Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Military Industrial Complexities Replaced by Lee Goldberg, The Legacy Chair of CORNELL's Department of Freud's Nephew BERNAY'S Idiocy Exposed

September 12, 2023

More Than Bad Weather Folks

PATTI'S RIGHT ON: Real target. the ... "unsung fools." 
It’s not a pipe dream.

If you needed further proof of Bernie Sanders’s argument that most Americans stand with him on the issues, consider the reaction to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal. Despite attacks from the leadership in, or around, both parties, over 80 percent of voters support the litany of proposals advocated by the House resolution: job and income guarantees, universal health care, a cleaner environment, and lower socioeconomic inequality. Americans turn out, yet again, to be far less conservative than elites have maintained over the last half-century.

CMF    Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is a Wall Street funded Bar Tender advocating what won't float as the plan sits still. Congestion Pricing's been a ping-pong argument, 30 years, because Wall Street and the Gas ComBine Engine Combine wilted the electric opportunities into dust as many past decades passed beyond and over our heads. But the Cowboys won at least a couple Super Bowls during that time - so the culture's fine. Politically culturally entwined.

    CHARGE A DAG GUM PENNY and establish anything attempting the smallest dent. While Congestion Pricing is still taxpayers covering the load, expropriated by blatant exploitation. Like any ole Savings and Loan Scandal. Progress is not letting Mass Transportation remain transparent as one of Global Warming's Solutions. 

    It's not just Global Warming. But polluting at all is wrong. And face it. From atmosphere figures Global Warming is faster than predicted, so obvious conclusion is Earth's balance is warped. Too much resource pulled from the wobbling planet. Can't exactly fix. But not stopped? We did it. Ruined the Earth in the Universe. Given the responsibility and worshipping (idolizing) an Economy Ruled By Gas Did Us In. Who does BILL RITTER smirk for then? ABC-7 News Poster Boy for country's Male Figureheads PR-ing GAS For Everybody Till Forever Ends.  NITWITS

    PUT YOUR MONEY IN THE FUTURE OF TRAINS NOW, Warren Buffett. Ambition more than slice of dough, NOW. Just do something. You put the money where it should go. Brilliant making it. Then be more brilliant than saying you'll give it away like Carnegie did. Man who battled a lifetime with partner Frick over the pile of money. Money not circulating as money was born to do. 

    The NATION's Transportation Grid is a real hands down humiliating tragedy of misspent aspirations where manipulators contended over the spoils of war as if Modern Humanity weren't happening around them. The Authoritarian Robert Moses vs. Robert A. Caro

    The Homeless have phones that communicate around the whole world meaning this is overshot UTOPIANo getting away from that.


    All people are writing history all ourselves. Some written as I have, without specific degree. Claiming novelist. Known ornery breed. 

    Elitism and elitists are unworthy idiots not FACING understanding jack _hit. About devastating the whole world's ECONOMIES imaginatively with just MONEY and TOO MANY GOD Damned Conspiracies Among Selfish Friends. Thanks For Nothing! 

pictured. Lee Goldberg, left. Famous eye wiggler/weather expert, when co-worker, pictured right, would redundantly jargonize Gasoline's Rule of Economic America. Herr Ritter's earned a NASCAR Franchise. ALSO BERNAYS, another Military Industrial Empire Conscript, NOT PICTURED HERE. 

The Bankrupting America Legacy.

From S. L. Kanthan's - - -

eX-Twitter Post.

How many Americans know how propaganda works? 

How many have heard of Edward Bernays? Maybe 1%.

He is the father of mass propaganda. And his techniques are still copied. For example: This is how he increased sales of cigarettes — by inducing women to smoke and thus doubling potential customers. And he did by using three strategies:reframing smoking as a “women’s liberation” thing. Recruiting celebrities. Paying off media to glorify his stunt. 

And much more ...

    Bernays out of Cornell trained military minds for perpetual "supposed" controlled anger. 

    Lee Goldberg and I have traded shrugged looks. It's clear Big Picture. 

    Just because I described so much crap for a five year old, that neither of us, JK nor I, thought I'd need money. And people around me proved it. A computer and enough to get as far as I care till who knows? Gone somewhere short of Alaska's farthest reaches where Will Rogers and Wiley Post went. Not when I'd rather burn than freeze to death that cold. Abandon the world? Come on, PEOPLE HAVE. (March 19, 2024, still kickin' "NO COMMENT.")

    See? Broad legacy. Financial supporting Bernays and sycophants fiascos, of all sorts, emanating through history. Comic Book - Roger Stone. Dumped Ritter The Fake Great on me. Hoses off, hoser.

    I think The Hammer and Cycle ... will outlive Australia's enemy Rupert The Murdoch

    Lee Goldberg? What dividends? We've little hope for Walt Disney's visionary hopes. So get it, Checkerhead RON DE SANTIS? And all WELL ENOUGH PAID FLORIDA mediocrities that let symbols of racism remain. Robert Moses' and Smoldering Big Oil vanity! But at least well paid. Warned - Eatonville I-4 Overpass. 

    Lamenting long period Sade and I kept apart. avoid looking at you all three months and you're offended, what? Right. Too busy to read. Watch a film. Rich friends tooled above the noise as well. And Sade looks at you. Right, I can't last much more than a couple, few days. Even Now given up awkwardly but honorably enough. Bacall could just whistle too. 

    But neither she nor I should be dealing with this around us created by me anymore. But the whoever "... likes Sade" is the nicest thing I ever heard. Face it. Sure I'm crying. Really think I care whether morons read this, Sade? 

    A couple seconds of my films is better than any Ryan Seacrest and Bachelor franchise put together. Why? Triviality may sell, but still trivial. Thanks Lee, at least I get to lose THE WOMAN.

    "Outta here," as Zephyr said in WILD STYLE and passing me when he left Elite Couriers back when. Zephyr you're tagged, You could have been a lawyer with that other name. 

    Look at that, Goldberg, avoided you and produced mad. Am I ticked. All because everywhere the internet is about tagging people, and dragging them along so the specific jokes keep audiences under glass. Even the sophisticated. The bullcrap that Woody Allen goes undefended and who knows what crap still comes of od Conde Nast where the whore Roy Cohn probably had staff underwriting Mike Hammer's whole education. Not even connected but documented, ROY found their man the TRUMP asshole and the whole tribe followed right up the FIFTH AVENUE leading right around that circle I made nightly around disgracing the CORNELL NASMER wherever that exists. DO IT! Don't let my name appear anywhere near Cornell's and you've dotted my little eye you pinheaded freaks of algebraic stupidest that could even think this satire, though relatively true is about Lee GOLDBERG. It's about this world's celebrity fantasies still used to keep destroying minds unable to fix our worlds. And the Kardasians will mumble you through when you're finally observing just throwing up on yourselves. SITTING ON MONEY WASTERS! !!! @__ll 

    Don't bother Sade. I didn't leave my first love. I probably still haven't uncovered everyone that destroyed that for me. All I know is Guy joked with her and me, and life moved on past Lee Goldbergs long before he was formed to think JK couldn't have possibly known his five year old nephew would one day undermine Jersey's Money Controlled Conspiracy where Lee lives. GOLDMAN SAKS owned subsidiary somewhere down the myopically imprissoned financial stream do stuff with you mortgages extending your FINANCIAL NEEDS. Again, poor Lee how's he mixed up in this?

    Mr. Goldberg, the floor? Ah, laughter in the peanut gallery. The show must go on. Dag nab it. See, Immure mad at you for putting me on this than what it meant. I don't care. She'd have to admit. I'm not typical boring. Aw come on?

    No blip. You understand, as people, what you meant with those squint eyes is far worse than anything I've said here. In the context of where you were sitting. 

    In NYC official. Aunt Aurora and JK Fraser's Nephew's nailed. Maybe Party at National Enquirer on Wall Street on Mike Hammer's 1950's Glass A__. Mr. Goldberg, see I'm not specifically angry at you, if that helps. But I have no choice. Hanging's over. Clint Eastwood's Punkness Conservative Farce kicks on. I suggest not getting off on it. Just getting off. 

    You, you are my scapegoat writing to her about shoving off. If I don't convince myself there's no plan. And now. Historic sanford memorial Stadium. Kiss your rude faceless a__es up the gazelle oil because I have enough memories of the racist son saying things that disgust me. BUDDY LAKE good man you was in JACKIE ROBINSON'S face. Thomas Lake son? Guy Babylon wouldn't come out of his room when that man would not go away and none of us wanted him there.Those eyes you little shit worked for Elizabeth that whore. That mr. Goldberg is something for Manuscripts how "what about Elizabeth" was said before I looked at JK's file and that I won't answer the phone to ensure avoiding her was met with a smile. So what exactly is DISNEY'S small time corporate problem with co-conspiratorial government executives that ruin Florida and TIMES SQUARE and world over habitually because they found how to pay themselves sufficiently to ruin the whole world. GLOBAL WARMING? Everyone's still guilty as you know what.

    Great, I get to hate myself. You LEE GOLDBERG (funny, right?) elitist New Yorkers are a riot.

    Those squinting suspect eyes last night, and you were right next to her when we exchanged the eyes she hooked me precisely with. But that's her choice to pass on. Not even mine. I was sunk, whatever her reason. John Paul Jones can swim. 
    I'm so impolite with the implied cursing. Why don't i 
tone it down with a more modified gibberish for FOX lies to be in front of too. I know ABC sells crablike
everyone else and I'm in the way. So yeah Goldberg. Finding out Bill Evans posts redneck political crap and you don't know enough to sit on FOUNDERS WALL. Hell, push me off. manuscripts at this point, confirms, no kidding I DON'T GIVE A DAMN. Seriously Mione
Hammer took me to Elaine'sand she hadtro squint glare at me too. See? I'm honest with you, not like
behind my back like uptight Cornell help sometimes arrives. Cornell Alum means something and why I allow. You were given the opportunity to help when I knew you'd found your track. KEN BURNS Diagrams.

Miss it? Everything's just hugely hazy for me. Excuse me. BEEN. Don't want to bother Ithaca, as school begins. But won't stop anywhere costing money, for a while. I don't envision putting anyone there through the - hey you can't sleep there. Sanford, 1982? "Ya mean neighbors called because I'm sleeping on a park bench?" ... Anyway, I know propriety. And guess I blame myself. I'm pretty sure I was right at five. These people are killing themselves with money. Man (JK) just asked what I thought. He said nothing about money, but I do know the three (father) of us mapped me out. See how I get distracted? Anyway I am very angry, but scheduling, even with my flexibility, requires execution. And "no comment" is cute so I don't care. Like with the Caros, I gotta go I know I'm supposed be doing something. But like that Bacall film, just whistle ...
    And he was there when we locked eyes. I know someone else, whatever. As I've told others. However innocent, I'm stunned by what's thought unethically justifiably used against me. Malcolm Forbes said, "What if he" Dr. Armand Hammer "already knows about you." I know Lee and enough people don't have time to read and it's fun defending how it wasn't meant for money to destroy everything. But like racism's crimes, done with money and unjustified mater how clean whitewashing history means NOW. See? I won! I will shove it down their throats they want the WHITE GUY beaten taking down the white lies our jargon rests upon. Good griefs there are other essays and oh right I get hurt people too. Thanks for the understanding. 

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