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  PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER *** "I am" - Called OUT @ AMERICA’S Home Plate *** *** 

Ithaca, NY's Cornell and me from September 24 -  ... and in what Americans need a clean slate AWAY FROM and NEW Foundation To FORGIVE 

    So what the headline means is: I've symbolically tied the pieces together to show where the countries, and world's powers, are acting on the historical enforcement of behavior patterns known as against human welfare. Generations of NEWS REPORTS linking the success of pollution's interests as those of humankind. A humankind reflecting not respecting what we've been given. But the ability to shred money both honestly and dishonestly is held in such high regard, that all those well funded retirements may as well be stuck up the collective ASS of smiling Bill Gates friend Elon Muskethead, who is allowed to portray a friendly smile on ripping off America's image of what driving American electric cars in luxury should mean. An affordable electric isn't available because it's more than the KOCH brothers not giving two ____s about anyone else. They dress up nice the literal piss ant _hitheads of politics.         WARREN BUFFET TRANSPORTS chemicals across the country falling off dilapidated RAILS, THEN HE'S A WHOLE PART OF DESTROYING AMERICA for profit and like Carnegie, call it what you want after you're dead. Right NOW you and IBM Dynasty child Bill Gates are infamous for covering up a withered burning should in love with yourselves alone You jerks die that money's kindling. This world should treat what you Masters of Being Spoiled Finance created. Blaming the country because your manipulating money is so well hindered the president of the united staters is shilling for the UAW voice hypocritical BIG-OIL that still destroys the world while you idiot Buffet need what to carry own? Master your finance, you know where. Believe it or not you Wall Street Gift bag to a World of Fellow Hustlers. right people won't believe you're that guilty. Polar bears floating on a piece office know it. Holes in the groundd in beloved Oklahoma feel it. It's sick what High Finance got their own selves to believe in their being excused. Doubt it. See how screwed up the world's been made by your images? Where why should I care? Just because the world really did idolize money above everything and an Ukraine comedian needs money for weapons while really Putin only has to borrow from North Korea. Who's kidding whom when the North Korean shoots more fireworks because the totalitarian aristocratic tyrant never learned to work a cash register. Dumpster neither though I'm sure he's lie about it.     Bill Gates or Elon Musk. BORN LIARs I DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING THEIR PEOPLE CONTRIVE ABOUT THEM ANYWHERE. SAME DIFFERENCE CHILDREN DEVELOPED FOR CIRCULATING Wealth for wealth's sake.    

    YOU X-pert diddly-squat genius. Behind PayPal? Probably good riddance once you stole enough, or still do. Like all brilliant methods today the poor have hurdles the upper less poor pass just to maintain stabili9ty above where the money's made. Like increasing interest paid on homes to debilitate through the KNOWN COMING 2008 crash. BIG MONEY GOT OUT! Little money crashed. Uh huh and NOW controlled by logarithms housed in New Jersey where government is certainly contestably, at the very least, known to be OWNED BY GOLDMAN SAKS. Why? Convenience. Notice profit is made sir much more from cleaning mistakes we don't try hard enough at that it is really true. The money counters? Counted up such a pile they left out complete honesty as the BOTTOM LINE. Thanks for nothing. We should be so proud wealth has its place while banks slice money money without being the best resource for local finance. Why is the Mafia Legacy pissed. The White Establishment let The Criminality They Propped Up invested in legal and illegal chemicals Americans learned to either enjoy or become debilitated by. Why no accident heroin was absorbed by a Harlem destined to need an escape. Probably had no idea of safer highs and you know, legal or not there's going be criminal enterprise and ours evolved to kill with fentanyl on purpose. What's evolved is Power of whatever kind is so corrupted through the world it doesn't pay to give a crap. 

    face it. Jeff Bezos demands executives take over wholesalers and retailers business environments then he's already wrong according to our country's laws and Wall Street already incriminated with him fro designing Amazon to ruin the literature business business with the apparent inside executive atmosphere of we're all invested in Wall Street. Some kid will deserve my job. Is that what they thought because BEAZOS ruined as lot of capitalism pretending Wall Street and him jerking everyone off is competition. laugh in there breasts of the woman you left your first wife for? Imagine you couldn't look her in the face anymore either. You selfish _sshole and we're supposed to believe you';re the genius all by yourself because you can sign a contract buying the Washington Post. HELL. Rupert retires you and the kid can pretend want to buy or not want to buy Thew New York Times depending on how YOU lie today! Imagine Elon Musk and Bill Gates smothered in _hit for brains alcohol advertising if that helps. Face me with lawyers. _ssholes. If I need one you're getting away with lying and there's ways to wait that out. You might need the Supreme Court to beat me. Remember though. I'm required to spend a dime on your _ull_hit and I cry foul. What is this justice or bought speech that's the issue I'm standing up against. Bill Gates: Yes daddy. Can't beat them. Bet those two idiots were inside enough to know Johnson was framed with Vietnam and why the man who led the "demons out" on the Pentagon committed a "suicide" when the courts released him just as John Lennon knew he was looking into the eyes his child killers' eyes. And I even read where a magazine publisher invited for exclusive Paul McCartney interviews wasn't impressed that his statement was "it's a drag." He wanted more meat. More hook to fry a celebrity because a lot of people know, the Militarily Industrialized Complexities Conspiracies of Individuals was GOD Damned corrupt and face it. The Modern World needs to get up off that GOD damned legacy. 

    Because you aren't seeing TESLA make electric look too expensive for average America. Necessary for who? And all the other contrived failures that mark how far capitalism can't reach? Pathetic and blame socialism. Accounting really, while the big money's made slicing and dicing ACVTUALLY!

     Don't understand ELON _-hit for Brains?" Because you're exposed as not giving a damn about others too. We're all susceptible to this in our lives. This or that doesn't fit. Nowhere has cheap rent so the cheap don't live here anymore. Capitalism fell on its butt folks and it's called Wall Street Sins translated into every aspect of ournlives. The poor go through hoops af penalties while the rich coast with rewards paid for by where the money comes from. The proof. The weak. The susceptible to being more disadvantaged. So a (p)resident was elected who just categorized everyone else as folks so as the the no account could have nothing to be held accountable for. Like Georgia Politicians divesting money two months before Americans were informed of the PANDEMIC too late and the jerk sends everyone back through NEW YORK. THAT"S WHAT AMERICA IS NOT FACING. How criminal TRUMP is shrouded in a  Gates Musk degenerate sense of perpetual self-congratulation. If he doesn't want to bite that lip off? Your sycophants America. Face it. This crap is diagnosed done.

    That giggly IBM moron Bill Gates responsible for more than half the crap clouding the Internet with _ullshit that can't disappear. But face it. WELL PAID UNADVENTURESOME WASTES. Musk? Daddy formed your brain over croissants and coffee in the kitchen too? Or out back marveling at all the land no responsibility is fully taken responsibility for? Doubt all Elon's money could make a dent in the bad spirit ____ for brains hedonism that went in that head not his and the perpetual grin Ooo let me panic investors smoking marijuana. Police aren't enforcing license plates. This country's rulers are preparing the public to ask for tyranny. These   idiots  icebergs. 

    Imaginable Elon spends an eternity looking at his _rick that will never get attention again. People don't know ____ that he's done, or not done, for SOUTH AFRICA where he is from. Because probably all he ever did was steal from there too! And why ruining good business' nature requires such a lyingly successful broad WALL STREET engineered racist smile. _sshole(s)!

    Literally and figuratively in allowing my life to be seen as the total economic failure I designed it to be along, it's very symbolic faceless powerful people helped. A lot of people, BEASTIE BOY, knew who I am, and about, when I RETURNED TO NEW YORK CITY in 1985! Russell Simmons the pinheaded kingpin wanted it understood I'd be kept from riding on an elevator with him again. Jerk made hip-hop a personal kingdom and people fighting for scraps. When his wife exposed his cheating I understood. Corrupt feeds on itself. Why his brother Reverend Run probably had to frustratingly devote years of his TV show to how a family can be destroyed focused on what the money can buy next. He watched out, but there's an other trapped by the expectation of what's bought next. Poor him? I don't give a crap. Know how may generations of WHITES thought that was ok? STOP UNDERESTIMATING or we'll never have a chance to fix the mess corporate logo brained people like Russell Simmons thought best coasting on while he put his name on comedians telling jokes RUSSELL should really have been the brunt of if AMERICA could ever finally face ourselves.

OURSELVES of the burdens that've driven the best and worst of us, and ALL OUR GOOD FORTUNES under ground. ... ... ... 

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1995 Vitriolic Email from Provocative Mega-Celebrity ____ _______, co-starring TRAYVON MARTIN   Noting here earlier that pity ...
      So The Soapbox View numbers were 241 yesterday down 3000 from the day before that was near 5000 for the week. So as a histrionic charade to play with is in force maybe. Still I can stand in front of FOX and no one offers to beat my ___ or anything on behalf of Sean Hannity. Or wait here, "Sean is coming to beat your ___." None of the promise Sean made a generation and a half ago facing the MAN who told him your entire nonsense is full of crap you BIG PIECE OF RUPERT MURDOCH ____! 

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