Wednesday, September 20, 2023

PRIME Free Speech Facebook TIME Welcome To Revisiting The Very First FACEBOOK @ Cornell University

    NOW it's fact. I knew what I was doing by answering belligerently. Taunting the divisive crack about a Biden General Incompetence. The insinuation being that the way forward back, isn't being gotten - So The Heck with figuring out whatever else is being figured out when facing the truth is a hobby run from by a house of card carrying worthless souls imaginings. 

    No? Or if so, why bother with the frame up anyway? Just because generations of successful undermining has pinned an Elite American Class to the Wall of Suffering it WAS founded on to end in the pursuit of happiness. No S___. LYING ABOUNDS I don't care. I always liked her. Gibberish? No way! 

Idolized Money Supplant(ed)s Walt Disney's Dream

    All friendly on a local level, but still the same disingenuous reiteration. Like having the decrepit oldster McConnell of Kentucky before the Public Meaning - Can't you understand there's a too old for office? YEAH, McConnell's FIRST INAUGURATION! 

    And here I sit coughing on each toke as I've been consistently doing since those months of smoking scraps on the budget designed for my life to look unable to cope with making money. Tightly wound around the fact I'd neglected to save a dime for retirement by age 43. A tragedy of Modern American Economic Affairs, so I'd seen no choice but conform to what people needed my appearance to be. I worked on. The last year no marijuana when the book's being finished. Who is kidding whom? The woman? The left out of making money from Literature anyway? Since Bezos, The Capital Retarder, decided he'd play god. Investing in a generation-long, twenty year, Destruction of Literature.

    And The Business said, "I liked your book, but my boss won't help you." While of the same company? Paraphrasing, my girlfriend's in art, "just ask me" to help. Said the man funded by Russian Free Criminal Enterprise in DUMP TOWER approximately 1983!"

    Nice getting this NOTICE now, just gotten here in Ithaca. Can't post to facebook GROUPS for SIX DAYS. Imagine, not yet, or even at all, on the floor of the Cornell University Library. Mumbling. Also this time, time to look at pictures individually. Mumbling Aunt Aurora (Aurora S. & James K. Fraser) and JK, I did it. Facebook's actually defending RACISM publicly by pretending NOT GIVING A CRAP/DAMN IS A VALID CORPORATE STRATEGY! Stop specific nuisances! But not WELL-PAID OFF lying? Continue(s)d ... Mistake(s)? Since 2008, Facebook tools? The Soapbox View, The Hammer and Cycle Messenger Service Charles Malcolm Fraser ...

    Blame the logarithm-ists? Or basic hires hired aggressive without fully knowing they're eliminating broad effectiveness. Uber's Strategy with their food delivery, because THEY want everything Strategized efficient, scapegoat-wise. A mockery of Ending FOSSIL FUEL ABUSING!

    In definite (anti)TRUST efficiency, with DOORDASH etc., whatever, ELIMINATING THE WORKING BICYCLE OF NEW YORK CITY. And all, corporately shielded, hiding their executives, above-and-below) claiming ALL the money SLICED off-shore's not their fault either. Smooth running tax system would have everyone well below even and especially 15%. 

    Congress is 50% corporate lawyers as they realized the 90% + of a few years back appeared embarrassing. Did person who noticed keep job? Lying for a business/living, that easy they say ...

GOOD GRIEF! Fabulous timing to say the least. I'm up all night in a student union because it's too cold outside to find THE HOTEL. NOW I have to budget 6 days, to make a devise big enough to answer LOST INTEGRITY. Crafting legality to incorporate stealing from America profitably is your problems. Mine was would GOD be disappointed I didn't try hard enough. Disappear or whatever, something is next. It's written out, what we refused to face in Judgement of Ourselves before GOD's relief based on Christ's forgiveness of GOD's souls within us. BYE ... ? ...

    UAW is forced/coerced to work alongside Management throughout their history. Management hired theoretically corrupt criminal enforcement first that saw Unions as the PIGGY BANK Opportunity as shown by their creating Las Vegas, the Executive Class' Management Showroom of Money's Dutiful Idolized Religious-osi-city. 

    UAW's needing more again, is much more indicative of the unstable penny culprit. I hate being an enemy of labor as I was in siding with Bicycle Couriers not organizing, but that was a point of independence, endnote against organization. Major League Baseball Players Association Power could only confront the established powers.

    But in the case of GAS AUTOMOBILES! YES! Diversionary that UAW even need an iota of complaint space on the air waves! They are more on top of the economic balancing than elsewhere within the economy. And top that with an industry THAT REALLY HAS undermined the whole economy by divesting that shredded money with commercials for buying SUVS with all the excessive luxuries THEY can handle. Writers? Bad scenarios have written an economic trap for all of us. Hollywood, Detroit come clean? In a dream!

White House slams impeachment push as a 'political stunt' amid GOP shutdown struggles

Stuntman Kevin McCarthy Pictured Right of THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

    Here I travel ALL-THE-WAY to Ithaca to visit and arrive in time for my NEW PUBLIC SPEECH BAN! 

    And I was extremely curious to see what I'd write in Ithaca and Facebook did, as somewhat expected. ...

    We're at this point, as artist Seth Tobocman, Writer, Editor and Illustrator of the freaking 4 decades + old World War III Illustrated, 

 paints with this photograph here. 

24:33 "... and he carried his bags himself." And business of others carrying money for ourselves. 
The Fox News host speaks out as the singer, Taylor Swift faces intense criticism in right-wing circles. 
Retire with Rupert PINHEAD!
Sean Hannity Has Surprising Take On Taylor Swift Criticism
1995 Vitriolic Email from Provocative Mega-Celebrity ____ _______, co-starring TRAYVON MARTIN   Noting here earlier that pity ...
    So The Soapbox View numbers were 241 yesterday down 3000 from the day before that was near 5000 for the week. So as a histrionic charade to play with is in force maybe. Still I can stand in front of FOX and no one offers to beat my ___ or anything on behalf of Sean Hannity. Or wait here, "Sean is coming to beat your ___." None of the promise Sean made a generation and a half ago facing the MAN who told him your entire nonsense is full of crap you BIG PIECE OF RUPERT MURDOCH ____! 

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