Sunday, September 17, 2023

Thomas Paine, Founding Father & Excellent Door Opener

Good morning ... More doors to work through, huh? -       Before I got into expanding The Soapbox View voice I was reading a book about the founding and started on Mr. Paine and basically realized I don't need to be paraphrasing him either in trying to not repeat the prejudices of today that people are haphazardly programmed by to just get by financially ahead of professionals shriveling economics and politics alike. 

    What Mr. Paine did was explain The Revolution was a way of getting out from under the tyranny(ies) at the top. Power still circulated among the elite then and a diagram why the Elite Today need to understand THEIR Stability is intact EXCEPT for undermining THE POOR and everyone else shriveling The Penny as Professional Money Skimmers. 

847 views  Sep 15, 2023  Podcast: Books That Shaped America 

Englishman Thomas Paine arrived in America in 1774 as the conflict between the colonies and Great Britain peaked. Up to that point, the colonies were said to have considered negotiation rather than separating from Britain. This week, University of Maryland history professor Richard Bell joins BTSA to discuss Paine's arguments, his life, and what led him to publish Common Sense.

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From the 60 Minutes Archive: Steve Jobs

- challenged San Francisco that they didn't understand money? Gates pretended they didn't understand him, that FREE SPEECH REMAINS fought over for AMERICANS' FREEDOMS! 
The Narrower Points-of-View Craftsmanshi(t)p.
THIS LAST IDIOT CAN'T EVEN BE MORE PUBLIC ABOUT WHAT HE DOES FOR HIS EXPLOITED HOMELAND SOUTH AFRICA!!! !!! !!! ... thank you in this instance KISS UP BILL MAHER ... Cornell Graduate A__hole in fact. 
As well as New York City's Babbling Against Political Correctness Albany Ensconced - Kathy Hochul Mayor off NYC. Neither could pull off convincingly next to Governor Cuomo to picture themselves mauled. Talent Scouts sometimes scour the pits. Aunt Witch Nancy and local-boy duped Ronnie. Somehow pretending to read in his case got away with what America's Biggest Idiot exclaimed from our very White House. Program your mindS and don't exercise them, or your children growing in knowledge of history. + stay out of TYRANNIES' WAYS AND MEANS OF Committees of ConspiraCIERS OF INDIVIDUALS. As long as their healths are ok ... 
Another danger whenever speaking or spoken of. 
America today is threatened by a culture and system of left-wing hostility to the Constitution, the rule of law, American history, and to the core concept of America.
September 23, 2008

Cornell Connection: Bill Maher '78

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