Thursday, June 22, 2023

WOMEN RULE and GIRLS beat boys especially well too!

Women rule and girls beat boys too. 

Reverend Al Sharpton's, and MY, ANNOUNCEMENT 

Please do not support anti-ABORTION ads that position themselves on THE SOAPBOX VIEW page. Women through history taught abortion should be temporary till absurd SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS solved. Support ADOPTED BABIES heathens of the United States Supreme Court


Do we even pontificate on how much money circulates within our National Adoption non-system that gets nowhere near circulated for the adoptees' benefit. Great. Fixed for a child of the United States Supreme Court. THE CONTRIVED REPUBLICAN IDEOLOGY made some progress. 

Women can end abortion, within their own grasps, when boys get out of the way. 

☝☝☝ RALP REED despicably, well-tied, coughs it up. 

America stay asleep is advertised all across history's, REPUBLICAN REFUSE

STATUS, LIBRARY imaginings through generations of history books

I spoke in The Great Hall in order to deliberate on what Abraham Lincoln might want our fellow, kicked out, Republicans told about their ROGER STONE PEACOCK PARADE.

And that’s the way it was: February 27, 1860

Abraham Lincoln delivers an antislavery speech at Cooper Union in New York City that propels him to the presidency

    For two hours, the clean-shaven, gaunt, and ungainly “pioneer lawyer,” who underwhelmed many audiences at first glance, delivered an attack against proslavery expansionism that was both cogent and rousing. He skewered Stephen Douglas, deftly made the case that the Dred Scott decision was constitutionally and historically ungrounded, and forcefully articulated the Republican party’s moral opposition to slavery. Columbia Journalism Review.


Open anything other than Rupert Murdoch's contrived mind for at least just once. 



I insist America LAYS TO REST where history's already described


It is a game

Republicans already know Chump is a "Loser." Why McCarthyism is berserk on the disrupt House of Representatives floor.

πŸ‘‚πŸ‘€✋ πŸ‘‚πŸ‘€✋ πŸ‘‚πŸ‘€✋

Reverend Al Sharpton's, and MY, ANNOUNCEMENT

     No kidding Tawana Brawley was contrived into another in a long-line of political hoaxing placed in the AMERICAN PUBLIC's Mind. 

    See what the team that defended Ms. Brawley realized was the whole thing was fabricated on fabrication. So in a sense this was really the window the WHITE ESTABLISHMENT clumsily allowed for their breakthrough. Perhaps debilitating for lawyers, but in this instance James Brown's protogΓ¨ Al Sharpton kept plugging away at what we can all see is as always was. KILL ANY REAL MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. ... Martin LUTHER King, Jr. knew he would be killed. Come on people. A feeling, Dr. King had, he shared with friends? Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. read history and then Bobby Kennedy was killed bye another coincidental lunatic. History has been contrived by people unwilling to allow their names to publicly appear anywhere responsible. BUT THAT IS NOT AN EXCUSE FOR THE AMERICAN PUBLIC TO LET THIS KEEP HAPPENING. LOCK THEIR BIGGEST FIGUREHEAD IDIOT UP. 
    In Eustis, Florida about a block from the Symbol of American Black LEGAL Jeopardy, Sheriff Willis V. McCall stood back and watched over RACISM's hierarchy. That probably still places impediments of white aggression in front of me too, in the manner of without enough money what I say shouldn't be regarded as actual Contemporary History when really what I illustrate clearly is WHITE RACISM go to hell where you've portrayed yourselves belonging since the beginning.

Criminal Enterprise System
Criminal Enterprise System
Criminal Enterprise Syste

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