Thursday, October 5, 2023

Dear Mr. President, Page Two ...

    In Washington October 8, 22 readers. Big Business-Private Enterprise-Government Malfeasance as I knew, and know, faced eventually at these salaries?  

    So just as faked-out Robert Moses dead-in-the-head Florida conditions everyone's lives with a level of unnecessary conditioned air? The Joe Biden Wilmington, Delaware train station is colder than the COLD OUTDOORS! The details I endure. 

    The station is logically efficient to move people through with a SECURITY aware of all type of life. I saw the possibility and had my midnight tonight ticket to show when asked why am I in the station for such a long period of time. There are no desks. Electricity to charge equipment and AMTRAK bought ticket provided wi-fi. But hey! A traveling America checking ourselves out. Don't we do that hiding from inconvenience in our cars. Wilmington downtown a diamond polishing, once again, all the empty storefronts because people forget where they live climbing America's Aristocratic Ladder above the responsibility for shriveling money like incompetent idolatry dictates. 

    Meanwhile this is a prestigious hub between Philly and the nation's ostracized capital. Meaning, for the most part, any scapegoat we're welcome to became an unfortunate National Anthem. 

    Outside in the the nice park. Information that the idiot Flagler controlling trains and Real Estate in Florida built his first private railroad car here. Significant history rhyming and repeating itself in complete moronic abuse by the Sophisticated United States of America, NOW, going on with lives while the worst political representations possible are ruining screaming outright gibberish. NO? B_______! 

    Our president is polite in a corner unable to do nothing other than the rest of them. Stand up and say look what the professionals have me represent? Everything about this country has become polished presentation that doesn't give a crap. The Center for the Homeless near the Station? Has a capacity and amiability to not have to give a ____ about what's cast off asunder. 

    People can stand in Manhattan, New York streets oblivious their heads are not there! + our protectors are as distant from caring as the American Public Voted for by that exclamation point of an idiot, DUMP, being elected AT ALL! 

    As well before the current president, and that last idiot, the president is reduced to watching his son Hunter as a Box Score as to what he can be lined up to fall for. Company of well enough off people, but Hunter has to get all wound up in wanton women he's not being programmed to handle. + BAD DRUGS adhesived to his finger tips. 

    John Kennedy Jr. had to face his own wife was programmed to believe a royal self-vision was all she needed. I still believe her and the sister went down screaming it his fault. Or in self-righteous delirium making it impossible to save themselves? No? You know a conspiracy killed his father no matter who all GOD pins it on. 

    Mr. President, this Wilmington downtown area, money fixed things smooth. But Real Estate and everyone else exaggerated prices across America producing ALL THOSE EMPTY STOREFRONTS all on OUR OWN! 

More Parking For The Bank's Huge Building, Like Those Marvelously Empty Surrounding The Station that so compose how - isn't it decrepit how lying to ourselves idolizing the car is more useful than running a proper world? 

    IDIOTS, don't redeem yourselves? Consider it DONE! Claim however one wants, but in-the-end as selfishly used as that pathetic Putin pinhead himself! That's the fate of the many? While IDIOTS rule America, YES! 

    Pray about it Mr. President? Think it GOD DAMNED through! Go hide behind the ludicrous use of the US SUPREME COURT TOO! Sue me! Lock me up! You're all coerced into the scum bag nonsense OIL Madness never face themselves till ... Electric wires are above the trains pulling through the JOE BIDEN Station. Much to fix, but less than elsewhere AMERICA! 

    President Biden, NOW I feel bad. As uncomfortable as the night was, and despite the fact there are no desk arrangements in the park. I'm watching the sunrise from your named station.  

Sun's up, America?
    Hope the First Lady's well. Having been exposed to over-greeting when the convolutedly world-spread COVID is still a residual threat left from THE WORST AMERICAN PRESIDENT EVER, Donald John - why not him just be THE BIG -  CHUMP!  SEE! 



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