Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Demand These Losers Divorce

Thanks L ... only MASTER recording I ever carried to an Agency that was never before ordinarily allowed. Exactly what I thought while holding the package. My mother Janet would smile looking at me thinking, "you'll knock em out." We did live right near the Racist Ignorant Symbol, Sheriff Willis V. GOD damned McCall.
What happened to Sheriff Willis McCall?
He defended his long career as sheriff and responded to public criticism. "McCall never doubted himself, the usefulness of segregation or the morality of the methods he used to enforce law and order." McCall died on April 28, 1994, at the age of 84


Messenger Service's love story’s built on Moscow Hank not telling New York Terry he felt they'd not see each other again. That last Internet hour was it. As an after-thought, years back. The whole novel was realized as possibly the woman writing in lament for the whole unjust Show Business.
    At this point Robert Redford can wear a dress in a HAMMER film for all I care. Everyone kiss off. The novel has however much meaning it needs for historical placement. I don’t like a world where a pinnacled Dreamboat Castaway casts himself Mr. Sundance of upper select kowtowing to NETWORKED Hollywood Rich Mediocrity! A symbol of Pretend Help because your stature’s too small in comparison to what you could have meant. That’s what the end of Condor meant. They’d win the oil war because you’d help after the film ends is what CONDOR means to me now. 
    AND WILL when you’re gone OFFICIALLY disgraced as OWNED (in cooperation), as everyone else, by BIG-OIL Spilling Mediocrity. Your image. As fat as skinny JP Morgan from this angle. America? Among the cosmopolitan desk-sitting golfer set. Known and known about me since I was seven, that all energy sources could have developed if those world excavators hadn't conspired and lazy Redford imagery endowed its continuance. Okay, sorry. Robert Redford and America and the World. But he glowed understanding at the end of Condor and for that you pay staying this numbed all these years asshole.
    Electrify your brain at least sizzle head of indifferent managed shallow integrity. A racist was allowed to watch the PREMIERE of All In The Family with my mother and I? No. We were allowed to be watched by racists my whole youth, and watched by however many twisted interests that thought entitled meant same waste of mental health as the EARTH's CORE
    Robert Redford and The Three Days of The Condor's "I don't know why they left you live." You could be a saint, Mr. Redford? But screwing with me is way deeper than your knowing anything around about me. As in I sent letters to your legal reps through addresses supplied by The National Enquirer's very own MIKE HAMMER. Fake Big Oil Control and America's sabotaged Solar Panels because China's are cheapest and they're a MOB HIT Giuliani Cult STYLE. I don't like thinking how those two fondled each other's at Elaine's. All I know is when Hammer took me there, Moonves dropped his head knowing he didn't move Doublers;e Rush from elimination by the both witch ROSEANNE image on ABC. Witch Elaine looked like ELIZABETH mocked and shamed for what she was involved in rotating celebrities there. BIG-OIl's you get to play Celebrity Matron Game in your basement probably where Dahmer and other perverts are known to have diddled their own mind games. 
Celebrity is a tool America and pawns are moved to fool.
An interest of studying Hammer, expressed by Public Relations, on local New York radio, where you must have known I faced the IRS itself. Contending no one's paying for my work being done for free and not just me. 
    Your team wrote this real script of inside outside high fidelity reasoning by people atop money floating the world on destroying us from within. I suggest different tribe is where I see you, not me. Buy however little or much you want of how to be seen, but you're drowning historically as I speak in respect to little me. You? Waiting for money to catch up! !!! IDIOTS! 
    Lured to Trump’s floor, mid 1980s. This look of indifferent Redford integrity is all Hollywood misshapenness. I told my friend then. Star Wars is too good to be that stupid. People must hiding to stay alive and not be a threat. The Defense Contractor draftsman was the only one able to be both spy and friend.     
    Doesn’t mean I’ll ever have to like anyone who didn’t really care more for the planet Earth than themselves. Oh yeah sure big-oil owns solar panelling. Editor disqualified self by not seeing conversation further like I'm actually blind. 
    Blatant conspiracy to destroy by playing with money. The big battle in San francisco Billgates walkabout of lying he wasn't ensuring only money had the balance of power the Internet. Why do governments allowed that lurid girl chaser bounds of desire outside his money. Pervert, I don't care. Stop spredingmoney like your friends nevrhave enough. You're probably an approval buyer throughout your whole life. half the Internet'sa slinky because you overpaid worthless imagery coulfdn'tgive a shit. Entire industry overwhelmed notpaying for quality and getting by reprogramming additional bullshit. No? Ask anyone who'll think about it. 
    Why don’t Robert Redford and Bill Gates troll for girls in togetherness so you can feel the additional creep out they feel. Oh I know, Mr. Redford perfect propriety. Reminds me of the NARC who said get out of the van you're too aware for keto screw with. But not plagued by the top of Hollywood run way from responsibility fort success. Sumner Redstone's bastard maybe. Gates? Redford? Know Lielous. But in the context of knowing this bullshit's generational and your imagery integral. Good luck I can fry. You two?
    There’s an image of honesty I can live with that many don't qualify for just because getting away with something is worst. Just ask TIME"S Henry Luce what crafting crap in a pumpkin to shred outright honesty means in gertuity? It means even George and Robert Bush Redford can only complain I'm alive. Because even dead i know it take more than you two have done in a generation to make up for lying like co-Putin tools. American? Not when the flag is pissed on in the hundreds and thousands of shriveled useless pissed on money. Because circulation is beyond Big-OIL's lying capacity and Robert Shit on me too why don't you Redford. See? I was willing let you be a nice anyway image that's flown the coop. Maybe asshole Georgecanpaint a picture framed without curse words to deflect the blame. YOUR MOVE I DON'T CARE. 
    Continuer of Wealth’s Exploiting the American Native West and pretending to smile indifference away. Redford’s smile really isn't tall. He literally cast off another writer that he and his henchman of that half delivered Condor thought was cute to do together. Like Trump fond of their faceless heads no doubt. He smoked marijuana and you two hated him. Sue me asshole. Your star is buried or mine? Your Move? 
    Andrew Wylie and I neither laughed, talking about how Hollywood liars don't have a word to keep. AMERICA keep letting them flash fantasy at you and remember, Robert Redford and his importance hasn't given an imagery shit in generations. 
    Owned or worthless, same difference. Destroying America because no one can stand up to arrogant wealth. Get it folks? That much money? Bezos? Putin? A Mexican can't circulate more in Mexico out of his stretched out Carlos Slim harem jeans atmosphere maybe? Billboards of indifferently entitled to ruin the financial circulation of the world. 
    Buffet owns trains and damned if he can tell you how stiffing each other in the markets is more important than fixing what more than a hundred of his coconspirators achieved in that field of ruining a National Transportation Grid.
    But Robert “TOO GOOD LOOKING TO FEEL THAT VAIN” Redford will allow his name to be used to create more HOLLYWOOD JERKS at Sundance to play Conservation rises as our celebrities rise to be cut off by commercialization designed to quash deliberate scoped out productions that students find ways to produce that's then exploited for the few places given achieved status. 
    Buy presidents again, corporate dumb will? Not like that’s not just the game of power's worth stealing because beautiful losers fancy laurel sitting more than anything.

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