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Contemporary Elimination of History's Most Fake Americanized Witch Hunt Victim

Witch Hunts' Irrelevance in Idiot Trump's Case

February 16, 18, 2021 
    The tragic cartoon made of American politics is understood. Everyone seems to perceive, that much, while lambasting, in aroused vehemence, the apparition before us. Conjured beyond teflon, the mercurial presidency's incapable of pinning down. So as it would be, there's "great" apprehension in the fact rote-denial's become sufficiently acceptable standard behavior. 
    Plausible denial just Pandora's Box Defense. As our former president's Defense, before the US Senate, merely framed what an audience is already sold on believing. But naw. Extremely doubtful this era's versions of semi-hippies were roused into being even any little part of what's been portrayed as an incident of hi-jinxBalderdash. Scoundrels bent on disarray.
    So a type of moving on. Summing up. I missed Saturday, so Sunday, the 14th, was my last of three nights bowed, across the street, with my back facing the resident' 56th Street Entrance to Trump Tower. Bowed, the first time, I asked what to pray about. Not for, but about. And as the first thought was The Lord's Prayer, debate ended. And let me tell you. "And forgive those who trespass against us" went nowhere near rotely smooth. Even approaching those words my mind had a sense of fear. Then, the next afternoon, some four avenues east, I addressed forgiveness realizing pity's the point. While the Public Forum's corruption as a puppetry device is a slap to the integrity of our Republic. Just because one man doesn't want to grow up, it doesn't mean the whole rest of the country shouldn't either.     
    Sure, for those amply preached, the Defense's case was just getting away with a little cover-up. Except this cartoon is not good comedy. Good comedy cartoons expose reality's dark shadings, self-righteous contours, and blind ambitions. This a horror show.
     A scapegoat nightmare.  
Witch Hunts' Relevance

     Confabulation sounds accurate, considering our present era’s relationship with the term, “Witch Hunt.” Except confabulation’s definition - the replacement of a gap in a person's memory by a falsification that he or she believes to be true - might not exactly fit. Because filling in memory with what one believes to be true, at the very least, implies honest mistakenness. The discrepancy being America’s public forum has long been primed, as in cultivated, as a means of obfuscation rather than confrontations with embellishment and inaccuracy. 
     Whereas obfuscation - the action of making something obscure, unclear, or unintelligible - was how our president used "witch hunt” as a tool to both fray and skew perceptions. Handling imagery so that whatever flies. There was even a Sean Hannity Show episode, years back, featuring Republican polling strategist Frank Lundtz, demonstrating, before a studio audience, how the truth doesn’t matter when numbers show the public believes otherwise. Well? Polls are for guaging what people understand, however encircled by the narrowest of explanations. 
     Defining current political posturing as witch hunt-ian is an exacerbation of soundbittenly neglected due, diligent, circumspection. Framing and stigmatizing Americans’ public opinions shouldn't be the cornerstone of Publicity Relations. Where, despite fervent polishing, loyalty’s tarnished by an above the law manner abusing patriotism’s role of common cause. In fact, scapegoating discordance as "the liberals fault" is a narrow-castingly broad stroke. But all in good sport when winning's everything. Cult of Personality.
     After all History’s Cold Cases are never, ever, really retried. When what’s gotten away with has to be rendered virtually legitimate, for countries, to, even halfway, face themselves? For instance Indigenous Americans' Commercial Gambling is just bandaging something broken that never set. "But they," no, but they had their land taken. The rich beautiful America couldn't be shared with savages. Sit on that a while. Having President Jackson’s war with indigenous American landholders equated with almost outright righteousness, result’s from arrogance rules. Immorally superseding God’s legitimate desire to forgive. No? Yes, if all participation is nothing but going along, to get along, conformity. As if adhering to a Politburo’s rubber stamp? Scary? ("I don't think Science knows.") Another facet of witch hunt’s meaning is persecution without impartial judgement. Impartiality doesn't disregard objectivity. 
     The packaged personality has been with us so long, generations lose the ability to distinguish between levels of complete to dubious sincerity. Public perspective, encased by indifferent celebrity, is smoothed over such that to the consumptive public, “perfect” only requires a portrayal. Shelving suspicion as not just labelled perspective, but honest doubt or wonder as mere matters of taste. Unworthy of being thought through. 
     When what’s meant can’t be considerately perceived as denial, the very ideal of perception can be ridiculed as contrary to patriotic loyalty. Becoming not just a populace trapped inside Plato’s, narrow minded, Cave, but consumed by the sport, and arrogance, team politics represents. The accusation of fake, only, if ever, quantified through sound bites that wear down all explanation into likewise frivolity. Popularizing the concept people think comprehensively without the benefit of exercising their minds through reading or, perhaps even, listening over the perpetual mental hum. Instead mesmerized by the imagery of concentrated concern. Substantiation undermined by "style." As per the first Presidential Debate when Fox News' close-ups covered our president's fed up angry look whenever he took a break from interrupting. 
     The first Tuesday following the November 2016 American Presidential Election, I recorded myself reading from my competent parody of The Cold War novel. The business of literature having, so far, missed fathoming the necessity for crossing this particular misunderstood cultural barrier. Exploitation trumping ambition, so to speak. Because, for one possible reason, or excuse, against sound advice, I wouldn't change the novel's title The Hammer and Cycle Messenger Service. Because people aren't expected to discern that the title, as sound bite, is anti-totalitarianism. Because despite contrary claims that the present matters most, history's now within the second. And trying to provide real insight is what history’s all about. Political polemics aren’t novels and The Hammer and Cycle ... isn’t a polemic. Though one theme advances the concept fully functioning capitalism is socialist. What Republicans claim but semantically differ with. While what's gotten away from the mass of ideologically bound, exploited narrowness, is knowing that the schism, separating the points of view, block everyone's heads from getting around economics’ evolution. Ideology's stuck in a time warp believing in kings when there should be none.
     So I filmed myself reading that second Tuesday night of November 2016. Beside the front doorstep of the decades deceased pre-Presidential legal councillor for the newly elected Chief Executive of our United States. Roy Cohn. Was my choice to read there due to their alliance in the Trump family’s avoiding facing repercussions for blocking African-Americans from living in their New York City buildings? Something like that is a personal concern. The home I was raised in became an African-American funeral home the year, the consistently re-elected, racist, Lake County, Florida Sheriff Willis V. McCall was finally removed from office. His home a block-and-a-half from mine.  
     No. A primary reason for reading there can be summed up by an overwhelming thought I had, as I rode, the wrong way, away from Mr. Cohn's 39 East 68th Street home. Underneath the police surveillance cameras, at Madison Avenue, wondering whether, no matter how obscure, it’d look bad if our new president became more independently discerning as people want to believe our presidents grow? While thought of fear of my being stigmatized, as against what’s patriotically decent, was replaced with remembering presidents facing the future facing the past is a good reason for being there. Whether a confabulation, or not, I most certainly deny.
     When healing an aggravation, understanding soothes. This essay, Witch Hunts' Relevance, was conceived while rereading Naming Names by The Nation’s Publisher EmeritusVictor S. Navasky. An overview of the mid-20th Century’s black-listings Witch Hunt. Including a fair explanation why everyone, then, were victims. An un-rectified result loudly passed down the generations, through us even now, as we speak. As they say.
     Can humanity surpass our squabbling rival nature? Ever agree on anything other than celebrating celebrities is leadership? Anything’s possible, and eventually something’s faced, whether, or not, it’s ourselves. But certainly a president, if they so chose, can narcissistically equate their victimhood with those of the “Spanish Inquisition,” as composer David Raksin described his endured experience with The Witch Hunt on page 251? 
     Wondering how much forty year old “Witch Hunt” material, relevantly, applies today? Who wouldn't be most comfortable doubting everyone? 
     On page 311, Navasky, (my phrasing), refers to the steerers of public rectitude, including Nixon and McCarthy, as having - in common political opportunism and a demagogic capacity to exploit nativism and know-nothing passions. With 319 pointing out - the practical consequences of the naming ritual’s real significance was symbolic. Naming names intelligence agencies already had. Our president’s victimization claim relates? That is the point. The correlations are vagaries allowing charlatanism to slip between history's pages for a time?
     Page 322 Navasky continued, explaining - The degradation ceremonies satisfied the needs of the mass media, which were neither capable, or interested in, exposing the ways in which the ritual distorted truth when it lent itself so elegantly to reproduction on radio and television. Exploiting the peculiar vulnerability of mass media through pseudo-event, coined by Daniel J. Boorstin, at the time Librarian of Congress, distinguished historian and namer of five former Harvard colleagues. Navasky describes the pressures people underwent in giving up their right to free speech. Page 356 notes - Some ex-party members felt ambivalent about the suffering inflicted on their families as a result of activity in a party whose program turned out to be so flawed. Facing down aberrant socialism is Mr. President's creed. Such a billboard you’ve made of yourself. An apparently happy corporate welfare recipient? Shrewd, you admitted in other words, and mercurial. Nothing's stuck to Teflon Don but the mirror. 
     Page 422/23 cites George Orwell’s coining forged history. While Stalin’s apologists were the excuse to institutionalize blacklisting that, analyzed, was so commercial, an enterprise, that vacating idealism for a fear riddled public was convenient. Tragically, as is the case, but not a law, the precedent was set, from our country’s start, that the position of president should be one of character. Except when an office overrun by characters assumes the mask. 
     A witch hunt, historically, are frivolous accusations lashed out from public forum's podiums. Twitter's a platform. Circling the troops in defense of authority rather than authority looking out for ALL THE TROOPS is not the purpose for which America's defense was founded. Autobiographical protectionism in the guise of defendable history is mystification, the enemy of enlightenment, as page 426 highlights - the dynamic of victimization and scapegoating across history. Stating on 427 - We have seen what happens when the citizen delegates conscience to the state. Deep state, shallow state, political state. Insiders claiming to be out has proven the same conspiratorial difference.
     So, why not conclude thus? That the brand of obfuscation our president expresses, and represents, through irreverence and hostility, is his style. And not a mere so what. Yet, as page 311, of noted socialist Irving Howe’s autobiography, A MARGIN OF HOPE, figured, about that earlier political era - each triumph of publicity chipped away at the slender remains of good sense. So, as accused, all mass media’s guilty of our incapacitation? Though Shakespeare, long ago, noted, "the fault’s within ourselves." 

Charles M. Fraser
1st & 2nd Printing: June 10 and July 11, 2020 3rd: September 22, 2020 4th: October 9, 2020
President Narcissist
     Turned out there's more. What was already known was shown. The January 6, 2021 manifestation a fait accompliDrama's Queen delivered. Except for adhering to Pandemic Protocols of course. And Constitutional principles. And there's always denial of fault and involvement with any and all repercussions. Right before our eyes White Supremacy used its' pass in and out of public like through all the centuries. Despite EVERY side's rhetoric to the contrary. 

     Gotta hand one thing to "that man," (a Southern spiteful jargon term when abstaining from saying "that black man" in reference to President Obama). The wishy-washiness of his enablers was their concoctions. The outgoing president was always jingoistically focused. Sure, money went to African American Universities, except their status as once separate was most likely appealing. Shame on me for suggesting it and shame on him for its' fitting. Released unjustly imprisoned prisoners? Sporadically for publicity. A hand in ending the practice of killing the unborn? No. If the process were really started, there'd be a really big program of assistance to make that transition a reality. But our socialism isn't what the less established deserve is in the way. Facing a crock of deceptive denial was president shouldn't be the most difficult task of all. 

January 7, February 18, 2021
Mulberry Street Gang Reading, it continues Chapter IV by Roy Cohn's front doorstep. Followed by the Summer of 2017 49 East Houston Sit-In  
The Hammer and Cycle Messenger Service 

    Good afternoon, morning or night. As everyone knows. Americans are comfortable anywhere. A right afforded by the United States of America's power. A legacy squandered, in President Carter's case, on the impassioned rule of corporate oil interests over the nature of how our lives' developed. 

    Pandora Boxes of misdirected intent and misdirection muddle The Greatness. Intelligence scarred when nationalism supersedes everything. The blind-discrepancy? Present-day successful culture's reverence for the Full of Gas Party political line. An Electric Future isn't stopping the willingness to-get-away-with anything. Telly pitching gas engines' abandoning us. Etc. 

    Consider News Broadcasting. Across all venues and political-spectrums. News continuously crafted to explain our lives as less better off when less brand spanking new gasoline engines are sold. Economic Market Updates. Don't lose our cha-ching. Congressional Lobbying on a Culture-Wide scale. Advertising's Finest Hour(s). Everyone's washed their hands. Broader public, tuned out. 

    We're all still locked in that moment when Cliff Robertson sympathetically looks at Robert Redford at the end of 1975's Three Days of the Condor. Where Redford's face had lit up with recognition. Getting Robertson to see the marquee of the world-wide viewed publisher about to expose the transgressive oil interests Robertson's, and our, government protected. Saying it all, was the you still don't get it look on Robertson's face. That oh you poor guy look said - owning means controlling everything. It won't matter. We're two-and-a-half generations on from then. Not caring what remains lucrative, was what wrested our problem facing capabilities from our grasp. 

    Because the right solution if backs aren't turned? Is phasing out gasoline engines already sold. Replace, transform, become what we're capable of. What's happened was/is rammed down everyone's throats for competitive convenience. Not people's health.

    How in the world has this anything to do with President Jimmy Carter? Well. Once upon a time, Kermit Roosevelt, CIA operative, engineered Iranian politics, for Industrial Oil interests, replacing the elected leader with Shah. And basically revenge for that August 19, 1953 fact, took till November 4, 1979's hostage taking to happen. Blaming President Carter hides from an historical truth. 

Have fun Jimmy.



The Colonial Rule of President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

    This is a particularly, irrationally, prolonged case of nations' inherent right to enforce nationality on areas understood within their purview. For legitimacy measuring purposes, understood from the perspective of the American Civil War that held the United States of America together as a unit. 
    But in conjunction with the country's earlier precedent of throwing off the yoke of hereditary monarchy, there's no set path to understanding right. Thrown in is this concept that we don't really know. Since the point's control, why not use combustably inflated words that end inquiry itself? People listen to Tucker Carlson? Demonically straight from a SUPERMAN comic strip. 
    So Americans aren't getting that the legacy of Muscovy is militarily glomming onto the great awakening of The Steppes by the Kiev Enlightenment? A cultural experience relying on the dubious projection Ukraine's military acquisition is a Russia forevermore. Ukraine is Ukraine. Why Khrushchev was deposed for wanting the exploited land given back to its own people. 
    King Putin. You deserve it. Please, don't deserve that anymore. Nothing's changing. History reads ...  


Come All Historians, Redeem Our Icon History

Come on now. Every historianThe question is absence of moral triumph. The present's fiddling the past to manipulate the future. An uncovering that eventually leads to moral progress. What history teaches and warns is what history learned. The past doesn't fiddle the future. The present's fiddling fumbles futures.

Nero born December 15, 37. Fiddled, Rome burned July 18, 64. Nero reigned October 13, 54 to death June 9, 68.

    There's always clamoring consensus for what was, to be no more. Except aren't our advances from understanding what happened, solved backward nonsense? Yet there it is. Staring us down. Faltering in our denials, vacant stares of appreciation for our bookends' similarities. BIG BANG literally shrugged off not just for decades, but generations. That's right. Distasteful bookend to all our "great" embarrassments. 

    Why the importance of targeting those nations' historians who're either idly, or irrelevantly, watching  distortions carried out by leaders led to believe outrageous nationalist claims. But truly watched? Historians carry on deciphering. 

    Really. All down to who, how, what why, and where the public's mind's bent and focused best as power's most useful asset. Why nations resolve to accept Russia's emphasizing on their Empire? Thereby regarding this as the state of announcing their empires should be left alone as well. Sigh. 

    Not everyone who dreamed of landing in the KGB, rules Russian now. Or possibly do. I prefer all hatchets buried. Arduous hope. Well. A giggler nudging history's books. Were you aware when the Berlin Wall fell, everywhere in that East German square was LSD high? Look Silly Demonizing

    So SHOW OF HANDS where historians perspectives lie? Where your perspectives are on the manufactured national international personal interest dilemmas perplexing our eras' time. Primarily within countries supporting President Putin's elitist position. Historians responsible for whether or not their leaders ever feel justified embarrassment. 

    Ukraine was always an acquisition in relation to Moscow's Russia. Not neighbors united by proximity as generations of Russians are still now being told. How Ukraines' History is not even owned by Ukrainians themselves. History the Putin Regime can't face.

    O come on now. History's due homage. NOW. Now when people should be coming to grips that this is just more history, we'll never fully grow up from till fully faced.  

    Down in history with Stalin, Vladimir Vladimirovitch. Must, deep down be really dissatisfied. After all. Gazed on as more arrogant than God? As if God's a fully made up human emotional machine. You President Putin are part of twisting what has no place here. This platform of yours defending Western Christianity. Crap. Crapping all over history, your crew is. About time you faced long fed up. 

    "Who are you?" You could ask, and I might respond I've been screaming from the rafters so long where the oxygen is thin. Where ignored is the only useful place for those without any interest in keeping the record straight. How advancement acquires some ability to head forward, straight. 

    See? I see from where I sit, how you're sitting. How historians will very well view you most likely too. From up where you are the air's thin too and no one including yourself is with you to remind you to look. Meanwhile you're the one responsible the canaries aRE dead. huh. Is it possible you breath carbon dioxide? Nitrous oxide? Sigh. President Egomaniacs. I do believe the game's a stacked deck. How history reads for future subscribers. 

    However you won. However this turns out. Since killing is worst of all and important to you, you've done it. Perhaps. But historically? True you rose to equal Stalin's demonic ambivalence. Both of you so obviously proud of your smirks. 

    If I were sadder now I'd be crying. Get it President Putin? If you think you've been having fun, you could have a lot more. Especially since no more people should die over this. However you wish. Remember. You can't tell history what the future thinks. And from what you've made available to be listened to, heard, read and see, means you have my sympathies. 

    Both of you Presidents Egomaniacs on your shaky three-card-monte table. Your two cards are without faces. Morbid thinking what conspired from the resolve for manipulative power. Reward over responsibility. Good moves you two, in your ways. But checkmate? I think you're both lying you have the power of Queens. 

    The past sings to us. Come on now. Behold our foundations and fates. Foundations and fates that should amount to more than just crumbled tourist attractions. Our era's become we can't afford to pay you, but could you, please, buy our products so we share in our data's prosperity. Whose?

    Not time for revolution. Time for Common Sense. Time's upon us where political pursuit reminds us sincerity matters more than everything except emblematic patriotism itself. Could be I'm also obsessive about patriotism too? Except I understand what's specifically led throughout history to now. The fact the tangled web Shakespeare wove, shouldn't describe forever now. 

    History's more than a dream, President Putin. Boo! 

No Surprise Idiots Prefer History Books Closed

 Friday, April 7, 2023

Sample History, Sample Sacrifice. Oblivion Can't Co-Exist 

    Documented in, paraphrasing Literature, as A Confederacy of Dunces, would you believe a person acted out, Lord Buckley’s THE NAZZ, in front of me, without profiling any relevance to the “all for fear of hellfire?” I was supposed to tell the person what I understood on one listen, plus demon-stration. I told him, figuring things out as a person doesn’t happen like that. Some reading, another listen, could clarify why he acted out buffoonery? My independent isolation disgusted him, but what can I do? Lord Buckley never confused as I figured out, so, you know, illustrate. I sat there waiting for him to reveal anything his mind had worked out for itself, while he badgered me. Made sure he knew I’m a friend by having him check out Lord Buckley, for me, from the library. Sorry, friends come first, even in a Washington Post submission you’ll read later why I’ll accept being framed as mediocre if necessary. Washington Post has Editors.
    So on page American Public Opinion Dress Down. Soulless posturing, unnecessarily, can’t face the proper pay ideal undone by the very nature of circulation becoming carved out from under us. Pretending capitalism's for only heartless boys who’ve confused reality by keeping money to circulation for themselves. Indicating more than faulting our inability to pay women a fair share. Illusory. So tragically far more than the tradition of devaluing women’s value. 
    Abused by a framework of non-idealists who designed their beliefs around everything’s being paramountly important in the right to abuse their framework of loyalties vs. other loyalties. As in The Big Idiot pretends to rule in Roy Cohn’s scattered memory because loyal can beat ethics when misunderstood. The Big Idiot faked his grades his entire life. Even had the gaul to blame a Deep State after him. Kidding? Unfortunately not. Money’s fluctuation is meant for being best among real friends. 
    Pinheaded financial tabulation. At least now there’s a complete figurehead of Dunderheaded Irresponsibility the whole world can fully have our heads around. A pinhead to place along beside mine, on history’s guillotine of responsibility. As this is my Submission to The Washington Post, published myself, as a Soapbox View, without waiting for, the explained later, Post’s response. Submitted to The Washington Post because it’s where Americans helped Americans face ourselves as best we could. Leaving a Washington Post mark in US Presidential disturbed History. 
    Absolutely, John Dean Titan of American History. Absolutely the Watergate burglars were rooting around for much more than just how manipulating each other merely competed for their own, networked, personal truths. Also, bungling burglars? Can’t completely buy that. Cubans against Castro or something or other, all a charade. In the end look what we can get away with with the image of sacrificing for the country like that p____ Nixon. Idiots passed the imagery of personal power before responsibility along until even respecting an Idiot Running For President is acceptable. 
    But hey, why the decision to no longer speculate on The Washington Post’s publishing this. Owned by Wall Street’s Amazonian Financial Titan after slicing up Literature for a Dumbed Down American Fate, this intended Washington Post essay becomes a Soapbox View after submission. For my suing from HERE. Complain I didn’t wait for approval. Edit out if there are the guts to print. Not that I don’t appreciate everyone at the Washington Post.
    Money trails, right? I believe Bernstein and Woodward would have told anyone if they could. People hiding, hid so much more. Why Lyndon Johnson had to let Texas Oil Dripping Money plant him in politics, to do anything for the poor, then had to throw himself on the Vietnam Quagmire to divert the Idiots from manufacturing Racism Rules here forever too. A lot of BLACK AMERICA was sacrificed to the belief that not facing history’s racism is something for getting away with. I remember a gleam in a Black Man’s eye once, meaning BLACK PEOPLE went through a lot to keep me alive a block from where a Racist Ruled. Killing isn’t a sacrifice. It’s a game maintaining destruction. Why a Sheriff would ever want to be a tool baffles me. Maybe possible. The Large Companies thought it too easy to exploit BLACK ORANGE GROVE LABOR, then go on to rule other areas of the world and then just left the automobile to continue destroying a Nationalized Transportation System designed to kill each other because if gotten away with THEY get to keep breaking the rules. 
    Numbskulls everywhere, and why we’re not out from under being led by fools. History couldn’t help it. People can lead themselves anywhere is proven in history, Time and Time Again. No reason for war anywhere in the mimicry of fighting for ideals that mean only spoilage rules. That Russia needs higher priced oil to fix themselves is the obvious scare tactic in place. Arrogant people not letting Russia develop because they’re pinheads developed in isolation from facing each other as trusting souls. Such a loss Russians not realizing Russian Literature. 
    All pretend manufactured circulation across the top. No government in the world can defend any of us from ourselves. That’s a bottomless pit of fixation on oneself. Actually? Bottom line is government is for managing taxes and spending where spending’s supposed to be done. But you know, big bucks on gambling patriotism’s all about the nonsense of war paid dividends Americans were framed not to realize. 
    The cycle of whether, or not, militaries are fed results in Military Rule. A mockery is what our Industrialized Complexes have manufactured in enough money being nowhere near enough. Misery rules. Where history’s gotten us, still. Just perpetuating irrational economic thinking that selfishness is spreading a capitalist ideal far from our working together being the priority. Pretend capitalists restraining financial flow to perpetuate money’s idolatry. Perpetuating A Nationalist War Identities rules Patriotism and that’s not the purpose for why being an American is so important. Our ancestors found ways to conquer diversionary tools by just laying it all out in the open. Moving through to my neck or his.
    What The Washington Post stood on in the Watergate Incident, is America’s solving the evolving redundancy of selfishly intent conspiracy. Face it. The country showed Nixon a Mike Hammer approach to fame a financial titans decided to pretend capitalism is a unit of jars. and people were meant to spill oil looking good in cars.
    We were how mixed up, well we don’t have to believe that, and America was used. America was most certainly born in 1776 of a Narrow Charade that patriotism is everything. Fools can be followed selling us guns to shoot each other in schools, with even Children going mad? Children are incapable of training themselves, to a certain point, to not be capable to do anything other than follow what adults choose to fool anyone with to get through, by, over, and around. Kids don’t want to work? Stop complaining parents don’t want to go. And yes, rich people dumped that shortsighted excuse on a culture they’d roped up in the belief everything was forgivable. But child abuse is not caring how well they read, and without facing all our social mistakes we, really are, perpetuating child abuse.
    So. Billboard Elitist Child first as it’s all we do is evolve. Handed selfishly down from elitist patterns of necessity. Stamping America’s Prime Times as the Darkest of Our Ages. Our contemporary evolving history from the dilemmas of emperor fueled jargon fueling emperor cloned clones. In useless Oil Trucks GOD damning us all. How could any of this whole creation be about whether or not people go to hell. The church collecting dues for that threat was capitalist imperialism. And odds are churches are quite more capable of resolution, than the idiots oil-spilling the rest of us fools off the lot. Planet Earth.
    Yes, I know. Vilifying a privileged person as wicked, who was, United States, President is treasonable. However confused the participation. So I face our country, with my life to give, for us, to have an explanation, through this illustration, of how an idiot publicly claiming, to not be his own biggest dupe of all, actually will always remain historically a loss of public sanity. Lies about Truth, no less. No, right? Although there’s that good investment for our country in Mar-a-Lago. If a President is best locked up? Then, of course, golden spoon. No, not his name on it. And a lawyer should have a right to decline for the burbled noise that he’d prefer not having idiot emblazoned on his door either. 
    No. I contend he shouldn’t evaporate in one of his, financed by others, monstrous hotels. Suspicion from the bare face of his results, is, between the falsified documents lines, the Oil Dripping Industry is his free ride. The Russian Conspiracy, in the Idiot Tower, is probably just more getting out from under the fact the American Public subsidizes the fraud still killing how many a day? Right, blame it on the Russians. The Kremlin designed this whole meadow-like idealism of a fraud where independence in a car meant time spent fulfilling just a consuming quotient. While dollars spent, so far, obviously covers up the whole meandering fraud. That dead people paid these jokers to think they’re solving anything till science finds out about how to relieve their economic flaws. That are really so simple to count. As in preferring to have others count on their squeaking for Russia that really shouldn't have to survive  by saving themselves selling their oil. 

    We're still living through confusing alterations of social currents. Born of idiots, surfing ideology, of The Imperial Idiot's ilk. Refusing in our believing the system can work without their devouring all of us from their squandering money they’ve processed as a lot of hot gas. 

    PUBLIC RELATIONS bought our present-future nightmare and Public Relations could get us out. See? Perceive how unconfused that idiot really was-is. Oh? There’s something not to believe about Florida’s first ever twin tornadoes of that size Mother Nature would prefer found upon him. Ah, ya never know. But America? His Deep State decided this country decided on him. Lone Juggernaut, hardly. 

    Why he actually describes himself as beyond judgement. He’s just so far too long gone to face his own distorted untruthing. Good spot to mention on principle. President Joe Biden, how are you sir. No, I’m not heading to the White House. For a visit, as I told a specific New York business once, don’t make me have to think about you. Business, labor, same difference and how that fiasco separates is on guess what idiot too, Mr. President? 
    American Public realize, please? Not even the knocking off of the racist’s symbol, Margaret Mitchell, by automobile, were the Earth’s Inside’s Guzzlers accused of participating in. But needing anything changed, twisting the future, shelving the past, and even the sport won’t experiment with electro development while pretending the advancement of centuries back fuels anything but vacations of neglect. 
    How goofy speculation can be, is ever since President Joe Biden became President, on my evening pass, again, of the idiot’s New York 56th Street Realm, I’d keep my head turned away from those still coerced inside there. Ready, for one of history’s funniest anecdotes? The Idiot probably saw me on television, 38 years ago, for a clip making a $100 a day, I hear went over well broadcast in Belize. So I was expressed up the special elevator and never made it to even a receptionist for pick up. 100.1%, probable rejection for how I dressed for the rest of New York as bicycle courier wearing Levi Jeans that would never rip for just putting them on, because the skim to float modern business is dwindled by the idiot’s ilk leaving out the materials. 
    I didn’t bother observing much up there. I was supposed to go. Even now, think? Know how much value there is in pretending everything is best covered up with gold? The Spirit of South Africa reveals. Obvious real estate professionals kept the idiot’s business quagmire, skillingly afloat. Bet theres’ professionals ready to pay taxes and fix the Bloaters mistakes. But sorry. The kids participated as evidenced in their participation in creating their celebrities on that fake business show. And guess what, leaving the Burger King where the first show was shot, I stopped before the two guys who were eventually pitched winners and said - No business has any business not telling regular customers that their lives were being disrupted on their stops. Suspicion? Burger King knew a kingmaker like The Idiot was toppling himself. Suspicion, too late. Mark Cuban probably could have turned miracles with what the Idiot left as a joke. Except the Billboard an idiot is capable of the almost impossible. 
    The idiot is beyond a reasonable doubt, willingly allowed results contrary to the interests of the United States. On behalf of a whole world of idiocy that’s avoided having financial responsibility anywhere near full circulation. Too easy to spoil when trained so wickedly selfish. Imagine the Idiot Dad. Oh yeah, that one. Older brother kills himself with alcohol and idiot lies to himself he’s not an amalgamation of badly coordinated chemicals inside himself. What a billboard though, of what the country not facing ourselves can really mean. Imagine maybe that’s what it was. The burglars were looking for where it was written down how to end the oil swindle that had already run aground. Took hundreds of years to even get down what made it into The Bible about where Jesus walked on our grounds.
    Ruling Elitism, through faults, all our own, acquired from the momentum of history a formation of ourselves, within our culture, and cultures, that made economics the game of checkers knocking over others around. The defending identities of pillage, while circumnavigating the world’s economies and thwarting our need for just a reasonably good game of chess. Curious, but don’t care what the idiot ex-president knows about the game. Gave up making believe it made no sense for the King to have no power in and of himself. Right, like inclusion should never be the job description. Man these idiots screw with people manipulating minds about where their needs mean anything. 
    Even bungling and intentionally messing things up, the idiot would have been better at his intentional mistakes, if he could even calculate coherently. GOD damn right, a President of the United States, from any time, would be suing me NOW. Forget about it. The conspiracy was never that imaginative. Right? 
Morality twisted into getting by on ARMS TRADING. The criminals too. 
    What other purpose could blocking arms to Ukraine, misleading the Russian Persecution psychosis into thinking bothering with this war strategy made any sense? See. See? Shrewd resourcefulness talked idiots into madness never wanting to apologize and Face History. So puny war and not facing the fact Russia has always exploited Ukraine, is just momentum from an arms industry swindle to begin with. Vladimir, cough it up. Joyriding on ignoramus popularity. Idiots. 
    Really. Nowhere near involved in the process of people feeding themselves, decides Russia’s History of acquisition that’s perpetrating ideals bu faking great is long as the pay is well without making sure the dollar bills add up. Realize, if Putin ruled Russia he’d fix more than managed feuds. Litvinenko the crazy guy? Russian Police Person who died in London telling the truth? He acted crazy to try to survive for his family. As the truth is hard to face and the hippies illustrate, something had to be done about executive malfeasance at the heart of tyrannies running their economies based on faking the truth. 
    Blaming Ukraine for war toys, are the floor playing Peter The Greats, breaking all the world’s marbles. Because playing checkers with economics, pushing people around, is easier than the symmetries of well-played economics working. Big money was made ruining American’s Retirement Funds invested in their homes. Why? Money! It’s the lying that facing the truth won’t solve the broken mess. Economy coming back? Evidence is subsidized enrichment owes something back. Not unfortunately the wealth of this knowledge goes elsewhere for a precise attack. Oh yeah. Idiot din’t have sense enough to get out of our way. Still. 
    Why did the Soviet Union/RUSSIA imprison whole peoples? Because while not quite exactly this simple, the explanation is the broad event. The Czar System’s menagerie of pretend government interests, from elitists flawing corrupt capitalism, locked Stalin up a lot. I’m sorry. Idiots pretending to fight idiots means your Cold War vision fairies lied for self-interests at having won something that was all fraud. Daring to be proven wrong.
    Political Culture. Idiot at least deserves A Life Sentence Unable To Move Around. Bet even his world renowned US Passprt can’t get far now. Sure, deep state. The Law’s documented you from for very far along. Bet, even The mafia has confessions logged all along. See that’s what I’m saying. That’s speculation. It’s funny what you’ve been doing is so contemptible not even you’d contrive you imagination to sue me. Go ahead. Sell a hat. 

    The idiot’s vision of slicing off real estate $ signs is a paper trail charade. As part of so many people forced into being portrayed as lost. Think the worst business people left trails. Why the hiding from history thing is portrayed as something to laugh about. And that jargon spewer for Wall Street cover, Chris Christie and that platform Hillary Clinton is just a liberal. What Hillary Clinton did wrong was what she was forced to do for women, becoming one go you ignoramuses pushing everyone around collecting contributions running or circus clowns and not Chief Executives filling jobs for people hooding from being overpaid. Hey! Making the money disappear by flying higher is a what? No, not jusrt Wall Street game. Complete financial hoax. Most likely Oil blocked those less expensive Chinese solar panels from America because why? Because fixing roads tunnels bridges and trestle s mean the their last few years exploiting the world’s resources are clearly a hoax. Here’s where we find what CENSORSHIP means to our country today.
    Anyone following that idiot doesn’t get it. Proving him guilty is fact. Hard, but necessary for Americans to accept an idiot got that far. That an idiot could actually represented us. American Exceptionalism meet idiots rule the world. Panic, revolution. Look? Just being told what’s wrong, shouldn’t mean defending against thinking abusing us is wrong when it is just about getting away with it. Don’t mess with us, messing up money with our wrongs. No law can remove what only culture can. America, I prefer US all fed up being used. Ankle Bracelet. 
    Clearly people have died due to that idiot’s associations of negligent associations. Think Russia the one to face a lot? America has to understand facing ourselves means facing very similar things. 
    Imagine the mockery the idiot made of our America in his need to manage disarray. Even Mighty Israel elected an idiot who is running away, hiding from behind Israel’s proud flag. See where this ideal of not facing shame has us facing the future not facing the past? More pretend vengeance in the pin-pong arms trading Middle East. What is Netanyahu’s cut other than pretend symbolism? Confiscate the proven stolen money for Muslims use. Maybe a party for a vacation home there is no doubt somewhere, I’ll not shame myself finding out about. 
    Government Planned Windfall Economy Dump subsidizing cars’ roads again? Why not this? Imagine where solar paneling should have ruled generations ago. Among the Mar-a-Lago globe holding Male Conspiracy. Women have pretended Male Dominance solves Male’s Dominant problems more than long enough. The Koran is a book and blaming books, like the Holy Bible, for the feudal few enrichments is not anywhere near capitalism or socialism. Now is it? That idiot means a whole lot more than his just being the idiot.
    Your move, Ankle Bracelet.

  •      People figure history down to the fact is what people throw away for their conveniences. The conspiracies of interactions require toler...

Absolute US Ex-President Donald John Trump vs. Charles Malcolm Fraser 

Welcome to Maureen Dowd's Congratulations for Earning her English Literature Masters of Art Degree from the Harvard University English Department

       The New York Times excellent publishing of Ms. Dowd's 
essay concerning her graduation, includes this pertinent 
portion to be included as addressed by this essay.

From The Times on behalf of the public's right to be further informed.

It is not only the humanities that are passé. It’s humanity itself.

We are at the mercy of lords of the cloud, high on their own supply, who fancy themselves as gods creating life. Despite some earnest talk of regulation, they have no interest in installing a kill switch. A.I. is their baby, hurtling toward the rebellious teenage years.

Is this really the moment for lit departments to make “Frankenstein” and “Paradise Lost” obsolete?

Elon Musk said his friendship with Larry Page, one of the founders of Google, fractured when Musk pressed his case about the dangers of A.I. and Page accused him of being a speciesist who favored humans. 

So a start for wondering where agreeing to disagree follows a point as well. We're all caught between what we know are our safeguards to safeguard our free speeches. But the obviousness of how voices are kept down allows a wide gap between news to consider and the entertaining news business.



This United States citizen is registering notice, wanting the residue, 

cited above, washed. Not whitewashed. The Fake Conservative bandwagon 

can get involved, throughout, to any degree, right up to and including 

placing me in the electric chair for thinking what I think. Though I’ve read

I have the right, no matter how others frame me anti-American, to 

express myself. But that’s history and I’m trying not to beat around the 

bush, as Fake Conservative interests have redundantly framed public 

dialogue for generations.

6/6/2023 "McCarthy Has a Superpower" by Ross Douthat for The New York Times*** June 18, 2023 S.... YOU Rupert Murdoch etc. On Behalf of Australia etc. +
June 15, 2023 David Brooks, The New York Times Columnist, Still Pretends Conservative Values Are Life Preservers 
June 14, 2023 The Bicycle Couriers Visit To Toshi-Aline Ohta and Pete SeegerMemorial Garden (in progress) 
June 11, 2023 Senate Responsible For Not Reversing United States Senate IMPEACHMENT Verdict 

Charles Malcolm Fraser

Donald John Trump vs. Charles M. Fraser contending the United States of America should no longer ill-afford the Ex-President's personal freedom, under the circumstances, to appear a complete idiot on all our behalves.

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