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Expected of American November Elections? Other than polish? Statistics. Extravagant wagering with stakes so high it's surprising more isn't heard of The Vegas Line. A straight-forward jaded view would be integrity's veneer requires that much polish?

Just one nut to crack. Votes in various jurisdictions, somewhere in the vicinity of roughly half "The American People." Nuance either rare or made up to cover the margins. Business? Obviously. Opportunity? Our modern-day conundrum money controls politics? Contradicts the fact politics were always financial. Politics is money and can't but be the U.S. Supreme Court confirmed in its' abstract interpretation of competitive freedom. Creating theoretically superhuman corporate Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission individuals?

Bill, is even retiring leaving the issue as one legacy

Rich guys dueling over power? Ring a bell? Since democracy's birth, or perhaps even time's beginning, political machinations have been satirized to our hearts' content with intermintent results. Look. Everything's financial or nothing. Why capitalism's theoretically socialism and the philosophical divide over economic theory in American politics is flawed. Don't let communism near us. Boo. Don't let history's ghosts taunt. It's all economics. Universities, the Fire Department, et. al. etc. Social institutions. Beware of knot-headism. 

True. Government's under pressure not to lighten up and we seem farther away from the planet ever calming down.

Nonetheless, however much American prosperity is due to individual independence. The country's broader commercial prosperity was organized through government assistance. President Eisenhower created the National Highway System. America was always the most successful socialist country in the world until others took leads in the gaps. 

Once upon a time, America's private enterprise even justified stifling Child Day-Care during the Depression. Everyone's supposed to have broadened and evolved since then. This one-size-fits-all macro-economic symbolism from when tyrants ruled the planet is a manipulation of the public's consciousness. We criticize leaders all over the world for that.

Capitalism is socialism. President Obama no more socialist than a glass of fresh water. Wrestle that analogy folks.

The American commie political façade cheats a voting public deemed just not mature enough if both major American political parties can simply stand for or against economic theories that in their broadness have no specific use today? Government handouts? Phooey. Government, private enterprise, both can tyrannize and monopolize. 
Are the differences just hype? 

1. It's just so obvious no one's erasing socialist aspects of capitalist economies. When socialism doesn't work that's capital mistakes. If politicians can't stop being phony? Promising irrelevant panaceas? Some pollution is good for us? No wonder there's so much money in crafting public points-of-view, and the ease with which the damaged symbolism is served that Americans keep buying.

The dual-party horse-race is marvelous imagery. Adored for its' seeming benign authenticity. Carnival. I prefer non-partisanship even when choosing sides. Though, since mainstream analysis glossed over this, I'll conclude mentioning Kentucky would have seemed foolish to vote themselves out of Senate Seniority as South Dakota had axing Senator Tom Daschle in 2004.

Soapbox View Tis The Political Season Of “THE AMERICAN PEOPLE” May 9, 2012 


Grapple with infinity when we can't command mortality? It's not funny these war statistics were always true. Destruction of the person within. Mind is a terrible thing to waste.
A Note For Veteran's Day, Nov. 11, 2014
Everyone can be proud of military service. But Americans should remember. If the creation of fanatics is a problem, the U. S. should be more responsible sending the message nationalism means everything. Results speak for themselves. Beneath all the bluster we condone the excuse all over the world where blind patriotism is indoctrinated as rationale, ... .
Entertainment's News? 
Won't, don't and didn't drink. But there were memories leaving the bar. Parking lot adventures. Cars, sky focused buzz. Society's most communal place for gathering separately. Meaning don't talk to strangers. Watch out for drunks. Don't drink and drive. Imagine trains everywhere. Well, we didn't. So don't drink and drive. When the robots take over everyone will drink all they want.

There was a time bars were life's center. The country's Founding Fathers convened there ironing out discussions. A tradition worthy of respect. Still, I don't drink but didn't leave and sat on the brick planter of small palms by the entrance. Watching kids pass as young adults. 

Political celebrities don't meet in bars anymore. Doubtful their prestige dips lower than dining where alcohol isn't served to avoid the stigma of mixing with average citizens. Though they'll eat anywhere when it's a campaign, one imagines that should hold true for the rest of the year raising money. But you just know it's more regal than that. A high price on stage perpetually.   

I thought some election season. Forget message. It's always as if no one knows what to think without hype. 

Then the patrol cop pulled through reminding me no one's allowed to "loiter outside bars anymore" either. As if we ever were? 

To reiterate
The preceding Soapbox View 
No hard look at your legacy, Mr. President?
Smug cloaked imperialism?

It's official. Yesterday, November 12th. So, Mr. President? Listen, echoing in the wilderness. "There'll always be an asterisk * Reclaimed Soviet Territory." 

Sure, grin, Mr. President. But this business rehabilitating Soviet honor is a loose canon and you're just one of the dudes pulling the trigger.

If you could only get out of yourself a bit, Mr. President. Here, read this.

Yes it could help if more hypocritical walls came down. For instance the smoke and mirrored West's finger pointed at Putin State cronyism reflexively deflects our own close business associated politics? It is reality. 

My point for understanding as the Veteran's Day Note above suggests, is staunch American nationalism's innocent naiveness excuses President Putin's hysterical patriotism. It's time everyone learned "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE" are better than manipulative celebrations. 

Because essentially politics requires a shorthand to influence people and Russia's successfully spun imagery of a positive return to Soviet tactics. Boggling the mind, the man burning files in East Germany when the Berlin Wall fell is now adjusting for old grudges. Seriously. Many have written your legacy won't catch up. You had, have, to be tough? Idiots can do tough. Do better. 

To nitpick, your childhood karate friend competitively! controls Russia's textbook market. The New York Times, November 1st, Putin's Friend Profits in Purge of Schoolbooks by Jo Becker and Steven Lee Myers.

True. Why wouldn't authoritarianism Mach II be hype? Plus nothing happens without well thought out conspiracies can excuse most anything. No one's saved the environment making personal calls on their house phone.  

Who knows? Semi-benevolent despotism is the best anyone expects? Control requires a delicate authoritarianism? Democratic or not? The case the world over. Why Americans are at the throats of the American Court System every day defining fine lines in justice. Maybe there's no way out of the world's messy intrigues? Because there's really nothing to replace ambition's congestion churning out the desperate at phenomenal rates. Children who were probably just never read to by their parents. Given that most critical head start.

Is free competition a hoax? President Putin? No matter how twisted no one runs from history.


For many months this item was transferred to the next essay. So why not now? We're either fixing the Criminal Enterprise System or not? I don't necessarily excuse prostitution. But, for objectiveness sake, if curious, take a gander at these takes from this 1970s police precinct tv sitcom satire

The Barney Miller Harlot Reel

Governing The Criminal Enterprise System is taxing. Strenuous. Downright serious. But compromises such as legal gambling offset many citizens' criminalization. Granted the world seems more clearly black and white when we can make moral judgements. But judge-mentalism shouldn't rule?


For Black 47, the Pipes Are Calling 

Black 47 retires.
The New York Times, Nov. 10, 2014
Ham, the drummer left, dispatched my first day at Elite Couriers and the trombonist behind him wailed. I lived around the corner and saw them play both Paddy Reilly's. I vote St. Patrick's reunions.
To political cacophony?
The Soapbox View Satirical Twispursues Twin Legacies

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