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Is everything being literally sucked from the planet the same way violence wipes us off the top? Absolutely. Theoretically we're that professional. But from this explanation Does oil extraction leave a cavity?the earth's a porous sponge that remains as hard as concrete. Reinforcing the premise the planet will outlast us since the ecosystem we were born from isn't really that important to us? Or at least not as significant as being paid well enough for our opinions and support? Perhaps the big ideological push, from both political Right and Left, is more sport than principle?

What happens will be. Nonetheless, it's hard not to fear what exploiting the earth has already done due to the convenience of framing environmental issues for comfort rather than clarity. The big picture constructed as a nitpicking commercial evasion of responsibility. Global warming or not. How cheap or rewarding gas could ever be wouldn't justify what already might never be fixed, cleansed or neutralized? Some things could have been already solved if this were really the genius generation it claims? Pragmatic people will remember. Even if our overheating the planet were a complete myth. Its irresponsible to ignore possible realities. So?

So wondering, I searched for who wrote, "Necessity is the mother of all evil" figuring at least a few have heard that paraphrasing. But had to settle for finding Plato wrote, "Necessity is the mother of invention" in the dialogue Republic. 

Our question is why pollution's still more profitable than treating the planet the best we can? Transition is too expensive? Incentives difficult to monetize? Green-technology must form and perform with a boot at its neck in the marketplace as was done destroying the possibility of a comprehensive American Rail System? A shattered legacy this modern age is left with in pieces and deaths and tragedy where cars and trains cross the others' paths. Its not the mistakes that always happen that caused New York's, February 3rd, car and train accident. It was the absence of answers where a train trestle, bridge or tunnel would have already been there if this country really had properly subsidized our transportation system. Right. Hindsight. There are crossings all over the world and therefore cheap of all of us not to correct that accident of commercial stability. Be realistic? Uh huh. People dying when they shouldn't isn't realistic either.

Well. There is at least one explanation. "... power corrupts absolutely." Lord Acton, John Dahlberg-Acton



So. President Putin. No shortage of press. For instance Thomas L. Friedman's Czar Putin's Next Moves in The New York Times 

Your suits do become you, but don't excuse you. You'll be remembered as just another one that sat on a throne and nation's unshared wealth. Period. History's an open book. Soapbox View

Why complain? You abstractly know your cunning self, Mr. President. You know. Some day most will. How Stalin claimed he couldn't control everything and blamed the machine for whatever injustices the people suffered. Your precipice too. Where you're seen protecting ruthlessly indifferent schemes. Where your legacy lays with Stalin's. Maybe its not your choice? The cultural political structure is not all yours. But Russia's fate should be all honor. If national prestige is where your reputation always stands? Then nothing worth surviving remains. Nationalism does not replace citizens' interests when cliques rule empires. Carry the real standard's dream, President Putin? And please, don't remain behind the patriotic façade. Amnesty For Everybody Soapbox View
Pray for our shedding the our martyrdom is greater than yours violent cycle terrorizing the planet?  
 Don't Be Anyone's Sycophant  
Justice Is Not Revenge  


Thursday, January 15th, Sean Hannity on Facebook plugged the FOX NEWS INSIDER headline:

Giuliani: Obama Didn't Want to Make Statement Against Islamic Terrorism 

Mr. Hannity's post quoted Mr. Giuliani. “If the president spoke out against radical Islamic fundamentalism, he would rally a lot of very good Muslim people. He would give them a place around which they could rally, where they may feel more of an affinity than for you or me.”

Then Sean asked: Do you agree with Rudy Giuliani? 

And there was also this quote of Mr. Giuliani's. "If we can't use the words radical Islamic terrorism, we can't get rid of them." 

Pragmatic realism. But the frame of mind, cited  here, was manufactured by, yes, people out of their minds hysterical with vengeance. And? More and more martyred generations believe vengeance is a reward? That's not civilized. Where what's not right rises up, the belief is security will and should defend us. 

The truth? Better people will have to be the ones walking out on this violence. When adults are no longer children following Pied Pipers to promised lands that aren't really our business when you consider how especially expansive our one Allah/God is. When only the wisdom of Solomon can save us, we're we're still not thinking, because Solomon's wisdom would be to settle what's disagreed without revenge. 

So. Desperately sad the world's mired in this violent status quo. The business of martyrdom. Woven to appear the only way out for the devout, reducing the innocent to enemies? Delusions. Moronic. The mess Public Relations uses to build the next big catastrophe. 

Mr. Giuliani tours the world teaching elites how to protect themselves from the criminal class. How pragmatic? As a witches brew? This hard-nosed authoritarianistic pot brought to a boil between the public and our police. But just as there are keys to protecting ourselves from criminals, there are keys to people never becoming criminal at all that this man publicly, at best, only shrugs about. But battling the Criminal Enterprise System's wars is the ship his honor rode in on and possibly exploits as long as it lasts. Because who in his peer group has the guts or level of friendly reparté to get Mr. Giuliani to at least smirk at these theories in  ?

To which I commented, "Beautiful first paragraph. No. 1's alternative is still police. There should be more peace officers. The whole idea of patrolling creates a hunt atmosphere. No covering territories. Small information booths everywhere and no more criminal enterprise system as No. 2 delineates. Hunting criminals has to go. We are smarter than this. 


To conclude. Hopefully this essay isn't mere benign smoke and mirror entertainment. The bandwagons that dominate American political discourse are essentially convenient, more the merrier, money traps. Good debate  exists. Just not within a system that thrives on tantalizing the public with redundant jargon and - fireworks.  

Some day there'll be better people beyond the confines of ritual and reward?
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The Soapbox View is
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Curious why the near bottom of the page photo 

QUEEN MOTHER OF REALITY by Paweł Althamer honoring Dr. Delois Blakely, third from left, a U.S. Ambassador of Goodwill to Africa, who spoke at the dedication about ENDING ALL VIOLENCE TOWARD WOMEN. 

has remained up since last year? Soapbox View's in check. That space was originally beaches for luring hotel advertising. But now in check because it feels unjust to replace that photo when ALL VIOLENCE TOWARD WOMEN hasn't stopped.

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