Saturday, June 24, 2023


    Where America's gone with guns in our hands, understand time is not your side. 

Criminal Enterprise System
Criminal Enterprise System 

    That is nice. I did see one game at MSG. And reluctantly admit that's one thing Canadians can shake their heads at me not liking enough. Although the Chicago Blackhawks' Bobby Hull is still my favorite player. What's illustrated by the cups is how the money managers managed the larger cities control of the sports game, drawing these smaller city fans to their economic circulation. The LOGIC BEHIND why there should STILL BE reparations for the BLACK POPULATION (BLACK POPULATION) of the United States. The formula by which economic circulation among themselves was sold away and desecrated. That in effect was one more burning down again of what BLACKS did for themselves while idiots ruled racist whites ruling racist whites and AMERICA let them get away with it till when? That is the question.

    Ya know Joe if/when I make it back to Canada I will have to watch more than one game. Once Canada has THREE TEAMS in The North American Hemisphere American Football League or whatever they'll be selling the world to call themselves that year. Football? Keep that up calling America's Game something the world needs to think straight about. Why doesn't the whole world be told we should be fascinated by Jerry Jones trying to win another Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl again. While the maggot faces of ruining capitalism state their money is responsible for circulating everything. WRONG! Their wherewithal is still applied, after generations of finely attired mismanagement, to ruining competition. While missmanaging college sports through TV contracts and whatever to make the sport of money a shriveled up waste of time adding to all their money already not fully circulating in their banks they refund through Congress any time they've paid their dues to the losers who've exposed themselves McCarthyism's tool. Read tool. He's funded these awards winners evidently too.

    Because one thing's certain. The players are only overpaid in the PUBLIC's mind because the idiots pretended to save capitalism while pretending smart people can't catch up to their hypocrisies. Why the NFL doesn't qualify to represent CANADA because Canada doesn't pretend. Their Indigenous are speaking and some Canadiens are fed up with them. America. STOP LETTING LOSERS PRETENDING THE MONEY IS ALL THEIRS while they're fascinated circulating yours only towards them, claim their game among friends is complete friendship with you. NFL ownership knew lineman were KILLING Johnny Unitas young and kept it up generations. And the Super Bowl's highlight? Claiming superiority showing halftime extravaganzas as the focus of music that, once again the country is unable to do pretending they're not being told how to think by everyone's enemies' FRIENDS. Friends watching out for the other friends interests in pretend. AS WITH the PUTIN-BIG IDIOT-WHO ELSE triumvirate of people who know the difference between THE BUSH FAMILT stealing an election for BIG-OIL DRIPPING and North Korea is nothing. A whole country that could have adapted CHINA'S slave labor scale forced on them by LOW PRICE AMERICN consumer management. Yes WALTON FAMILY your patriarch is judged WRONG. Where's the money now saving the family from facing any responsibility. Oh we give to friends running charities. WHAT A MOCKERY. Charities have to compete for executives the REPUBLICAMN MONEY MANAGERS train the country to believe what tTHEY PAID THEMSELVES is now why charity doesn't work. These selfish idiots have controlled what Americans think for generations for the useless cause of just amusing themselves. Because the rest iof the country every day allows those IDIOTS to claimm for you they're solving what they specifically are on record destroying. WORK With WELFARE those Fake Republican used because they fed you American History is something not understood. Good luck NFL Owners ruining competition because I can't quite believe all of you use HOOKERS habitually chasing Tom Brady off to win another championship in Tampa. Home of where the first BLACK Super Bowl quarterback was shown not quite enough when that was the first time an expansion team really won anything. Yep, I read the history of the NFL as a child so I'm open to being told how I'm wrong even just a little bit. Come on NFL you don't have to pretend I'll go away. You haven't mismanaged the country's finances running Mike Huckabee-like Manufactured idiots for Resident Money MisManagement President. THE IDIOTS elected Reagan and pretend to support the idiot so they can tell the country, NO THESE BETTER IDIOTS will do. Americans wear your own flags. The idiots tried to manage the country believing slavery wasn't and still isn't their GOD DAMNED sinning

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