Monday, June 19, 2023

JUNE 19, 2023  Bibi, Can't Imagine You WorkING This Week EITHER

Criminal Enterprise System
Criminal Enterprise System
Criminal Enterprise Syste

    Good morning BOZO Rebozo, Mr. beanhead, fake chivalry, bozo Mr. Bibi NetanyahuBozo as Americans probably can't get enough of thinking as you're obviously of the long line of Nixon excusers, or cronies. Embezzling around the World's Political Idolatry Armies Fed First Food Bank

    Look at that Sean Hannity? Two cents.  You are hysterical, you know ... Bibi continued ... page bottom ...


    Fascinating Google? Donald John Trump is Donald John Trump's idol does not search the word idol. Coincidence?

    In the following Maureen Dowd cited essay, David Axelrod's The Atlantic cited essay, Ms. Dowd specifically cites - In that sense David Axelrod told Ms. Dowd, "being a sociopath really works for him."

    Tightening the cemented coffin of cementedly coffinated ideas. Ms. Dowd's essay concludes with anvil, itself, Chris Christie. Who I believe, I can throw as far as I trust the lathered jargon-headed Dumpster friend, then adversarial source, to carry his own belligerent weight. Sarcasm's hard to nail down a specific criticism, Goldman Sachs, or are we still pretending AMERICA'S thrones are for grabbing and taking and throwing every-which-away in the contrived nonsensical War Employment Industrial Complex need to keep competing us with straight to destruction? Putin's a pawn too, or is everyone still playing I can't be at the table's a possibility? 

    That's all I'm saying. You're morons if you can't realize the present now can't understand how the future sees us when you idiots announce quite satisfactorily what idiots you are with the pinhead discovery covering for that fool means anything. What damn country are you idiots running for president of? On that scattered nonsense linguistic backlash -  let's pretend America isn't queer arrogant chauvinistic backlash. 

    AND THAT MONSTER WAS PRESIDENT AND the Vision of idiolatry at all costs tells AMERICA let's talk a walk and not watch our world ruthlessly torn apart by the most treacherous among us because they simply can. How many legislators of this world, exactly, don't care they're damning us to their destructive want to rule everything.

    Batter up Bibi. 
    Op. Nope sorry this message from probably one of your behind the curtain though everyone knows hiding with THE ROGER STONE is not my thing on any level. Especially his probably wasting good pot on himself. Unlike you Bibi and the American Wizard of YC's %6 and FIFTH. Both you idiots think we should think we should adore the chemicals you two've trumped up and keep in store for us. Right, Room at Mar-a-Lago and bet so-called labelled American Jewry would proudly fund your penitentiary bill. POLL? 

 bull-crap. Buy your religious excuses for a dollar and the nonsense Roger Stone can keep parading lying to America is really fun.     

    The Soviet Union destroyed itself not paying itself, circulating, essentially, for their own wasted posturing and America's? We're still dealing with the dead issue of paying ourselves to squander all too well.

    CHRIS CHRISTIE -ites playing checkers with American Politics as an Economic Source 101 should be high school economics ASAP. America is lied to sold by those kicked out of my, one lone member, Republican Party. Conservative shed of understanding debilitating the country is documented on your watches and ther worst excuse ever conceived as President of the United States reigned in all your convoluted DENIED HYPOCRACIES!

    But we're nowhere near because an Idiot of Florida believes misrepresenting everything everywhere, and anywhere, is any YALE-ie Opportunists' Dream. The Bushes got to own most everything including matron Barbara's Social Security. I'm willing to scheme for anything. Wah, was, wah. Go cry with South Carolina's Male Chauvinist Governor Imagery False Woman Idol Management Idolatry YOU Governor of Florida scheme across the country as learn not history but what your lying means. Half of Florida wanted a BLACK MAN and you run around like you're Walt Disney himself you pinhead and 've not even gotten to Bibi's MISMANAGEMENT yet that's what this essay is supposed to be about. EXTRADITE ME YOU Florida humiliation in my sight.

    You non-Bush apology eyesore scheme spread across America to believe well yeah it does look like we're still taking advantage but hasn't their, not mine, Republican Party confused things enough? ??? 

    If Congress worked part-time jobs to pay for their own healthcare would be a start. Congress I'm linking the H___ out of you today. (Cool, right Maureen?) WRONG ... Don't think I'm a conspiracy

    She scares the daylights out of me too. (now that's funny, and even more scared) 

    Get it? This essay is still our saying this is no laughable matter. Donald John Trump illustrating America growing up. United States SenateJune 11, 2023 Senate Responsible For Not Reversing United States Senate IMPEACHMENT Verdict ... What is Majority Leader Chuck Schumer's position on retrying the criminal ex-president?

    On ulterior aligned motives front. Bibi's co-repository, (by Thomas L. Friedman) of ill-gotten-built-misfortune was defined in a bull's eye in last Sunday's Maureen Dowd

maureen Dowd's Awards


To Jail or Not to Jail

shouldn't be anywhere near the question, period. 
        OH BIBI? Going somewhere? Sit. The reason you've been left as the point so much farther down the page is this is where you put yourself among your friends. Why in GOD's name is it so important for you to portray yourself AND ISRAEL as so in favor of having each other as infernal enemies? None of you were born when all this infernal complaining even began. AND YOU CALL YOURSELF the peoples' politician. Israelites were kind not locking you up. Horrible malfeasance political malpractice of messing with the country's judiciary. Closet, Mar-a-Lago, inmate.

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