Wednesday, September 6, 2023

The Distorted Financial World's Last Will and Testament


As attested by 50s Cultural Pinhead Mike Hammer's manifesting in National Enquirer DEAD CIA Cesspool. Get what's redeemable OUT!  


The Mickey Spillane of American politics

GOVERNOR BOB MURPHY OF NEW JERSEY'S BLOWHARD _rick - Provided By Goldman Saks Madam Wife

    Like Idiot Dumpster! Not worthy to use Hilary's name. Pictured above showing the size of his wife's interest stuck up his convoluted etceteras of an ___, that's never satisfied. Because he's obviously never walked out the feelings deprived by all the dimes his wife and friends have concealed GENERATIONS from Americans in rarefied homage to themselves by themselves for themselves in their own unwillingness to let poverty go there so GOD damned ignorant not to confess they know profiting from WAR and all the other damned messes is un redeemable sin. Wall Street Journal Nonsense Pump

    Make believe hippies lost are morals and don't be like the people who had to hide from your patriarchy that handed off destroying the world to their families and their friends. Uh oh. FACEBOOK censor me, can't have the truth exposed to confront. Documenting can be gotten beyond till world gone but no didn't they portray their lying well enough? Fact is lying to GOD is the same damned sin as sex among predators. It's not the sex, but predatoriness. Just life, predatory breeds predatoriness and BAD People paid themselves well to do it and convinced America it's not damned surviving an economy dependent on gas. PREACHERS wherever you are, STOP LYING and pretending it's forgiven destroying the world.

    BITCH MALE CHRISTIE vetoed No better tunnel under river. He did that. Designing congestion pricing so it's a tax New Jersey dodges instead of a start America? That's a vast conspiracy Pay For As Their Own HELLS as well but not as designed by fake republicans. No hoarding that dissolved the penny illogically involved every GOD damned one. Damned idiocy with preachers unable to preach what the Holy Bible means BECAUSE JARGON PERMEATES everything as people've been led to believe by the titans of money who never needed to own every GOD damned thing anyway.

TITLE - Beyond Nineten Eighty-Four:Doublespeak in a Post-Orwelian Age. Lutz,Wiliam,Ed. 

EXCLUSIVE The Godfather of Tabloid: How childhood friend of Roy Cohn and son of an influential political fixer with ties to Mussolini left the CIA to start the National Enquirer with a loan from mob boss Frank Costello

    Soapbox View - THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER, Perpetual Den of Iniquity. Begun by a CIA operative and close Roy Cohn friend of group sponsoring (then denial the nature of liars relationshipsthe worst United States President who ever occupied that office

    Unless the behavior that got our worst criminal histories out-in-front for the world's ELITE, to NOT FACE CO-RESPONSIBILITY for  their own poor because their wealths float abroads. To matriculate here, to blame the United States for just what the idiots WHO STOLE THE WORLD did all-over-the-world living out the colonialism's the british won for a time and, Russians did in their contrived domains and Henry Luce's friends did as Taiwan and Beijing pretend enemies is a way to keep making more money because that's the GOD THEMSELVES they idolize in worship. Washington. Moscow. All. Everywhere and BIBI of ISRAEL is GOD DAMNED TO HELL as now constituted in running from justice. As any self-respecting Moscow hidden from responsibility idiot in GOVERNMENT mediocrity among lawyers trained to lie as PUTIN was in that KGB-KREMLI heading capacity. The runt can be run up anyone's ___. The little _hit. That'sright Moscow. IT'S NOW your history is known. NOW not when your children will hide for you. Not when the world's money remains the Master because the idiots controlling it hid from everyone you makers of bad cars that kept detroit atop till Japanese are made losers selling America smaller cars so our highe=wayds are clogged with huge SUV=s so the little people don' hurt them while they're killed by the thrill seekers avoiding paying the tickets designed to support careers and not stop deaths because causing so much need for insurance is SO GOD DAMNED FUN. America a lot of money made using you and you have every right to use it yourselves. 

    OUR COUNTRY IS SUPPOSED to survive meaning more than HIDING FROM the KILLING OF THREE Kennedys. But no De Saqntis claims historians lie and the people they've always stole from\, VOTE FOR THEM TOO in complete renunciation of what the founders established for the public to defend ourselves fort the idiots own the SUPREME and all the GOD DAMNED selves throughout the whole of American Society and their liberal friends who up to their successful mediocre siphoning of what money should mean so they can call it giving to charity. WELL GOD DAMNED YOURSELVES to your own amusements and I'm the madman you GOD DAMNED IDIOTS trained to lamely not listen like nbotyh Jay Gissen and Hammer I wanted to help but you'd paid yourselves so GOD DAMNED WELL NJOT TO GIVE A GOD DAMNED. Care? Read on. Otherwise, I tried as I now understand my failing to reach my goal of a world saved for GOD isn't my yolk  to preserve that way anymore. Responsible, sure. But blaming myself. Friends? Get it? I told them to their faces I need enemies because I can see what's hidden from me. ANOTHER GOD DAMNED NUCLEAR BUDGET preserves too much of the world's money for our own destruction and all; the KOCH's friends are in it for more than preserving economies on oil for THEIR GOD DAMNED SOULS. Walton lied. He didn't hope he didn't do bad when he died, he knew his soul'sGOD Damned helping to lead this country to destroy the very nature of money making saving pennies a deal where they MEAN NOTHING TO US NOW.      All the Lying relates as they were moronic representing all their hatreds in money can ruin everything if made to and socialism is pretend they control the money in those GOD DAMNED ELTIST Capitalist Hands formed in Stalinist Imagery that the people who destroyed Detroit formed in CHINA. If you've not seen Roger and Me you're enjoying your misinformed thinking apparatuses. 

  Get it. Unforgivable AIN'T Recommended Redneck Hierarchy. Mike Hammer framed as a Staten Island own as I was told outright about you GOD Damned Staten Island racists by RAP'S founders of commercial success who knew what life's warped around racists mean when confusing the kids is so GOD Damned entertaining. Brit Hume and the Molinari Totalitarian fantasy of Mike Hammer getting to date The Racist Queen Just Once, as verbally verified to me when asked. Different than the man forced to do for Rupert, hammer and wherever else I don't care. You cannot advise The hammer and Cycle and say, "I can't tell you" when asked what that GOD DAMNED MAN YTRUMP said on the phone to you when I could help. Now it's just dead meat talked to the ___hole. (Explained more fully, draft letter being WORKED ON BELOW !!!

As begun with current draft of LETTER designed to inform (lawyers and near enough lawyered up) People who've received this type of emails over the last six month period from me. To have a record of confronting any and all authorities whose claim that I'm am foundationlerss as a Pauper has Deeper Meaning in Their Constuents eyes owned by the actual Predatory Affair of SHAME FACED Chris Christie and current Goldman Saks NJ Jersey Bob "Maybe I get to throw up in Christie's wife's face if they let me flog myself AGAIN IN FULL OF MYSELF SELF-ADULATION with that GOD DAMNED Board BORED through the GOD DAMNED TABLE they made of the EARTH's inner core demanding an ECONOMY RUINED by BIG OIL carry on. 

----------------------------------------------------------WHY NOT?

An Agenda, started earlier relates … 

Phil, “Supper’s Ready,” Peter Gabriel said.

Well we do have on the agenda how the United States Supreme Court remains patterned for history to place them as the pinhead positioning sits OUR COUNTRY. 

First. Who cares what a Supreme Court just says about the positioning of THEIR MONEY and the money that moves their loyalties around the nation. A Supreme Court Justice who could afford to vacation anywhere ion  the world he wants with any likewise positioned friend and he and his wife prefer mobile homing across the country keeping their fellow well-fed pinheads amused that they’ve led to th country too believe WEALTH IS THE ONLY THING. GO TO HELL JUSTICE THOMAS. Can that get a rise out of a SUPREME COURT not facing the one GOD DAMNED thing required of them. FACING YOUR GOD DAMNED SELVES.

Target was spawned from thee energy of lower prices that led top K Mart demolished by Wal-Mart the Chinese said sure there’s people whose income can be distorted here too. To hell with actual economics it’s PINHEAD AMUSEMENT we thrive on CONtrolling the ACCOUNTANTS TO HIDE OUR INFAMIES. Capitalists, communists, losers and whatever his contrived you had the epitome of your selfish existences elected American President and there are people still managing to claim Americans we don’t have ourselves to blame and donate your money to our lying to you endlessly. 

Spooky, I have to now convince myself not to publish, somewhat, this letter openly. With no GOD DAMNED advice. Poetic no, Mr. Wylie? Hey. Guess I’d almost convinced myself I didn’t “believe in Progressive Music” either. I sure did grin though when you said that.

Forwarding this email from CHANNEL NY7 EYEWITNESS WEATHER. Nice receiving unasked as can’t readily recall the request. Probably did. Busy. If I did, just too much mind excavation for time remembering. People think littered rooms are littered minds. But minds around work CAN often remember the litter, looked for, next to the litter that it was framed next to as in how the mind travels through memories enlightening understanding. Andrew Wylie confirmed, “Writers like to write alone.” Inside the mind, the room, wherever you are you work with what’s there naturally. Again, exception to rules is the mind thinking around things has purpose too.

So not exactly funny, but, this partially explains something. Over the years I would, soon enough, get to the point of feeling damned whenever I spent much time looking for a different job. Especially while at On Point Couriers, where I knew I belonged. But that MORE MONEY, That Never Bought Me Anything, THING was dangled at me so frequently, whatever ... . Jay Gissen’s main point was humiliating me I’d not come up to their performances. Meanwhile he knows he was owned to maneuver my unsuccessful framed at LOOK HOW BIG AN IDIOT Prince Rupert and his Damned Kingdom Inmates Is! Friends protected from prosecution, I suppose. Meanwhile even I’d complain to authorities if someone came after me so blatantly devoted to defeating me. Oh, right. That’s what we are doing. They were told I’m doing this for nothing so destitute they really proved they’d only helped. Nice work if you can get it. Funniest? At this table. “Soapbox could use” and his reply, “my people won’t invest.” Meanwhile he’d rehearsed coming over how I’d need ________’s money to buy his time to help. But past that I’m the voice alone. I’d felt I hurt an editor. Evaded cutthroat pirates out to sink the Earth’s vote. The word liberal so proudly from his mouth. Bullshit. Rupert’s son the liberal buys National Geographic and owns history of me smiling among the controllers. Man next to me  in National Geographic Explorer -Big City Bike Messenger was funded by Trump-Russian crime spree in the DAMNED TOWER, approximately 1984.

  Before The Great Hall Victory, Charlie paid for our seeing the new bicycle courier film. BUT told I couldn't bring marijuana because I knew it should be understood it's kept from me produced nada. Producing an understanding in me that people were satisfied to have me controlled these years. I told Gabriela you’ve explained you were raised to not have a man control you with money and you’re doing the something. She’d grin, successfully. And I’m not getting into more explaining she can’t recall how really she’s seen completely denying like a Roy Cohn prodigy itself. Yet I care. But not enough to not miss Ms. Special much, much, more. 

A mentioned phone conversation, discussed later, with Charlie, illustrates how it was fine not caring about me specifically. While not proper use of my time by apologizing from either side. Jay Gissen Told To His Face that GOD's humor will be on my side over marijuana kept from me.  Was not responded to exactly. The realization had me overrunning feeling how true. Last conversation on phone was “ooo I have good marijuana’ to smoke gracelessly with both his friend he helped but, in the end, too much enemy. Cool, Disney execs hated I framed them and the star liars as a child before they built the GOD DAMNED monument to Florida not having a train grid and second rate tourist capital the world. Disney’s dead and these GOD damned people want that nam still blamed. GO TO HELL or Impeach Ron De Santis is not a threat! It’s a promise. See, judgement’s not on em? How would I know everyone? Please. Gissen heard things from me.Figured out you can’t tell people what to do, they do the opposite. NOW. Telling people what to do? GOD likes better writing about the Darkness that’s my job relieving the burden of not quite literally understanding as I’dexplain. SATAN is humanity’s manifested doubts and deceits w’re being led out of temptation from. Sorry. But all the money is GOD’s. Charlie the Mathematician could probably tell you, Rupert doesn’t care what he has because ALL THE GOD DAMNED LYING props each other up. Right down to all WALL STREET liberals partaking so they have enough.The MONEY GAME is owned. It’s about the money at the bottom working. All the world’s money floating THE ELITES that’s your cushion burned in HELL. Gabriela, “But I didn’t know you talked like that.” And I can say I remember looking at my mother looking at me knowing I wanted to be so kind, like Jesus Christ but that’s not how Omega’s designers whatever I wouldn’t claimed was always framed in my understanding to know more about manipulating me than the manipulators ever conceived I’d understand. Come on. An Argentine who produces a son who looks German and says he knows about the music and shakes his finger but don’t smoke marijuana. That’s sad. Doesn’t matter, Gabriela that you weren’t told they were driving me past that stadium when my soul screamed I want out of this car to go see GUY and they laughed at me and her face worried and didn’t hear me say, I’ll never be able to fix this. Guys dies, I cried all weekend and smoke my 3-6 weeks of pot so no more. She didn’t know doesn’t fit wanting to make me hate my own life. She denies it. I did learn she Argentina’s tragedy, warned by Will Rogers himself years before warning when helot out, something very bad is going on down there. I’ve told her, Laurence met me and her careers was redsigned around the bottom capitalist sate of affairs coming up to a rational top down socialism. They knew use bad atom technology right, but that’s where I distrusted Charlie. Yhe claim nuclear waste lasting centuries is manageable. Who gives a shit. People have no GOD Damned right to think storing that waste or creating more of it is okay. Well paid assholes, face it everyone owned and used.

Jay smoking with me with no intent to help, other than bits when left with nothing. Another beg him for more situation. Clear Murdochian/Trump Authority up his bunghole. Again this is not my speaking alone. This is what idiots have to face THAT they believe in their ignoring of ANY AND ALL MEANING in proper debate. As letter explains. While not conclusive proof, it does acknowledge my supporting Murdoch deported to Australian jurisdiction and Bump Dump place where he can prepare for bunkmates regarded as screwable again in the future. FRIENDS would plant themselves as friends this year and I got a precise few left, one trained in clues by THE Kurt Vonnegut himself. So Jay's not being impressed he knew that Elie Weisel and I sat a long while in a room together without talking, means what it suggests. I ignored bable around me insufficiently expressd and "I can't tell you" what that SHITHEAD president said on the phone to you. Right. I was told. When I said I'll do my best for you., the mumble from my soul was I can't fix what's broken souls. That was the thing in Jay's kitchen. Ididn't knopw Hammer was then or eventually an arm of the Enquirer idiots. Oh really, confronting me about Elizabeth. Ooo, I've been waiting for this. Forget the details. Jay's later grin said it all, "Why didn't you tell me," so there was more information on hand to manipulate me. Proud liberal's vision damned to HELL. See Charlie? Forthcoming NOT is not my problem(S) to solve. I know you told me many things. Undersatnd the Argentian is three months in and still an get her head fully around protecting her means to stop hiding how you were used. 


I took the insult, as information six months ago, of ACTUAL INSTITUTIONS and PEOPLE (high school/college best friend, subsidized draftsman for THE Mil. Indus. Complex, etc.) MANIFESTED AGAINST ME. Apparently I was me not wasting GOD's time readying my capability's for a used imagination. I've produced at least three years of work in the manner of creatin, I always used in about 5 months. At the beginning, "you can see what's being accomplished with 4 hours work before sunrise. Only recently have I had sleep of more tha a couple hours at any time. 66 year olds are capable of this. But most were exploited in their 20s to burn out used, while I just happened to have more than a whale of a sponsor. Didn't read Moby Dick, sure? But intellectuals made sure I spotted and read about idiots hanging around the South American Coast bragging their predatoriness will survive everything. Damnation's wrong Epitaph, no? I still get a kick out of that Gissen character telling me that my conspiring with nother writer with my review can't be allowed on the FB page THE REAL PUBLISHERS on Facebook. Review of published work, no less. He's coming out of future Hammer and Cycles no matter if he finds a way different. History writes itself and is not for bastards at the top to write the boTtom down. "LIBERAL would be the word that man here's in his ears constantly if grave faced as understood NOW. GOD damn itJay. HE requested to no longer see the emails sent FOR THE RECORD. Howie if I hear you say anything to them other than they are regarded as little pricks, you purgatory suck, but then we know better. Not fun and fun all at the same time. Relevance being GOD is omnipotent and people mess up defying that. 

So Jay is supposed to know I would never trade favors over reviews OR ANYTHING like that. And he goes into his way of his logical voice overriding everything. Sucks knowing what I know.  Hammer and Trump, whether or not they actually did, could have done Jay in Forbes Yacht's bathroom. True or not, that's a HELL to face Jay Gissen. "I can't tell you" when asked what the asshole said on the phone is you sealing your own fate. Judgement is the Hand of GOD. Not councillor's or Forgiver, because as you know true going to YES concerts with me, 

Whew. I scare me writing this stuff. Told notr may care who doesn't care. So ...

And anyone not understanding this email. HELL, I was threatened with arrest often in Florida, but last time as noted before, all the police cared about was I'd be leaving the state. Then the cop and I talked about what I'd seen of the Disney-like Orange Blossom Trail renovation that like TIMES SQUARE IN NEW YORK can only translate to scapegoats everywhere. Liberals fonding conservatives in limousines perhaps is so those offendedbymy manner human created for me to deal with you, because honestly I wasn't made to be this angry. JUST UNDERSTAND WHY. I'll tell you. I never imagined Ron Kuby smiling. He couldn't stop. Me? I Couldn't and he an tell you I kept hovering lower, thinking to my very soul "Jesus Christ what am I exactly understanding here," and Kuby looked up and said, "We have a lot of work to do." I nodded, I guess, and he was gone getting emails he's not BLOCKED YET. And I'mregularly smoking whatever pot I come by in front of his neighbor's museum whose sign ends my YES' FUTURE TIMES video. I never thought people could be so stupid not to connect that train to anything. Legal corruption, humans to be commended. Don't have to admit wanting a simple boy destroyed who taunted RACISM"S GRAND SHERIFF? Face it. As a Community, BLACK PEOPLE haver been a HELL pof a lot smartter than the liberals who profit on complainijng about BLACKS CONTINUED EXPLOITATION! See? I didn't start this knowing is is theframework for an essay and now I do, andya'lldo too. Those who actually bother reading. 

NY's Channel 7's weatherman-in-charge is a Cornell graduate and my mother did raise me to see Cornell as a Challenging, competitive, Ideal. "Your uncle was big in advertising" was all I really got, except for a now better remembered meeting at age 5, till Malcolm Forbes said, "You really need to see that Wall." When I looked up Kuby, I was impressed ONLY Cornell Law. And of course looking at Kunstler looming in line, ahead of me, at that violent Tarantino crime movie screening, was inspirational. 

SARCASM so of course there's wiggle room not to fully face this, but true. So Charlie "HIS Father yelled him off the Wall Street Exchange Floor" will no longer be included in any necessary updates as GOD is not an institution for LIBERALS to judge ME as not as aware enough to handle money as THEY ARE SUFFICIENTLY trained to accomplish.  CONFRONTING ME, at least once, that Barry Benepe hates me! (BENEPE TO TONY HISS! ALGER HISS' son. BENEPE said, "You don't have to talk to him.") You upstate ensconced institutional dirtbag behind the symbolism of NOT OFF YOUR ASS moving things forward. SON BECOMES PARKS MANAGER and still today ALL Public Parks bathrooms are not open 24 hours because pretending there's no money for thaty funds so much of government's own SELF-REWARDING. 

Don't have all night bathroom use with police protection. CITY says hey DISNEYS behind improving and city remains locked down against tourism andf it's DISNEY's faultscreens skyrocket Times Square upward where no self-respecting designer would allow cars to drive throug. WHORES just like the ALBANY trained frlapping his gums MAYOR who should onlyt be3 FULL TIME worjing on a 125th Street Station HUB. ASND YOU GOD DAMNED mathematical morons can'thave a one dollar Congestion Pricinbg Charge to start thwe ball rolling? NO DECADES of a formula that the Golman Saks at this point, is just GOD having made sure I (knew) know. PEOPLE designing their lives to NOT compleGovernor of NJ can tely help is TRANSPARENT! 

I know Jay Gissen owned by Murdoch and etc.s was beyond him,. Confronting JAY that I know he talked tostand against like a diplomat for NJ WEALTH. CHARLIE we 30  that IDIOT DUMP on the phone, as documented, and I want to know what he said. Jay's eyes wiggling "I can't tell you"defined him and CHyears agio ARLIE no matter how much I will always love them both.Gabriela still wanders from the FOUR MONTHS OLD, dear me, look what I'm suffering NOW from HAPPY breaking the relationship.  Nothing to do with whatever. MEANWHILE she introduced me to the man laughing at me in the car not allowing me to go see GUY at the gate of that Argentine stadium where Elton John played that NIGHT. THE MAN who, when first met, said he knows "the music" and shook his finger I shouldn't smoke marijuana and her controlling me with money was just completely misunderstood. Bullshit. Spent 23 years telling her what I saw HER country doesn't face. And now when her retirement is provided for, there's no money to get me anywhere based on how much I cared for her more than her designed warp of me. "Trust me"when she took over my income. I knew it was her retirement and not my work first, over 20 years ago. Patient and forgiving me my match. Believe providing for her retirement was enough of a life for me? Couldn't fathom that so I went about my thinking work myself. Fortunately I thought about a lot more than why people around me can't exploit me better. I'm told everyone got more from me than ANYONE wanted me to receive in return. EXCEPT GOD told verified from my VERY SOUL, that RON KUBY is ready as shown both of us in that elevator ride. That I'm eventually ready NOW, or was starting about six months ago ... and long before as recent videos backed by musical artists attest. 

See you Charlie, hope Judy appreciates the satire of liberals having to be BOUGHT AND PAID for like every other institution kept HOARDING WEALTH that's not sufficiently circulating. In the Bible that in end time the rich will manifest themselves to evil proportions that they themselves won't even understand. I understand. Harvard educations, great people could look down on me as easily as friends working for enemies. Guy Babylon and my best friend controlled by subsidiaries of the Military Industrial Complex and all humanity got was a man wanting to live up to what I was given raised by parents from the 19th Century. Face it. My competing with Cornell University got us this far. Not what the HOARDING of money by elite universities 

Happy Malcolm 

P. S. In regards to Mr. Komanoff's no need "to smoke marijuana to write," this was written all the way through and now the Holy Trinity wants the Left hand to smoke some to show up what's thought of SO MUCH SNOBBERY being thrown wholesale on not only GOD's representative but the liquidation of GOD as having any part in continuing the development of humankind. Screwed with  the wrong person human idiots. SEE? I'm more angry than HELL that such a simple thing as keeping pot from me provided such GOD damned amusement FOR EVERYONE WHO MADE sure whateverI made would never be self sufficient. 

So how deep in the bullshit is Mike Hammer still, Howie Sherwin? Lifelong friend of THAT HAMMER and employee of State Attorney General Letitia James? Landlord fixing next door apartment with an, assumed, UNDERPAID CREW of one, while old man who owns the work watches the work and grinned at me. Greeks using Greeks basically because George Samaras, as HE told to me, can't get minority loans as not blacks so their ability to each other is seen better as an exploitative task. You vacation among the Greek OIL-SPILLING Elite and America can'tclean up after these well designed MONEY WORSHIPPING hypocrites. Unfortunately evil is worse than that. THANK GOD it's GOD's permission I was only waiting on and not the grinning heaved at me because seeing me a loser helped GOD anyway because as Lord Buckley said, "INFINITY, DIG IT."   And just so my kind kind disposition doesn't repeat this. Thank you TheNew York Times Book Review and good luck consciences. Jesus Christ is Carte Blanche forgiveness while GOD's got all the time. Gabriela, "You didn't talk like this before." But knew I'd have to ... 

I'm forthcoming because I'm actually curious what could be mounted TRYING TO PROVE I'm crazy AGAIN. 1978 I was hidden and all I heard was "no television."If that relates. I love conjecture. How knowing what's known relates possibilities that come together.Why writing is all about building and the next breakthrough building the next. Asin how the world's actually going to turn around the destruction of the world as a staple of economic enterprise. My fear was always being judged as having not done enough. Doesn't matter what ANY PERSON thinks. GOD knew and knows eternal damnation's a piece of cake for someone whose own sins were so crafted to ill define me by others my conscience is just a glide through with HELL as a fate. Relatively not that bad. But forever, just for the soul of humanity's fate. I didn't earn that. I do understand, but I'm just a voice of council however GOD works me. Facing fates is the human endeavor, GOD created to deliver us from our own EVIL. Why I don't judge. Smiling at me doesn't hide when I know I'm being judged. Last night the Cornell, graduated, weather guy squinted at me deciding something when I faked taking a picture of THE TIMES CARD in the ABC 7 window. My only worry was the fake good enough. Why the investigator Nina Oineda is included in this email wondering how much I messed up this time. At least I DON"T DO COVERUPS like that governor of Florida wanting Disney's power destroyed money can be made making Florida more useless to itself FOR A LOT OF MONEY. !!! IDIOTS! The Soapbox View WORLDVIEW 

HAPPY, how GOD refers to me and well-regarded Eustis friends of my authority, that I always HOPE FOR, and depend on, for their, mine and our sakes ... cool, right? ... ... ... Sade andI have nothing to be afraid of but GOD. See how who I really scare most is really ME ... Send this to the Book Review too. Last thing I need is Mark Hiler emailing me this is not my jurisdiction. Come on, laugh. That's what keeps me going till YOU KNOW WHO personally tells me something to do. That smug smile kills me, in a good way.I suppose ...

All without pot Charlie, so I'll smoke some and see if the anger abates at all. But then, that's not completely my jurisdiction either. HELL, even locked up I can't even care if the Colonel callsRon Kuby. I could spend a day or two watching what I'm shown just for more information. Kuby shows up in court I would have to ask the judge to remove him not to compromise his position. The take up an hour when I tell the judge no, the system is designed so Aa lawyer can only completely get their hands around that. Legally designed corruption is so deep, I was given the task of living with poverty, THEN PEOPLE made sure that could dissolve me. 

Maybe I ride out o Astoria with a computer but doesn't sound as if there's extra to live on a train. Claims to never talk to Jay Gissden, but I heard them say things at the window when he saw Malcolm the cat was dying. Paranoid? What landlord would build a building, covering my windows, and have no tenants for a decade? Landlords wanting tenants driven out to sell to BIG REAL ESTATE and construction companies that should be renovating New York. Not filling tall buildings with foreign investment that's not really put in the economy till taken out at the slight inconvenience to the mere GOD DAMNED MONEY MANAGERS ruining NEW YORK CITY for an ALBANY bred Mayor and witch who was obviously a part of women manipulating Cuomo to touch them more. Our whole world despite much lived on luxury, really is like a BLACK MAN running knowing I may as well let that RACIST define themselves and shoot ME. To quote The Moody Blues, "I'm just a" lyricist "in a rock-and-roll band." ...  "Only who is the artist we have to agree." 

And as my Eustis friends were informed quite a while back. at 11 PM seems every night, huh Beautiful? ... 

Thank you Bill Ritter, Money mismanaged. The elite's kids used to get spending money in the summer. Would be better if beaches were manned year round to to stop selfish people bragging they can abuse NATURE when alone diddling their brains just amusing themselves. ... The Distorted Financial World's Last Will and Testament. Uh oh, poor Bill Ritter, finally a post his name's on. That's how bad it is those jobs are not filled. Know how many pools are not used in the northeast becausemoney is saved not teaching all the children to really swim and not just float around whenm politicians claim opening them is enough for those who can't luxuriate in their own damned money cess pool. NEW YORK'S greatest public pool, Astoria's is NADA-fied because QUEENS POLITICIANS made sure there's less public facilities (ASTORIA"S could have been brilliant) to not bother the more extremely uptight neighborhoods BLACKS weren't in a long time as the DUMPSTER family prescribed and ROBERT MOSES enforced in PUBLIC HOUSING too. THE WHY OF WHY RACIST TRUMP DADDY ruled for an ESTABLISHMENT ELITE embossed in rarified air their diminished souls couldn't quite care enough for other than elite clubbed amusement. Similar to those DAMNED BUSH-YALE Secret Ding Bat Societies playiong isn't it fun so believing in just ourselves. Wicked people those TEXAS BIG-OIL SUCK UPS bought into. Yeah, Alender haig runs the country because Reagan iswn'tdead yet. The conspiracists can even move their whole show straight and don''t have to to keep belieiving lying satisfies everything. LOOK we're fryinhg the poor JANUARY 6 used victims. Well not quite. They had to be paid princely Roger Stone Peacock Parade sums. What a real ____head that bastard is.

America wasn't fooled. They've been stealing a long time and TRUMP's document bragging about everything. NOT QUITE LIFEGUARDS AT BEACHES? When the issue is not properly paid for it all leads to his conspiracy of idfiots. The Distorted Financial World's Last Will and Testament

Something from Facebook may end up more directly relating than I prefer but documentation is by any means necessary.
Okay, might be out of ASTORIA with nothing. Nowhere to financially go, not even in place. Everything comes back as what I did to her and not what I'm confronting. Mike Hammer stared in my eyes last year telling me I need her to survive. Last year they'd buy refreshments together as a State Attorney had me notice, saying, "where's ________ where they bought refreshments for me like I required supervision with money as a mediocrity.
Like I needed money given to me, when I'd paid at least a good maybe 15 -18 something years of at least supplying money for all the bills, rent, everything and ability to save for that retirement I was condemned for neglecting, before meeting her, so having no money for 20 years wasn't really a concern. PISSED I was being held up by money kept from me and voiced it. Too much memory of smug satisfaction.
Different from when that Other Woman charms me in smug indifferent noticing me anyway. 🤓. In fact, that's a point. I didn't technically notice Sade romantically till my heart could attach that HOPE complete and sincerely. Complaining I can't look at her on the TV and listen to what she says started I don't know when, probably back before the idiot condemned us as an idiot president. Maybe I need someone in advertising to work on this ___ of a problem I have trying to negotiate a proper introduction. Oh well, I lose at least the Mail Room was delivered the envelope I carried for months with her name on it.
Anyway, here in Astoria she says she understands but won't admit to realizing how used happened all around me. Some dead Disney and Florida State execs didn't like a child haunting their not wanting to build proper trains? And a RACIST Sheriff had allies in the Military Industrial Complex! The Big World she just doesn't want hurting her, so she tells me I don't know how SHE is hurt, when that's the premise behind still here 4-5 months, whatever, after. While told and shown I prepared for you to figure this out without a big emotional sudden breakdown. Although there's been those. Waiting like waiting on Warren Buffet to care about what it means to have his pile personally responsible hiding the how and why Wall Street is still triangulated to destroy a fully functioning economy. History's written however I go.
Hey unfinished essay, this one maybe needing editing when moved along. That's why De Santis preaches hide the documentation from the kids you know.
Woke to their preaching on behalf of HELL, oh no!
Confronted about very bad things, four months after relationship broken? She danced across different ideals, I'd not lived up to, but never confronts she did resolve to preserving me insolvent financially. Though she knew I wanted her to have all that retirement money when book succeeded. Apparently not admitting didn't appreciate not appreciating the success achieved for no money. Forced to get insurance after the pandemic I lost two more teeth in addition to the one lost so when I asked for money for the Book review adI'd have change and the loser me went unadorned faced down by historians and again no money I'm destroyable as absurd. After commanded by Book Review for challenging that exact challenge. people that close to me? Kidding em? I'm yelled at because everything's so locked up money's losthaving me out on $1500. I always said I was sorry i can't afford more needing time o think on the bike. Uber even laughed pulling the rug at the end knowing I was on the ropes? No. I'd written "hate you" in the texts for a year they so miserably worked with DOR Dash to destroy what Couriers preserved about competition. AND confronted they'd take advantage of coming electric bike the Armageddon of pedestrian fear and narrowed car lane bitterness combined to say it's a mess no one's responsible for so we'll keep paying ourselves just tomato the mess bigger.
So I may be starting all over. She'll probably say it was a mistake not wanting me looking bad homeless or something. Women with children go through HEL:L over these things so I'm just protecting someone using public record. Bad ways of using people happen. I know. Why risk saying important things and make destroying my personal life an issue? Duh? whatthe____HapcrapStillwow-wo-wee. All Said was I'm sorry I never made enough money and defensiveness makes me a changer of subjects. And those dark eyes facing saying I don't understand when I've known for six months only wanting her to realize.

SEPTEMBER 6 The Distorted Financial World's Last Will and Testament 

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