Monday, September 11, 2023

Ruling Money Not Circulating the World


Bill Gates needs ad revenue touting alcohol too! To his fellow losers - ALL-OVER-THE-WORLD!!! !!! !!! 
    Pictured above are the two computers maintaining my hold on expressing myself as any loyal American would when facing the xcontrolling maladjusted best interests of America's CONGESTED Financial Circulation as elatedly applied  everywhere against the whole world's interests. 
    Obviously diddly for brains people STILL dictate the nation's wealth is established to mean its RESENTMENT as I described to Malcolm Forbes as the biggest problem the world faces in 1989. THE CREATORS OF THE RESENTMENT? GOD knows exactly who you are. I see how ideas could work and if people work themselves out, like in the resentment and IDIOT FAKE (REPUBLICcase) rEPUBLIVCAN issue of the US SUPREME COURT AND CO-CONGRESS? I believe are against the interests of our WHOLE COUNTRY! 
    Atop APPLE is fine and dandy, and ours as people not to judge. But presiding as if a private life is so sacred, the imagery of remaining so solitary is the Message of Predatory no matter how PRIVACY is upheld.  BAD as heterosexuals bound for where, as well, Mr. Cook? 
    And I'm just preparing for a phone call because in the computer, last night. Don't want everything downloaded so I meticulously transfer the necessary little by little. Huh? However provided as USER-FRIENDLY, apparently I don't have a chance of finding out what this assigned PASSWORD is that I was given without the opportunity to completely realize what it could possibly be. 
    Still under the aura of I missed something or naively hit WRONG THINGI also know the wrong thing is NOT feeling as USER FRIENDLY an experience as Steve Jobs was dedicated to providing. JOBS himself probably told Gates he knew shriveling money and his dying young are coincidences! That mean trained by your father YOU ARE BIG MONEY supported your entire life as trained in the kitchen by your trained to lawyer-us-to-death-father. 
    Another DEADBEAT head JUST HANGING AROND UNWILLING TO FACE INFAMY. Warren BUFFET, cousin in infamy with the Jimmy one in the article above I'll read to SLICE MAUREEN DOWD more for her DADDY"S CAPITAL: POLICE ALLOWING THEMSELVE to be sliced off at the throat, JANUARY ^ dance on the tombstone too WITCHERY . Owned by the thieves you so delightedly paged for years ago from a family so destined to exaggerate what AMERICA REALLY MEANS TO ITSELF bitch.  Another what's TIM COOK playing with image menagerie. BRAGGER of smoking pot with another who controlled facets of the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY in bedMaureen Dowd SMOKES ROGER STONE'S "dog-eat-dog worldembers PIPE.
    AND he and the Tim Cook possible Menagerie among them have the money toundevaste the destruction their wealth already financed just for their as the BIBLE predicted luxuriated HELL. _sshole IDIOTS! 
SEE CHECK MATE! IDIOTS! !!! Translated -
... Humanity, I and You
And no one admits knowing! !!! KNOWING how resentful Bin Laden was manufactured into and OPERATIVES fed him weapons in Afghanistanknowing everything that needed known about him.

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