Friday, June 7, 2013

Power Is Tenuous?

Alexander The Great
"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Lord Acton, John Dalberg-Acton.

Power is tenuous. Political relationships are such heavy slopes governments lose traction and tumble over populations entrusted to their care. The world is up in arms over corruption the corrupt understand is money. Thus the tenuous hope pure legality fixes the sin criminality with the same public resolve used to manufacture wars with anything. Can you feel how future generations might learn to refuse to even think of the word, thereby no longer recognizing war? Déjà Vu?

Tribal feudalism. Enclaves mad they're not in power. Whatever happened to peace, love and understanding entering everyone's head? Bet some war or another interfered with human rights. 
Beyond the restraining of the Power of the Press who knows what governments or citizens are capable of in the name of control? The definition of what ruling and being ruled is at stake. The importance of government is everyone's protection and not just the various prosperous tyrannies ruling the minorities and majorities of the world. 

The Wednesday June 5th Reuters covered an example of extreme government over enforcement requiring an evolution where the antagonists can only perceive themselves fighting. Yes decades of political prisons means a government is not flexible but North Korea's elite could experience the light of day yet.

Or it just may be in the stars humanity goes forth perpetually blue in the face investigating corruption while dodging and weaving simulating attentive indifference to dishonesty's enrichment that's anyone's guess when even the Supreme Court can't agree how to vote. Allah/God be blessed.


President Makes Headlines
Fourth Term Already Bagged?

Marriage, the contractual obligation. Russia's President Vladimir Putin finally released his wife. Even Pravda reported the reclusive President Putin increased his gossip factor. How much farther could the president go? Well. This divorce appears so routine social circles all over the world are green-with-envy. How it should be for all parties to live out their lives peacefully. We should all have the connections of presidents. Vladimir Putin has that ring of political genius? 
It is tough to criticize Russia's president which is why I make fun for him to join in. Everyone is pleased to no end by progress achieved by the Putin Administration. But Mr. President, details require addressing that have been lost in the muddle of who's getting blamed. 

You should just pick one corrupt issue and explore it for a month and come out of your research thinking how you'll get the innocent and guilty out of this one. Stalin could put people on trial. You sir, Mr. President, should show imagination worthy of a modern-day leader.

Officially divorcing his wife he'd not been seen with in public for years is just the beginning. 

Wait until Vladimir is breakdancing his open shirt across the discotheques of Moscow and Europe? We'll have all the joyful noise we need to see, read and feel the truth is that gossip is the only really entertaining news our busy lives are given time for. The rest will just iron out if we can just leave things to men like President Putin who can so business-like extinguish the flames of matrimony in such a forthright way wife Lyudmila Aleksandrovna acted accordingly.
Short Story In Memory of Counter Culturist, 
Bohemian Tuli Kupferberg

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