk away from, say, a cracked engine or something else beyond repair. But what about what must be fixed? Because doctors were already reduced to financial wastes of their time we pay for in actual lost productivity. Beyond the numbers that can be represented every-which-away on the page or screen. Who gets the sense there's something not quite professional happening and Dr. Marcus Welby, M.D. should start making neighborhood house calls again? Maybe install one of those obnoxiously redundant ice cream truck soundtracks if The Great Medical Debate ever begins? 

For a second forget character and that firmly planted notion the opportunity challenged are pure lazy which probably requires a lot more concentration than we understand because the human spirit still must be entertained which, as the saying goes, ironically enough, offends those luckily tied to the Rat Race. The re-written circumstances of the full American Dream? Yes, but because government shouldn't arrange people's lives, documenting our every breath is very intimidating when we should all be paying each other for our services? Exactly.  

In fact I side entirely with the hopeful conservative view that if properly operating the free market would solve everyone having insurance. And should have done so if that was the intention. But no. Gaps in the economy are for manipulation as the only heartless thing to do? 
If people weren't thrown in jail for driving without insurance do you think they would? Probably wouldn't except for those with enough money to afford to not be bothered by further inconvenience. No. Giving everyone a good lecture for driving without automobile insurance would be a mess. Kind of like an incomplete health system, huh? So now instead of fixing the disproportional pricing of medical care, we're going to require everyone be proper customers while people will probably go on not really knowing who their doctor is or will be. Still, like a chess game's moves back and forth between the serviced and served? Unlike the relationship many have with their hairdresser/barber. Folks, even doctors could admit patients' relationships shouldn't just be with their diplomas.

Because the economy isn't working exactly quite properly right, objections to socialism aren't credible? Moot? Flexible therefore expandable?

Once upon a time in an Address Before a Joint Session of Congress on Administration Goals, February 17, 1993, a president of the United States pledged, "We will reward the work of millions of working poor," and in the same speech applied the Democratic Party seal to Welfare Reform putting the freeloaders to work - poor. But maybe if the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is properly worked as capitalism it could be all the socialism the world ever needs? Besides Fire and Policeetc.

Citing Efforts to Prevent Attack on Syria, Group Nominates Putin for Peace Prize 

The New York Times by David M. Herszenhorn, Oct. 1, 2013


The Comical Conservative picture prompted Facebook comments setting the bar and tone for my, my my my, spec-u-lation.

Woman 1 wrote: Just curious, will you be keeping the insurance you already have or forced to have to take something inferior to what you now have? 
Woman 2 There will be no change in our insurance ... will all come out at once if and when he gets to go back to work. 
Woman 3 the president has to be the leader in believing it's good enough for his family, if it's not why is he pushing it on to us how could we benefit from this 
Woman 3 we should all get health insurance for free as senior citizens 
Woman 1 If you already have insurance, chances are you don't have to change anything either. My husband and I don't have to change ours. If you don't have any insurance because it's been too expensive in the past, I'd think anyone should be happy to be able to have some kind of health insurance that's affordable versus nothing.
Woman 2 As of right now my insurance remains available to me ... It doesn't pay regular yearly visits and deductible is 10,000.00... It's basically catastrophic insurance... I couldn't afford the 462.00 premium so I had to tweak it... Now I pay 272.00 a month and pay out of pocket for my visits... until I see what is in Obamacare I'll hang on to my insurance unless I hear otherwise. Once Obamacare is actually unveiled entirely, only then will we see how good or bad it really is... Saw an article this morning that one of their deciding factors for eligibility is your credit report. Not gonna be good for some people.
Charles M. Fraser If band aids cost the cents they are and patients compensated as research subjects that all Medicine is, then cost would be realistic. If universal healthcare goes down like Prohibition ya think it demonstrates Americans have as much guts? Thanks, having guts probably just stuck me with turning that sentence into an essay. I'm all for finding an economic balance in medicine but it still sounds like throwing a lot of money at the caretakers of the problem rather than fixing it. And you'd think a Congress that shut down the government while paying themselves would be the laughing stock of history, or at least spinning somewhere in the barrel? Dustbin?
The Soapbox View Satirical Twist pursuing the Twin Legacies
Andy Rooney and I.F. Stone?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Peace on Earth and Goodwill To Every Good Woman and Man?

I should be scathed for comparing drone strikes to abortion? If I just figured out how to comfortably phrase "necessary evil" then obviously there'd be no excuse I'm welcome to, and I'd be better off unwelcome where I come from? Yet there's a comparison that both are better if unnecessary? 

Escalation in warfare technology has progressed for centuries, taking up whole chapters in encyclopedias and their own books. The art of war. Aren't we lucky? 

We eliminated world destruction daring others not to use the big bomb. Now instead of the collateral damaging of innocents in the upper thousands to take out major installations, war is pinpoint accuracy  reducing innocent victims to the size of mere wedding parties to take out the mob. We've all heard about this even though it's not entertaining news?

I know. Its easy to be of the opinion that no one should die, and easy to understand the fulfillment of necessary jobs. Bull____. The job is turning enemies around. About everyone seeing the light. That's what the Generals report. The solution is impressing upon the hearts and minds of the local populations, what the reality of living in peace is all about. Rhetoric? Or the science-fiction of a super-power annihilating ants from the sky?  

Drones are sent not to send the young to die? Put the military in steel suits. Sending anyone away to die should be beneath the United States of America. Steel suits are probably uncomfortable, but what about anything less isn't fulfilling the promise I noticed from government officials that mothers' children are to be protected at all cost? 

Where is our conscience when it comes to the fact no one should die? Honor before Allah/God must be compartmentalized  for a cause? What? A big misunderstanding? Some insist they will always be an enemy? Bull____. Through the centuries, enlightened generations justified the sanctity of war. How comfortable is this one with the lie?

OK. I'm not saying be pansies and not stick up for yourselves. But a really civilized world shouldn't just be the elite dressed in penguin suits entertaining each other with the idea their camaraderie is bringing peace on earth to the little guys sacrificed to territorial vengeance with no place or purpose in a modern world. If the 2013 Boston Massacre can't symbolize the tragedy of being mixed-up, then by all means just submit to the state that wins? 

Debate Aside, Number of Drone Strikes Drops Sharply 

The New York Times, May 22, 2013


Politician Picked Off In Georgia?

As reported in The New York Times by , prosecutors nabbed one, Vano Merabishvili, right, for diverting funds to party-people, working for him, rather than keeping those funds available for someone else's taste. When politicians nail down graft they'll stop wasting our time popping each other off on the public dime. There's more to corruption than the roots of dishonesty.   

In 2009, the day before his election, Gov. Chris Christie 
of New Jersey, quite rightly, denied any political 
connection to his former federal prosecutors office's 
state wide arrest of opposing party public officials.
Popping off politicians for the various despicable financial scandals they embroil themselves in, is popular sport in the U S. Where fired for petty struggles for power is just part of the game too. It's just that everyone might be as corrupt as they can afford? 

But if gotten to, the real question is how corrupt is the Georgian system to have molded this politician into this corner where he will no doubt take a dive and innocents will go with him, who, at some point were roped in just for the holiness of capitalism? If it's just about money then obviously evolution is all about how it's dealt straight.

But this Georgian story has political punch. The politician on trial is a leader in the opposition. As if Vice-President Biden decided to go ahead and take down Representative Paul Ryan because he was such a chump for his figures not quite adding up. No, not exactly? Georgia is young enough where the skeletons are revealed from the dark and not shining brilliantly by the light of day?  
Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw drones?

Friday, April 12, 2013

What Appears to be Politics is, after all, Just The Politics Of Appearance?

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, 1979-1990rode a logical political wave that changed the confiscatory capitalization of socialism that gripped Great Britain. Doesn't take a fool to see The Beatles paying taxes somewhere else is a problem.

Her death drew depictions of her as an innovative personality from the major news sourcesand she was most certainly a major figure-head. But its sound to question mass-marketed points-of-view.
Where the convenient message shields the abstractions from scrutiny. 

Or Change Masks?
No duh, taking from the rich to give to the poor was fictional fantasy. Too bad financial circulation, Ms. Thatcher helped release, is tied-up in astronomical operating costs that preclude a more complete circulation British Socialists might have had in mind. In our age it's hard imagining a better world is where the state is ingrained in your life. But its worth remembering something had to be done and social advancement spurred capitalism on. 
Times change but not how cultural memory is manipulated. 


Is it possible Kim Jong-un doesn't understand the 

The syncopated chant of democracy, set on continual chime, may be why North Korea is confused anyone should even care to attack them. Certainly, except for swagger, on the surface, Kim Jong-un isn't a mad idiot and held hostage to their elite cluelessness how to honorably prosper outside state capitalism. 
The Daily Squib
The Google guy and Dennis Rodman were floated as olive branches and somehow, some way, the North Korean Military Industrial Complex has to understand what they've seen. Or after grand-dad's birthday celebration still won't really be time to let the Bamboo Curtain rise? 
A while back, you know, last Spring/Summer when Kim Jung-un just came into his own, some hope was put into this idea that he was exclusively schooled in Switzerland. Apparently elitism isn't the problem? 

Maggie, as I had never referred to her, in part staked her flag-waving credentials on refusing to let a military regime take the Malvinas Islands. So maybe what Kim has learned is the importance of militarized nationalism conveys token justification for treating public diplomacy as if it were the chest-thumping of professional wrestling.  



Last Sunday's Meet The Press featured MSNBC's Jim Cramer, of Mad Moneysmiling the advice 60,000 pipeline jobs for $60,000 a year would heal big business' momentum so America's smaller fry might thereby get better slices of the pie. Courageous call, huh? Mr. Cramer said depend on big business. When after over forty years of solar panels and the investment community complaint is there's not enough money in it, we're either corrupt or lacking financial imagination and most probably both. Money shouldn't disappear so buying Arab oil shouldn't matter. But since, of course, money rules its best we muck up the country-side for financial leverage when we're really supposed to already be too smart for this world's current levels of pollution. No?
They accomplished more than just a contribution to the expansion of the Charitable Industrial Complex? 
  _ __ __ __ _

360° Google Map viewed the home I was raised in. The tip of the desegregation monument is lower left. I recognize all the trees. Even those, still sorely missed, that once lined the avenue, like a canopy, until destroyed for the widened highway in the mid-1960s. I am ever so grateful to see these trees preserved.

Monday, April 1, 2013

What's To Be Done With Your Legacy?

President Putin?


Its possible, of course, to leave many legacies. 

Major and minor. The dictator, right, allegedly industrialized the Soviet Union overnight and inspired the belief of many in the collectivization of humanity. All while betraying individuals on a grand scale, yet Joseph Stalin died a hero. But, from the vantage of Spring 2013, Russians are more prosperous now and many can appreciate the current regime beats pure, poisoned, state capitalism all to hell.

If the citizenry weren't secondary to the discretion of petty officialdom? If Russians were particularly happy the good old days have commercially returned? President Putin, yes, we all know it's tough running a country and, boo-hoo-hoo, Westerners have no clue to the Russian mind, etc.

But that's the point, that it is hard. Look at the legal labyrinth the United States became to protect us from ourselves? Maybe there's no other way than protection by and from ruthless hard-asses, huh? 

And maybe no one's particularly noticed the public nod and shy smile were already memorably done by the great one? No big deal though. Its also tough being original on permanent display. 

Anyway, kids today don't care what Comrade Stalin's smug demeanor was before cameras. Though they'd probably get a kick out of hearing the Man of Steel's drinking buddies lived in perpetual fear of delivering bad news to him. Impatience similar to government reaction to the public's burgeoning expression of dissent that's been essentially squashed. 

But is this what you want, Mr. President? A public that, as in North Korea's case, voices disapproval of imperialistic America only when prodded and not otherwise on their own. But there's something to get a handle on. American imperialism. Except Kim isn't publicly getting it. Sure capitalist exploitation sucks. But corporations don't have all the money and entrepreneurialism has gotten us farther than the fight over economics. Poor guy is in a corner like every other schmuck reassuring dangerous people they still have a job.    

No doubt President Putin, you'll be seen in the future as one of your country's transitions from an authoritarian past. Not just a caretaker for countless harbored interests that must be coordinated to keep the nation-state up and running. Somehow, in the repeated denials, hints of accommodated corruption will wash away and you can afford to be generous. Or is it still too large a step to pay police enough to survive without living on the free-market dole, Mr. President?

Power is ...

Anna Politkovskaya

Power does ...

Power was never one of the world's more wholesome pursuits. Its truly the most dangerous and essential necessity to handle with care. Pure dyn-o-mite. So what is right is constantly compromised by where the most profit lies? Mr. President, isn't it time ruthlessness is less important than Russia? 
Whose Check, Mr. President?

Is the characterization, pictured right, how you see it too, Mr. President? Является определение, на фото справа, каким вы его видите, господин президент?  (Mikhail S. Gorbachev)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tis The Political Season Of “THE AMERICAN PEOPLE”

May 9, 2012 & November 2 - 16, 2015 Draft Below - .......
  Long termed Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana loses a Republican primary as predicted by polls. North Carolina votes sixty-one to thirty-nine percent in favor of intolerance of homosexual equality. But the day after his loss if you go to Senator Lugar’s website, there was no mention of the election as if his loss never happened and our Gay population will not quit as you probably don’t need a web link to confirm.
  What’s evident is our political process is virtually infinite. No one can claim to have made a final decision for everyone else. Which is why politicians abuse the expression “the American people” to only associate themselves with winning.

  The phrase has a strong ironic appeal for our diverse disagreeing population though its questionable to assume anyone knows what Americans will think because we are independent. Which is why those in the political business know not to strongly identify with actual ideas that could be interpreted as wrong at one time or another, and avoided at all costs during an election campaign as documented in Michael Lewis’ book Trail Fever: Spin Doctors, Rented Strangers, Thumb Wrestlers, Toe Suckers, Grizzly Bears, and Other Creatures on the Road to the White House.
  Despite every politician’s possible claim to have read John F. Kennedy’s book, Profiles In Courage, concerning politicians who took an historical stand contrary to the majority’s opinion. But in fact all our election cycles clarify our opinions are crafted to suit an interest as money talks is the only prevailing position worth taking. Hence negative advertising is the only kind worth financing, and arguing without listening our current political debates’ legacy. 
The Washington Post 12/04/2012 
Lugar trips were no junkets, Obama recalls By 

Then revolution will just be commercialized?
  November 3, 2014 - This pseudo-essay didn't flesh out themes further. Hopefully that comes with practice.
November 2 - 16, 2015
Tis The Political Season Of 
5/9/12 concluded

..., and arguing without listening our current political debates’ legacy.  

  Sounds apropos the publicity from last month's Boulder, Colorado, 10/28Republican Presidential Debate? Where candidates' whining stage antics were sold, fait accompli, to THE AMERICAN PEOPLE as an issue of clarity, worth rectifying. Not persistently, redundant, harping and patronizing fiscal conservative purity. But staying on message for the Gipper. Don't nobody mess with the collection plate. Democrats are professional politicians who stay in office to collect corrupt skim. While Republicans divvy up before going in. Sure. Patriots don't even want, or care for, even the façade of a traditionally exuberant press intervening with, or tracking patronal political machinations. Using antagonistic questions patently disloyal to team politics when America's been bred for the glossiest entertainment? 
  "Gotcha journalism." Still. Guessing? As sins go. Way short of over-simplifying America's brand? A country too sensitive to believe the insensitive truth. Bamboozled's a standard. Adherence a trend.
  We should hold our breaths Michael Beschloss uncovers further label smudging of the presidential mirror in his next Sunday Business essay for The New York Times? This time rendering the polishing of Ike
  Or deeper yet? The rest of us question the belief Russia's not following Western Intellectual Economic advice thats led to more ruthlessly influenced spheres. When face it. Russians saw what worked, not make believe. Nothing could be done when chess game was over before it had, even, supposedly, begun. 
  Well then, anyway. Cat's out of the bag, huh? Political rhetoric is sold as pure game. Look at the ease with which, professed, non-political lifer Ben Carson was credited reiterating club-speak. Candidate Carson was quoted, basically, saying, "disseminating the affirmation of the candidates" is proper moderator conduct for specific parties' debates. Stalin grins in his grave? Turn off the music. Illusions have been put to rest. THE GREAT AMERICAN INFOMMERCIAL cut from the Jargon's News template. Not what's actually happening or worth investigation or clarification. But outright easiest method of influence? An appearance of the winning slant. Ta da!

Propaganda For Everyone!

  Read in Will Rogers' voice. Is the constant ethics conflict perpetual without change? Cause there're signs seeing numbers all day means it's all you see. Congress fundraising most nearly all year. Beyond me why politics isn't just a written off business expense all over the place, entire world? Wherever appropriate nowhere. Whether bribery, graft, collusion, conspiracy, or even conniving self-serving litigation, it's all money flowing through portals far from life's belittled scroungers. Safe and secure. Reality. That's actually more problems to face, that aren't. Because pompous platitudes can't solve this planet's ethics crisis because ethics are only followed in a pinch. When leverage doesn't work and down-home pled-for sympathy the last recourse. Religion a refuge for violence because sloganeering rules the world. No?
  It just follows when one ridiculousness becomes another.

We All Face Escalating Antagonism's Results

Paris' Importance To Peace Cannot Be Understated

  Admit it's unlikely Allah/God would admit to telling any of us monsters anything people claim. Ba dump bumpHatreds are condensed to cover billions of people prejudices don't apply to. Ironic? Holy Books condemn usurping God/Allah's judgement. While humans rationalize we're greatest, when its possible we're not even the Creator's most advanced scum. Since scientists are convinced there's more out there than even we can see? 
  There aren't really alternatives here. Politics as much as cold hard economic fact is reality. As is conscience which, when everyone affords one, makes everything honky-dory. 


  Speaking of countering propaganda. How about the concept that friendship with Law Enforcement means enforcing a broad American Criminal Class/Citizenry with no shared responsibility for the Criminal Enterprise System's creation. Because politics are polls to know how much discrimination can be gotten away with? But plain damned time to be civilized and not this godawful ruthless mess.


  Culturally Immoral Nonsense not to weed out the Criminal Enterprise System. Anyone in the Law Enforcement business could tell you. No matter what a bad intoxicant may influence. That's nothing compared to when the chemicals within us are ego-driven to express superiority and when real damage occurs. Governors Gateway of New York and New Jersey, who are coincidentally having a tunnel, no doubt temporarily, named in their honors? Governors, any thoughts besides repeating bad laws teach citizens respect for authority when the opposite occurred and America should want this historically diagnosed remnant of jingoistic prejudice righted? Until America admits what's wrong, how's the rest of the world supposed to admit anything? Stern punishment may be an answer but the American Prison System's really cruel and inhuman. Everything weighed, prisoners aren't the only problem with the prison system yet they're held responsible for what's wrong. Man. Punishment is supposed to suck but we still haven't evolved from our predator roots. How's a world to improve that doesn't? That clings to tradition making believe morality's worth all this stress. When its obsessiveness obviously produced a mess.   

  It's probably not generally realized President Putin's writing history? But every time the reasonable excuse of righteous sovereignty and protecting Russians in other countries comes up, that even though it's not fair to Russians in those places, now, who grew up there. Reality is it is the result of corrupt Moscow domination planting Russians over the entire Soviet Union. That however unfortunate it is, and not those Russians' faults. By not being a staple of objective, duo-faceted, reporting. The fact becomes lesser known till not general knowledge at all. No matter how many different places facts are recorded, the truth isn't quite in the business of controlling people's minds. Now is it? 
  Perhaps smug public arrogance reaches a, quite easily kicked out from under, soapbox. As an entirely inadequate defense, worthy of derisive sneer. The tradition has me hooked and novel prepared my hopping on. Anticipating however corroboration comes. Or:
Wrong if there's evidence.

  Sunday morning, 11/9/15. The song For What It's Worth was used by Will Shortz the puzzle master for The New York Times on a Corporation For Public Corporate Broadcasting entity, NPR. National Public Radio. Asked during the Sunday Puzzle segment was the answer Buffalo Springfield that the NPR host, contestant and Mr. Shortz acknowledged was before their times to remember. A seminal song in the history of American protest but before their time. A pop tune? Yet much in American history before all our times is relentlessly indoctrinated into us ad nauseam. For the purpose of forgetting a thorougher understanding of history? Because indoctrination superseding education is authoritarianism and beware of that and reality's tough signals to grasp. 
  Endless revenge. Cornered Outlooks. Logic. That's what's needed to take hold and not swung all-over-the-place because we don't really know exactly what logic is half-the-time when politically no one admits anything. The problem of not admitting mistakes is why nothing's solved. A façade too profitable to address in terms of ethical failures? 
  Well. In The New York Times Book Review, Paul Collier, professor of Economics and Public Policy at Oxford University, finished a, snicker, scathing review of David Rieff's The Reproach Of Hunger reproaching the book's missing - "an opportunity to wrestle with how such stale ideologies contribute to the persistence of hunger." Grasped point? Politics faced? Eh? Political wonder? Oh. 
Stop Being Anyone's Sycophant

  Leading back to this speculation's original topic, symbolism. My mother, to sound convincing, could have told me about November 10th's Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Republican debaters, as well as of myself. That "sitting on your laurels" is the deeper threat to integrity one shouldn't want but expect? Ooo, they're so confident. If they wanted they could whip up gloss on a fire hydrant. And have. But gag me with a totalitarian whip. Fixing requires admitting responsibility for error and that's what's politically unreasonable. Anything pitched the public's smudge-able and capably pasted over? Why kids in the Middle East revengefully execute jihad against a world that had nothing to do with them but revenge. Insane. Learned at another confused generation's knees? Blah, blah, blah. Build more walls. Antagonize into infinity. Which none of us would see so business as usual, right-o. 
  While Putin's criticized, World Leaders continue perfecting their learning Leverage 101 too. Push when shoved. Vladimir Putin, sir? The world's on your shoulders. But not what you think you see around you. Because truly, the future will value The Glory of Nations as second to the honor of individuals. Get your hands dirty for Russia, Mr. Aristocrat who's in jeopardy of equation with history's perpetual succession of Oblomovs. Taking off your shirt's a photo-op. We all deserve better. Especially you, Comrade Putin. You're not fixing what's better left done. Justice would negate crime not ensure its prosperity. Facing history is doing much more than just what's convenient. Law and Order is not Authoritarian nonsense, or at least it shouldn't be. Eh America? 
  Expect a world where sense makes no sense. When the constant mystery's why money's not circulating. Rational minimum wages. While recognizing value, the significance is manipulating money's the only short term solution available. The hope minimum wage ever means that? Honestly appears to be fool's gold. And the penny's insignificance is the evidence. Look. People so smart a lot's solved with a lot of money. While destroying the heart of surviving with a little that's pretend aristocracy's fuel for belief in ruthless strength. If it can't even be intellectually questioned that inflation's a con? Something's hiding the truth. 
  Politically? Andy Griffith's Sheriff Taylor ruling Mayberry is the dream. But what keeps turning up is the actor's more accurate portrayal, Lonesome Rhodes? The realistically crass part of our ruthlessly political souls? 
  Politicians disseminate whatever sticks. So prone to miss broad appraisals? Perhaps when advisors take a long lunch? Transfixed by soup and façade? Considering ethics aren't incentive. Money can't but does disappear in tight circulation. Shrewd or schmucks. Whatever floats ethical boats? But capitalism is socialism. So obviously, a lot screwed up. Time upright meant upright, not revenge. Except no one admits knowing nothing. Uh huh. Geniuses? Ah-men.
Wonder why today's 
tomorrow's myth?