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Idolized Money Supplant(ed)s Walt Disney's Dream

     The psychotically maladjusted person above? Never found himself incapable of having success bought for him however corruption twisted his appeals for, and about, him. GRAND Hyatt on 42nd Street, he "built?

The winding history of Donald Trump’s first major Manhattan real estate project

The Commodore Hotel was a key remnant of Midtown’s Terminal City

    The Art of The Deal sold on the site that promised Wall Street it could destroy literature in 20 years with their money waiting to be reimbursed. While television's networks defended their positions to gather together to defend themselves as TELEVISION as HULU! 
    The Networked Executive Literature Class were obviously waiting out that investment in Wall Street and not DEFENDING LITERATURE as their own force. WHY? They could have won. THAT FLAGRANT SOULLESS BASTARD Wanted Literature and the commerce of the world killed in the name of stabilized circulation of money JUST AT THE TOP. And Idiot himself Tourist Class to BOOT. Say it ain't so  Captain? Least you didn't risk up there with the BIGGER IDIOT! 
June 22 Truth Is I Don’t Feel Good Writing In A Hostile Manner. I AM ANGRY !!!
    If all his money went to charity?  "Nature as your own utility is wrong."
    Bezos, charity? Destroys the penny's value more, and whatever he gives he just slides across the top the crafty MaleWitch - JEFF BEZOS, turd. The sum total of anything he'd slither anywhere is not even a start on fixing what BEZOS' Friends  RUINED, RUIN, RUINS. Just as Andrew Carnegie could very well be burning in HELL for not giving more of a crap about some sensical circulation of wealth. He and that _rick Frick MUSEUMED HELL likely. They fought over the fortuned pile. Exploiter no matter how hard fought scrabbled way up. THE arrogant snob retired to Scotland to IGNORING RAMIFICATIONS. If alive he'd deserve for senseless hoarding, Mar-a-Lago Penitentiary. 
23:00 Robert Caro gets to nitty gritty in conversation promoting WORKING. The book written in Ina Caro's Honor. 

    It was such a great honor for me to compliment Mr. Caro, and wife Ina, for this book - WORKINGOn Columbus Avenue. Actually not that funny that his website, under his name, however brief, doesn't cite the entire book's gist when the honor is well earned as Mr. Caro confirmed to me when we three met.  
    How integral Ina was to getting such very important things in HIS authored book(S). Searching out and finding important nuances! AND as usual a WOMAN can make a better man. They seemed okay with it, per se. 
    Hands down, Caro's writing THE POWER BROKER had me stammering near coherent. So in awe he and I were talking. What the Power Broker meant in insight into the roots of how leading this country was done so wrong. JANE JACOBS SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON STEROIDS! !!! THROUGH ENTIRE POPULATION. Or better NOW NOW NOW.
 Eye-to-eye with me because i said we should do this as I read it. Confronted, very tall, Robert Caro looked down in my eyes confirming he confronted that jerk eye-to-eye for his transportation grid nightmare destruction of America. And that GOD Damned Moses slammed his book and ran. 
JEFF BEZOS Pinhead Legacy of Money enough To Destroy The World. Jerk.

Moses, Robert, 1888-1981
Call number
MssCol 2071
Physical description
142 linear feet (140 boxes and 57 volumes)
Materials in English
Preferred Citation

Robert Moses papers, Manuscripts and Archives Division, The New York Public Library

Manuscripts and Archives Division
Status note
This collection is temporarily unavailable to researchers. Contact the Manuscripts and Archives division with questions.
Portions of this collection have been digitized and are available online.
    Tickets are cheap. Dumpster's  ilk go for broke wasting other people's money.
    BEZOS HAS TO carve up Wholesalers and Retailers? AND EVERYONE ELSE defined less worthy than his elegantness. 
 As in Bill Gates, yakkity __itty-persona, formed by IBM to obliterate the Internet's speed with useless bullcrap. Daddy teaches him in the kitchen that all he needs is his fellows lawyers in BIG-BUSINES and he's a shoe-in. RIGHT BIG _hit the Computer Community called the WITCH BILL GATES on long ago. The Audacious Disinformation BILL GATES! 

Jeff Bezos parties with Bill Gates as the Microsoft founder celebrates his 66th birthday with 50 friends on a $2million-a-week private yacht before helicoptering them all to an exclusive resort in Turkey

  • Bill Gates invited fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos to his birthday bash in Turkey 
  • Gates, who is worth $136 billion, transported his 50 guests by helicopter from his $2million-a-week rental yacht 'Lana' to the Sea Me Beach club in Fethiye 
  • He invited the world's richest man, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos - who is worth $195.9 billion - to celebrate the day with him and his friends
  • It's Gates' first birthday celebration since announcing his divorce to wife of 27 years Melinda Gates, with whom he shares three children 
  • Guests enjoyed a menu offering local seafood, sushi, pizza, and champagne 
    Bill Gates on record pivoting to what he's verified involved in trying to ruin, in of all years his fellow DUNDERHEADS managed Wall Street to ruin Americans Home Buying Nest Egg for Retirement. Sorry, these were not capitalists. THEY WERE AND REMAIN FRAUD. PERIOD. 
    RETIRING ran from his company as ROBERT MOSES did when confronted by Robert Caro for really manipulating the ruination of TRANSPORTATION across America for a few dollars more for the idiots that PINHEAD Clint Eastwood is a shining emblem for. He and Tom Selleck can play diddle each other pretending they ever meant more than WHORES THAT GOT AHEAD.
    GO AHEAD ASSHOLES, sue me nyou worthless tokens of unpaid attention to American Politics. Believe whatever you want? I believe both of them are so GOD damned stupid they never learned to face themselves. HOW ELSE could you be imagined fondling this wicked _____'s widget. YOU TWO illiterate jerk offs. Blue Bloods really feels like the pinnacle of men deciding to forgive themselves anything no matter how morally twisted that pathetic arrogant face can be lyingly portrayed. Like WALL STREET how long do you intend advising America to further slice up their home's finances for your OTHER GOD DAMNED FRIENDS.  
    Eastwood's tier Elite, above SAelleck apparently. Up where Conservation Icon Robert Redford is placed unable to make anything other than that trapped on an island all alone to pretend he's not just flicking his BicRobert Redford Robert Redford Robert Redford

HELP WANTED - 5/15/2012

  Film: Robert Redford. 1998, his publicist announced Mr. Redford's interest in portraying Dr. Armand Hammer if the right script came along because he'd studied the man. Making sense for The Hammer and Cycle Messenger Service, I never forgot. But I'm satisfied for history's sake the book's obscurity will fit well opposite Mr. Redford's legacy as a liberal icon. Unfortunately, I guess, as dedicated as I've been, this marks the end of my giving a rat's a__ one way or the other. Professionals claim interest in the world's intellectual growth, then that's what should be remembered. Along with Andrew Wylie I think of "movie" industry movers as people whose word is reliable only for being mistrusted. Despite all the success in BREAKING IN by Nicholas Jarecki. Although my book's deserving, my feeling is there's many who're not honest enough with themselves to see jackals in the mirror when they wake every morning. Or are extremely proud of it. Either way, I put in half-a-century on what privilege's not BIG ENOUGH to tackle. Representing an industry where puckering's an art and truth, liability. Satisfied, no. Acceptable, no. Inevitable, no. So pucker, the rat's on retainer.
Good night Chet

. Eastwood doesn't need the money to lie. He enjoys voicing his vacuous opinion FOR FREE because that's what his gift of stardom was from the pervert 

‘I’ll ruin you’: Judy Garland on being groped and harassed by powerful Hollywood men

moguls who took advantage of girlsSupposedly worse than the idiot BILL GATES is documented laughing about. You Mar-aLago Wall Pin-Up poster boy for rise above the public enough, the public won't understand YOU GOD DAMNED people really hate EVERYONE but yourselves

Bill Gates was blackmailed by Jeffrey Epstein for his affair with a 20-yr-old Russian bridge player

Updated: 22 May 2023 Edited By Sharmila Bhadoria

Bill Gates reportedly had an affair a Russian Bridge player, and the information was used by Jeffrey Epstein to blackmail the Microsoft founder for money

    WHY THE BIGGEST problem is your carving each other up constantly for no other reason than it's fun getting money however happens. But it's ethics your consciences judged upon according to GOD in the Holy Bible, for one.
Bill Gates ran from responsibility for, just as his so what response to chasing girls BEFORE HIS WIFE DIVORCED HIM. Something very bad when the tops of companies ruin the bottom purposely as UBER/Ubereats did to NEW YORK CITY's SUCCESSFUL bicycle delivery system that defends New York City for generations. 

?using his site with executives designed to cultivate taking over anything.
    QUESTION: How many lawyers does it take to hide from responsibility for anything and everything? Not that many or too may apparently when bribery is as legal as the destroying the premise for the FIVE and DIME. 
    I remember being on what was left of a Woolworth floor in Woolworth's building and a man from another company said you never see them come out those doors. UNION CARBIDE the same for all the paperwork carted to 60 Centre to hold onto the money better spent having that big chemical accident in India not happen. Like Lehman Brothers before the 2008 Economic collapse more executives got out covering their own throats. SO JUST DO THAT FOR THE WHOLE ECONOMY IDIOTS. Interest at this point on 40 Acres and a Mule piled on industrial Prison Housing for Blacks mean reparations should be millionized. But I know BLACKS can do it on $10,000 each to start businesses with each other with accessable good advice. And if WHITE AMERICA doesn't burn it all down one more time again. BLACKS again will be behind establishing a prosperity for this country MEANT TO LAST. ...
    Endless build up in The Art of The Deal, how he built up the Hyatts hopes to screw them enough too. Now eligible to pay taxes after a 50 Year Abatement that's really his greatest achievement while his Mafia-twisted Union support allowed little else built. ln New York over a deal sealed among the Three Racists who met at Roy Cohn's 39 East 69th, oops, 68th Street Castle. 
    NOW understand, the imagery is that this man is something new. When in fact as things evolved, all along, his signaling was the Bush Family framed announcing they'd already arranged to steal Florida from an accurate vote in 2000. Backed by documented carnival atmosphere with as Roger Stone Peacock parade supplying the irreverent evidence BIG-OIL's going for broke with the most ridiculous images now. generations before the nationalisms tyrants hooked to were so obvious, countries couldn't get out from under the twisted definitions provided to countries by individuals and their conspiracies defining themselves and their wickednesses as forgone conclusions. As Modi control of India demonstrates to devastating effect continuing prejudices ;long past anything but useless revenge. As when a man was elected president who claimed it';s Mexico's fault the remnants of his team's Criminal Enterprise System is just being coughed up. Dump a self-reverential SNOB.
    Why did Al Gore step aside in 2000? Well there was the BOUGHT UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT! AND you, and he Al Gore, couldn't change Big-Oil's destroying the world till Big-Oil decides and a 50-50 split almost means the country is still too confused. Periphery evidence. When Dr. Armand hammer bought his friendship in with Al Gore Sr. of Tennessee, Al Jr.'s mother made sure its firmly documented that GOD damned soul never talked to her son alone. Don't understand the team dynamic where bad people combined to make destroying the world financially successful? I am GETTING TO THAT.
    DISMISS Dump first. He announced he alone could fix it. No his conspirators have been ruining a capitalism that could have been running right generations if Arabs provided Europe with electricity from the sahara and Jews didn't fill the West Bank because Muslims were left too poor to stand except spout off rockets for Netanyahu to still portray Israel needing revenge. WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP. This film describes how devious.   Oh the tangled web that's wove as they continue to deceive, to paraphrase Shakespeare. ... 
    So that was something. Disney World coming way back then in the mid 1960s before arriving in October 1st, 1971. A request was made and confirmed I was too short to be among the 76 Trombones on Opening Day. Can't say exactly when I began voicing it didn't make sense not to connect the loop monorail to Orlando for a successful use of tourist time besides revolving our lives around the car that became so idolized America allowed ourselves to ruin ourselves very simply by success hiding success from ourselves. Robber train Barons taken down? But they probably never intended a full state transportation grid anyway after their PRIVATE TRACKS to their summer homes to their well provided foe lives were enough. So even today a modern train is built from the northern suburbs that still can't reach oDisney. WHILE? While that Pharmaceutical Industry appendage daddy-lawyered Witch Nancy Reagan's husband highway miserably slicing Florida with another victory for the WHORES OF TEMPORARY ASPHALT. Designers by bad money circulating HELL. 
    Oh the promises of possibilities I went to bed with especially Sunday nights when Mr. Disney's friendly demeanor announced that night's show. My parents watched with me and slowly as I aged I was there alone mostly gauging the nature of my own time while my mother answered questions and told me "your father wants you to know. 
    So the scheme to have America form a hatred for each other jammed in parking lot interstates was the visionary chasm Robert Moses carried out on behalf of his fellow bad people. PERIOD. Robert Caro, spoke personally with MOSES AND ME, to confirm, that confronted - that man ran from the truth. And the whole nation followed and still follows NASCAR wallowing in destroying, burning oil, whatever is so misplaced IDOLIZING THE CAR. Jesus Christ warned what the rich would do and idolizing wealth make happen. And our kids are still taught in college how to count up money hidden from Caeser. taxes probably could have been well below 10% if only people didn't get so caught up just circulating money at the top. And they elected the worst president ever and destroyed a legacy walt Disney I think wanted better. 
    Case in point the generation long promised redemption of Times Square was sold as the mega-entertainment giant coming in symbolizing the end of the tawdry ethicalness sex scene. Judging gets us in worse situations. So now you can see the DISNEY name there but that's not what's happened. The idiots probably want more Disney money to fix problems, but why when corporate Disney has to know they're betrayed. Fro the beginning the city can't curb entrepreneurs illegally representing DISNEY images? Who kids who when the screens head to the stars and no real urban planner, unless bribed, would have that absurd distraction driven amidst by cars. But wait. Some day we'll be trained to stay out of the way of driverless cars who will ultimately just be delivering money to another Dump Trump collecting money. DEEP STATE? The Federal Government has always known TRUMP TOWER is an ongoing Criminal Enterprise. 

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