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Criminal Enterprise System
Criminal Enterprise System
Criminal Enterprise Syste

Why Would I Bother Calling Lawyers?

The National Enquirer Defense of 

Donald John Trump ... Find it incredulous morons thought(s) money

was for DESTROYING AMERICA ... Everyone else? 

50s Icon Mike Hammer sheds LIGHT ... idiots

don't know and don't care to read, but did The National Enquirer trash trash Sean Connery

I offered to write for them, (idiots ... EXPLAINED as a way to keep their money but it's other abusers they're, in league with, in the business saving so GO ROT AS HELL) FACE CONSEQUENCES because the TRUTH does. !!! IDIOTS !!! less than a year ago. 

How to build a Chris Christie-like Empire in one easy lesson. 

    Where all the dufus-sized un-Republican  strategically placed elitists could FACE ME down on THEIR PAGE. Some joke the willingness to lie to America? 

strategic blundering centuriesabove pictured co-poser of Donald John Chump.

Apologized they've been MY ENEMY a lifetimeEven after reading on Roy Cohn's doorstep, in front of me pretending what I said should never reach the FREE EXCHANGE OF IDEAS across the worldWell you know? To ... with anyone that applies

I'm not involved in the excuses people perform for themselves around me anymore. 

ROY COHN Idealic Family Tree

 Maybe charting the out of space minds - pinheadselatedly, elitely reclined.

Actually National Enquirer can go to HELL (history) for some articles on Mia Farrow's manipulators co-manipulation of Woody Allen's Public ReputationThe New Yorker

David Remnick - " ... " 

    Remnick and Sy Hersch: "idea that you can let the CIA

do something that you don't let other people do,

as my friends in Cise say to me, one size fits all.

Once you know what the CIA can do, you all do it."

Church of Scientology Slave Labor Camp

    Remnick and Sy HerschYou know, it's just, you know, we're gonna pay.We're gonna pay like hell for thiswar, look, obviously the Iraqis are paying likehell for this war. We're gonna pay like hell domestically, too ... 

George W. Bush apologize for your team WARSYCOPHANTISM'S GRAND PARADE? Okay. So it's not the last thing I want to do. Endlessly harp on idiots international 

Had to go to war? BECAUSE that's theMilitary Industrial Complex Enterprise

President Eisenhower gives clear warning of dupers NixonReaganBush, Bush,Oil-Dripping World excavatingIndustrial Complex.

Hersch and Remnick continue ...

with, you know, the paranoid schizophrenia, we're gonna pay for it,they're gonna come back-- Prescott Bush? Oil Titan 👎 retired to Ormond Beach, Florida GIVING children coins.

Historical Figurehead of Excavating  World Destruction
"A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridgesis not Christian," THE POPE said, according to The Associated Press' translation of the press conference. TRUMP WASTED no TIME firing back. Current Mar-a-Lago Prison Chief Executive Donald John "historically dumped" Trump.

June 24, 2023 I Believe The Dumpster LIES Claiming Christianity 

The Not Camera Shy

123, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17

... January 6 contrived IDIOCY ...

2. I stood in front of the Hellbent One's Tower thinking nice the name comes down. No apparently on staff top shoot me for him but a man apparently had the duty of staring me down and my side ended with a LAUGH !!!

June 24, 2023 I Believe The Dumpster LIES Claiming Christianity 

as if a Rolling Stone ... 
... Check Mate mates ... at least historically so lock me up
Roy Cohn tells friends, "he's the one. !!! 
Alan Dershowitz chips on the green

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