Tuesday, July 11, 2023

High School English Understood In Time

    As happens writers look back upon their lives, thriving from what illustrations offerIn context, illustrations from my high school years, are background for the intended to finish anyway play, Inept Holiday
    I'd been moved to Sanford from Eustis,where this was the favorite reading material of the House Matt-matron, ELIZABETHThe National Enquirer ... The National Enquirer picks up a clue @ SOAP OPERA SchoolThe Queen Latifah and I 😚
    So?  One evening discussing around a, New Year's, campfire we talked. The person unnamed, on this page, to protect discretion's value. However much that applies is mystery. Man was in charge of Security when Paul McCartney and I faced eye-to-eye. Come to think of it, I don't think either of us scared each other at all. Yes, I was spooked more. But courier professional got out of there with each of us grinning. His huge, mine dropped head confused. Well that's life. The elevator worked. But geez, I was ahead of myself. As perhaps when Mike Bloomberg got saluted with my left for his role in trying to stop guns for idiotic use New York City Police Receptive to Some Reforms of Nuisance Enforcement 2016 - "The New York Police Department expressed willingness to compromise on a package of bills that would make sweeping changes to a decades-old law it has called a cornerstone of quality-of-life policing."
    I even informed him as how I saw police now had new directions toward forming bicycle protests as cordoned off military zonesHis head could only hang a little as we both realized naming drones is impossible when one's team named him America's Mayor after Muslims were pushed to define even their own aristocracy as knuckleheads ruled by the financial mediocrities of the reducing the value of Finance Industry. Yes a National Enquirer Moon thought it useful to look at me offended his brethren Staten Island racists were taken down as well. Knowledge in Public Sphere 40 years hidden from Church of Scientology members.
    Planned mediocrity even destroys the capable adherents. Understood if all the spy novels hadn't been hidden behind Literature's Crumbling hiding from the American Public. Like Crime Shows screaming the victims lament till the factors of the problems are incapable of instilling much more than follow and blame someone else next week. Hooray we're confused believing an irrational soaping up of events effectively obliterates everything from PUBLIC NOTICE KingQueen Scientologist Egomaniacs. So! This person of unnamed page status, discussed with me the nature and patterns of how neighbors control their environments using up officers time with complaints. Police shouldn't be slotted out in catch and capture excrcises when aa part of the community no one has to hazard or bother with using their (film holds revelations)
desperation to justify madness. 
    But then that degenerate Robert Moses ("his father would have loved it, and mother believed it" - audience laughter) not only asphalted the world to the stars! "Surrounded by his monuments. Modest with ripped out walls, reminding me of the racists shack where they celebrated using blacks to pick the groves clean for them. "As soon as I started asking questions the interview ended." - Robert A. Caro, Ina's husband.
    The Evil Moses penned the poor, in unmaintained housing as if they themselves put themselves there. In the position of regarded as society's pets when we know GOD DAMNED well those morons never respect anything. especially animals we formed to respect our defense of them ourselves. Abandoning pets when that moron intentionally shipped in a crisis points to a poverty of knowledge this country must develop the capacity to face. GOD DAMN IT. For those watching the hammer aimed for the nail? Hit some thumb or another. Right. Just too funny to me for anyone else's comfort. Believe  😎 me

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