Monday, December 15, 2014


Okay. So it's not the last thing I want to do. Endlessly harp on  
George W. Bush's martyrdom on our behalves. Claiming God told him to continue the cycle of revenge you should apologize for, sir. Yes sir. I'm repeating myself and there's no reason you'd listen. However. In light of recent torture revelations, you visited the 9/11 Memorial Sunday evening, December 14th, around 6:30 PM for an hour on a low key basis according to the next morning's radio news. The 9/11 tragedy is everyone's grief whether they believe it or not. While we, humanity are smarter than this. The idea people hate each other so much they won't stop at anything, does not excuse crossing an objective line and insinuating any holy war mattered more than any other. Poppycock
People are wrong blaming anything about this on God. Unless these hatreds are solved perverse cycles of revenge won't be. You, George W. Bush have to apologize because everyone needs to get a grip. Oooo, Isis formed. No kidding. Even NBC's Meet The Press traced Dick Cheney's warning of ramifications on C-Span to 1994. 
The strategy of overwhelming the public with pragmatic patriotism was never a secret. The cat was never in the bag. Yes sir. Essentially invading the Middle East was another flaw in the cycle of revenge. Not right for them or us either. Pride shouldn't doom us to this paraphrasing of Samuel Johnson's warning - PATRIOTISM IS THE REFUGE OF THE SCOUNDREL 
Now. It's foolish contradicting someone elected twice. Also the United States tried running the fairest war the world has ever seen, despite discrepancies, including billions of dollars flowing for capital means if the money only learned to land. The yang, of course, corruption. So what. It's offensive but how money flows till fluid while even America's revenue streams have eccentric patterns. The point is, the reality of this nonsense was resentment wasn't altered. Hatred that hadn't changed for centuries you jumped in feet first. This quicksand of animosity. Just more "hate you to kingdom come" ridiculousness from the dark ages. Everything about terrorism is offensive. The battle shouldn't include any of us. Yet you went ahead and essentially said, jihad for everybody. When its hardly anyone's right to claim stupid prejudice is God's reality. Defending America? None of this Terror War nonsense even defends Allah. None.  

Our martyrdom is more sacred than yours is the cycle of revenge tragedy that caused September Eleventh. Misguided reactionaries? Ring a bell, sir? Xenophobia? Have you ever at least heard that word describe nationalism's flaw? Or has your life been so politically carvedthe absurdity of the cycle of revenge wasn't enough for you to have restraint. 
For God? When we are God's suffering and smarter than this. Apologize. You did it, sir, and you keep doing it. No matter what imagery your people sell you, we're living with something else. People blinded by smite. An apology from you would really go a long way toward solving this. What's this? An unconscionable, soulless, bigotry. Visiting our shrine to a crime in a solemn hour and only shaking hands with a few on-duty security people may be an act of noble humility. Still, apologies' missing. 
I know. In this instance I should show more deference to a President of the United States. More grief in light of 9/11's tragedy. Or outrage for the victims? STOP THE HYSTERIA! Its impossible all this was ever Allah's/God's wish. For Pete's sake

C'mon dude. Preferring non-partisanship I'm writing this against the grain in this way because this out of proportion anti-Americanism issue must be addressed. What'dya say Mr. President? Iron out the façade? Please, Mr. Bush, sir. Life can be seen with brighter eyes. Please?

Here. Watch this. 

The Time of Your Life, 1948 - JAMES CAGNEY 

H.C. Potter | William Saroyan

Take a break. Don't be anyone's sycophant. How much more possibly outlandish an eccentric rant could this become, anyway? The film deals with life under the surface and how grace, tolerance and understanding plus spine combine organically, from the roots, building a better world. Stage Play takes place entirely in a bar.
 The Presidency's Honor Requires An Apology, Sir? Mr. President. 

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