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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Would Healthcare Going Down Like Alcohol Prohibition Demonstrate As Much Guts?

Because in Prohibition an unrealistic intolerant enforcement was successfully rebelled against, leaving us serving virtual penance by continuing to punish ourselves for self-righteous immoralities. And yeah, what about subsidizing our opportunity deprived is in the way of whose success, really?  
Rein In Costs?

Because "not working and can't be fixed" is usually enough assessment to walk away from, say, a cracked engine or something else beyond repair. But what about what must be fixed? Because doctors were already reduced to financial wastes of their time we pay for in actual lost productivity. Beyond the numbers that can be represented every-which-away on the page or screen. Who gets the sense there's something not quite professional happening and Dr. Marcus Welby, M.D. should start making neighborhood house calls again? Maybe install one of those obnoxiously redundant ice cream truck soundtracks if The Great Medical Debate ever begins? 

For a second forget character and that firmly planted notion the opportunity challenged are pure lazy which probably requires a lot more concentration than we understand because the human spirit still must be entertained which, as the saying goes, ironically enough, offends those luckily tied to the Rat Race. The re-written circumstances of the full American Dream? Yes, but because government shouldn't arrange people's lives, documenting our every breath is very intimidating when we should all be paying each other for our services? Exactly.  

In fact I side entirely with the hopeful conservative view that if properly operating the free market would solve everyone having insurance. And should have done so if that was the intention. But no. Gaps in the economy are for manipulation as the only heartless thing to do? 
If people weren't thrown in jail for driving without insurance do you think they would? Probably wouldn't except for those with enough money to afford to not be bothered by further inconvenience. No. Giving everyone a good lecture for driving without automobile insurance would be a mess. Kind of like an incomplete health system, huh? So now instead of fixing the disproportional pricing of medical care, we're going to require everyone be proper customers while people will probably go on not really knowing who their doctor is or will be. Still, like a chess game's moves back and forth between the serviced and served? Unlike the relationship many have with their hairdresser/barber. Folks, even doctors could admit patients' relationships shouldn't just be with their diplomas.

Because the economy isn't working exactly quite properly right, objections to socialism aren't credible? Moot? Flexible therefore expandable?

Once upon a time in an Address Before a Joint Session of Congress on Administration Goals, February 17, 1993, a president of the United States pledged, "We will reward the work of millions of working poor," and in the same speech applied the Democratic Party seal to Welfare Reform putting the freeloaders to work - poor. But maybe if the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is properly worked as capitalism it could be all the socialism the world ever needs? Besides Fire and Policeetc.

Citing Efforts to Prevent Attack on Syria, Group Nominates Putin for Peace Prize 

The New York Times by David M. Herszenhorn, Oct. 1, 2013


The Comical Conservative picture prompted Facebook comments setting the bar and tone for my, my my my, spec-u-lation.

Woman 1 wrote: Just curious, will you be keeping the insurance you already have or forced to have to take something inferior to what you now have? 
Woman 2 There will be no change in our insurance ... will all come out at once if and when he gets to go back to work. 
Woman 3 the president has to be the leader in believing it's good enough for his family, if it's not why is he pushing it on to us how could we benefit from this 
Woman 3 we should all get health insurance for free as senior citizens 
Woman 1 If you already have insurance, chances are you don't have to change anything either. My husband and I don't have to change ours. If you don't have any insurance because it's been too expensive in the past, I'd think anyone should be happy to be able to have some kind of health insurance that's affordable versus nothing.
Woman 2 As of right now my insurance remains available to me ... It doesn't pay regular yearly visits and deductible is 10,000.00... It's basically catastrophic insurance... I couldn't afford the 462.00 premium so I had to tweak it... Now I pay 272.00 a month and pay out of pocket for my visits... until I see what is in Obamacare I'll hang on to my insurance unless I hear otherwise. Once Obamacare is actually unveiled entirely, only then will we see how good or bad it really is... Saw an article this morning that one of their deciding factors for eligibility is your credit report. Not gonna be good for some people.
Charles M. Fraser If band aids cost the cents they are and patients compensated as research subjects that all Medicine is, then cost would be realistic. If universal healthcare goes down like Prohibition ya think it demonstrates Americans have as much guts? Thanks, having guts probably just stuck me with turning that sentence into an essay. I'm all for finding an economic balance in medicine but it still sounds like throwing a lot of money at the caretakers of the problem rather than fixing it. And you'd think a Congress that shut down the government while paying themselves would be the laughing stock of history, or at least spinning somewhere in the barrel? Dustbin?
The Soapbox View Satirical Twist pursuing the Twin Legacies
Andy Rooney and I.F. Stone?

Sunday, July 28, 2013

To The Victor Goes Being Spoiled?

Winners Write History. Losers lose sycophants. But objectively points-of-view are just opinion without encompassing all aspects. Where wrong cannot be recognized if clarity rests in the shadows unpolished by the light. When there's no recess in the always in session court of public opinion marked by varying degrees of imaginative publicity the public endures, susceptible to the most disturbing public private hijinks. If only twisting the truth were just the half-of-it. 

From a surface, cursory, look there seems to be something of comforting value in the proportion blowing candidate for Mayor of New York City Anthony Weiner Scandal. As Reid Pillifant touches on in The people who are advising Anthony Weiner, or not in Capital New York, alluding to The New York Times Magazine April 10th profile, Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin's Post Scandal Playbook, there's a subtle twist to this scandal's backdrop. That not so rare Public Relations phenomena of losing a round. 
"Father of Public Relations" 1928 book Propaganda

Without complete facts, 1928,
women's attitudes toward
smoking were changed
With a twist. Though practically multitudes (my embellishment) of associates answer Mr. Weiner's queries for advice, which is basically his appearing to handle this on his own, no professionals were named early advisors even wanting to be paid as if this has truly been the most devastating melodramatic political burnout possible. Really? Even Popes have been disclosed as outright deviants, though, for the most part already dead when evidence is revealed, but still. Presidents, philanderers of the most executively privileged bent. Right, Mr. Weiner is married and I can personally feel flirting is over an unfaithful line. But media coverage is the thing. 

For instance Bill O'Reilly blowing his top over black on black crime. There are buttons to push to be in the public eye.

TV news reports even mention former Congressman Weiner's running for office now is damage control giving the politician a better opportunity at a later date, having already challenged the embarrassment. Pshaw. 

Fact is people are goofy and the most straight laced respectful, polite person in the realm of sexual compulsion appears not quite normal either. 

The question is how affordable is the circus as an answer? That Anthony Weiner can't yet directly buy his way out of this particular Public Relations spectacle isn't the problem. He's paid a price and the public has been amused. The problem is money is how debates are decided. 

Global WarmingEqual TimeTime was when perhaps a pint of ale bought political favor while today's just more simply complicated? Still might always makes right and hope is truth one day actually brightens deceit for all to see that when nothing matters except winning and the battle for territory is everything, it's one-sided. Know what I mean?
The public shouldn't be pieces in a chess game but are. Otherwise there's little point finding out what people think at all. It's not an accident real life is stranger than fiction. In fact The New York Times July 27th reported Anthony Weiner's 28 year old campaign manager, Danny Kedem quit which could pass for fiction. No?

Political Control Is Made Up?

RT paid this month's psuedo-nationalist rent with their political celebrity coverage of the Alexander Navalny sentencing to five yearsThe Washington Post covered post sentencing demonstrations. Specifics were noted by RUSSIA Beyond The Headlines, while Pravda even had some nice regime editorializing under the title, Alexei Navalny follows the path of Pussy Riot. 

Somehow though The Atlantic found How Putin Uses Money Laundering Charges to Control His Opponents, printing "The Magnitsky case highlights Russia's multi-faceted corruption problem." The Soapbox View
Kirov Government Building 
Courthouse Photo Unavailable
Of course what's fascinating is the public is supposed to make up their own minds about the polished melodrama that makes up the news. In The Edward Snowden In Transit Affair it seems the truth has us all in over our heads. Where producers of Twilight Zone hold onto all our poor pawns' scripts. Really. As much as government is right wanting to control their reality, misguided, misjudged, or even in a purely innocent way, governments should still have to be judged on the same level of distrust as its' investigated citizens. The basis upon which rule of law exists. It's all used against us in a court of law? The Russian Court System's shame is that Mr. Navalny's lawyers did not get to present his complete case. But then courts muddle things the same as the rest of us. If only we all shared a degree of that same immunity.

But, no fear, all is right with the world's public imagery. July 27th The New York Times also reported Putin in Ukraine to Celebrate a Christian Anniversary.

We want institutions to be more than brick and mortar façades. Revenge is no real reward, and so justice is not the enforcement of law but the facilitation of ending territorial violence in all forms from individuals to States.
Sanford Courthouse

Friday, June 7, 2013

Power Is Tenuous?

Alexander The Great
"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Lord Acton, John Dalberg-Acton.

Power is tenuous. Political relationships are such heavy slopes governments lose traction and tumble over populations entrusted to their care. The world is up in arms over corruption the corrupt understand is money. Thus the tenuous hope pure legality fixes the sin criminality with the same public resolve used to manufacture wars with anything. Can you feel how future generations might learn to refuse to even think of the word, thereby no longer recognizing war? Déjà Vu?

Tribal feudalism. Enclaves mad they're not in power. Whatever happened to peace, love and understanding entering everyone's head? Bet some war or another interfered with human rights. 
Beyond the restraining of the Power of the Press who knows what governments or citizens are capable of in the name of control? The definition of what ruling and being ruled is at stake. The importance of government is everyone's protection and not just the various prosperous tyrannies ruling the minorities and majorities of the world. 

The Wednesday June 5th Reuters covered an example of extreme government over enforcement requiring an evolution where the antagonists can only perceive themselves fighting. Yes decades of political prisons means a government is not flexible but North Korea's elite could experience the light of day yet.

Or it just may be in the stars humanity goes forth perpetually blue in the face investigating corruption while dodging and weaving simulating attentive indifference to dishonesty's enrichment that's anyone's guess when even the Supreme Court can't agree how to vote. Allah/God be blessed.


President Makes Headlines
Fourth Term Already Bagged?

Marriage, the contractual obligation. Russia's President Vladimir Putin finally released his wife. Even Pravda reported the reclusive President Putin increased his gossip factor. How much farther could the president go? Well. This divorce appears so routine social circles all over the world are green-with-envy. How it should be for all parties to live out their lives peacefully. We should all have the connections of presidents. Vladimir Putin has that ring of political genius? 
It is tough to criticize Russia's president which is why I make fun for him to join in. Everyone is pleased to no end by progress achieved by the Putin Administration. But Mr. President, details require addressing that have been lost in the muddle of who's getting blamed. 

You should just pick one corrupt issue and explore it for a month and come out of your research thinking how you'll get the innocent and guilty out of this one. Stalin could put people on trial. You sir, Mr. President, should show imagination worthy of a modern-day leader.

Officially divorcing his wife he'd not been seen with in public for years is just the beginning. 

Wait until Vladimir is breakdancing his open shirt across the discotheques of Moscow and Europe? We'll have all the joyful noise we need to see, read and feel the truth is that gossip is the only really entertaining news our busy lives are given time for. The rest will just iron out if we can just leave things to men like President Putin who can so business-like extinguish the flames of matrimony in such a forthright way wife Lyudmila Aleksandrovna acted accordingly.
Short Story In Memory of Counter Culturist, 
Bohemian Tuli Kupferberg