Sunday, October 1, 2023

For GOD So Loved The World

Face it, Kardashians Worthless Icons in Terms of FATE!

    Capitalism is Competition. Not destroying the world's markets for control as in Howard Schultz of STARBUCKS fighting UNIONS. Because if he keeps that the NEWS, he keeps the LAW acting AS IF UNIONS didn't already establish MINIMUMS THAT he is ALREADY GUILTY OF IGNORING ALREADY! Executives brought him back to symbolize this, as Pinheaded Founder!

    CHIPOTLE, SAME DIFFERENCE! All a big lie and lawyers without the WELL PAID INTEGRITY TO ADMIT ANYTHING DIFFERENT! ALL THE LAWYERS. Degree or not Howard Schultz - The Pettiest Type of Legally BOUGHT Authority! Both sides! The ones controlling CONGRESS! Taking myself to D. C. for a more accessible, face me down and arrest me why don't ya'll descendants of outright  ________!

    All DON'T end the Gravy IN OUR SELFISH BUCKETS Fraud Train of GENERATIONS! Get it! Lying makes more money than honesty! + THE AMERICAN PUBLIC VOTED FOR IT! And coerced into FRAUD blaming me, that's disgustingly convenient for a country and world programmed to RUN FROM THE TRUTH! META/Facebook Corporate IDIOCY! I'm threatened with (incessant, final?) censorship!

    Come sit, K(c)ardashians don't care. They've been incapably unable to face themselves generations probably. Raised in despicable moronity, as evidence suggests. + don't care that everyone isn't luxuriously smoldering on their CAMPFIRE OF LOST SOUL,DUMB too! Laugh's cue, IDIOTS! 

    CAN NOT be denied people die young knowing me. Behind St. Patrick's Cathedral, and a dentist confirmed talked about, John Kennedy Jr. touched my heart and walked away knowing we'd both be seeing uncomfortable things. I cried the whole day he died. 

    The day I left proposals for his coming GEORGE Magazine? His Doorman smiled, saying it's delivered. And OJ and Al Cowlings were that day taking Southern California on another joy ride, so So Cal News Viewers used to hibernating on GASSED-UP IDOLATRY, were focused on the police having FUN in anther car chaseS(S) facsimile!

    Identify with celebrities and you'll NOT notice the framework RIPPING YOU OFF EVERY DAY! On HULU! You're not saving TV highlighting that ROTTEN VEGETABLE STAND! 

    You're saving WALL STREET's carved up FLORIDA as people on INTERSTATES, planned to spend vacations in as BIG a PARKING LOT as how California and New York and FAT-ASS-TEXANS designed the US

Stick ALL your faces in that FAT KARDASHIAN A__ in H__L! 

    Should be appreciated THEY still allow selves carted around in limos filled with ____. Means time? SUE ME! Daddy's spirit still haunts lawyers! ???

    NICE WORLD, Kardashians Spoiled MORE RICH and HOBBY-ISTS RESENT not paid more. BUT ENOUGH APPARENTLY to GLORIFY themselves keeping me financially destroyed? Who is more identified glorifying BURNING OIL-CAR-RACING ALL-OVER-THE-WORLD STILL? The FOX NETWORK Rupert-ed Sean-ized-SIZED IDIOTS! Sean Hannity strokes Taylor Swift's fame. 

    A world NOW CENTURIES OF GENERATIONS, that should have been evolving what's in the earth, as an ENTITY IN THE EARTH, OF OUR EARTH, INSIDE OUR WORLD STILL! YOU FRAUDS as in THE Hammer & Cycle exposed enjoying destroying the world profitably. While Americans pretended defending capitalism is our own ghosts' imagery. IDIOTS! WITCH NANCY & MORON RONNIE REAGAN

    But wait! They'll solve Everything shipping Nuclear Waste into SPACE INFINITY! On rocket ships built by the EVIL TWINS BEZOS and X-Twitter, ____ for brains, real South Africans disown the idiot, Hide Behind Anything + EVERYTHING, Elon MUSKethead! Twitter/CEO Linda Yaccarino, June 5, 2023 - ... if only money's idolized? ...

    I have $200 with limited spending capability. PayPal works with AMTRAK. But stressed out debit card won't even, digitally, take deposits from other bank accounts! THE POOR still programmed to log time contributing cash, through outlets, for circulating up, up and away. That for the rich is not inconvenienced! 

    I've calculated the rest of my time, as calculating out of spending time on everyone I've already given over 66 years. Yes, I know, of course not even near my eighties. And a loser's giving up, no? 

    Which means created for me. _____ you. I'm just among many documenting interpretive history. CONTEMPORARY HISTORY. People support(ed) my not wanted near all your tragic messing up! ALL MY GOD DAMNED LIFE! Least THAT COULD HAVE BEEN DONE, IS FACING SELVES & KILL ME. Though warned not to ride somewhere, saw a gun in my face, there, possibly not fire from a car window. Terrorists in ties too, folks! And we're paying their smiling faces betrayals! 

    ALL in on GUN MANUFACTURING KILLING PEOPLE FOR PROFIT! Even the lawyers fighting it, must ALL know it's all about keeping the business BUSINESS!

     No, I'm not going to theorize OJ as innocent for people. Law Enforcement and The Legal Profession probably couldn't get deeper, with the Corporate Entertainment DEAD MEAT Kardashian coordinating things to the point his worthless name is FAMILIED about as look what money buys us while you can't manipulate crap for your own selves! 

    OJ's defense? As stands he doesn't have one. But I know what I believe he said is right. A woman and her children taken well enough cared for, doesn't need a job, or life, where arrangements are eventually made among people whose lives are coordinated different from others. 

    Father Goldman upset? Apparently not though at Finance possibly coordinating his daughter's and others' murder. I believe it. Who knows? Maybe Bill Gates' corporate lawyer father saved his son's life, selling soul to IBM deciding to clog today's Internet with THAT DIGIT-HEAD'S careful carelessnessES! 

    Gates was obvious. The only reason anyone reads anything useful, at all, NOW, is people cared to fight back against the control of the world by FINANCIAL PINHEADS DEVOTED to world destruction FOR PROFIT. Profit inherently a builder but not as done by evil as I'm describing. - - - ... --- Children dressed in finery is how Jesus Christ described THE END TIME specifically like our own? As in Bill Gates advertising alcohol.

    OJ could have been that mad. But Evil is never innocent, no matter how polished or wrapped up. Killing JFK? Oliver Stone didn't even prick the Damned iceberg's tip. Those corrupt idiots. 

    My conscience is good. Burning soul, relatively fine. Lying to oneself is where souls sizzle, folks. Mary can be Hail Mary-ed to Oblivion, but GOD knows. GOD is Everything and all Holy Books can be referenced.

    Reverend Run, of The RUN DMC? RUN does a television show where he and his wife's kids are told to prove they've done something to earn WHAT they want? What HE wants? Is a world not grown DOWN TO mimicking KARDASHIANS. But people did it to ourselves! 

    Richest Black Man (OJ) in Buffalo, IN HIS AND THEIR TIME, lived in an adequate big enough house. But obviously nowhere near what the Elite-er WHITE ARISTOCRACY of BUFFALOED lived in and STILL stew their aristocratic resentments in! 

    While THE (NY) STATE is ruined at 125th Street in Manhattan with a THREE GENERATIONS OLD NOT modernized train system. Translates as National Tragedy that's unfazed as THE AMERICAN PUBLIC idolizes the country's Finances fated to RULE under BIG-OIL'S RULE. An uber employee in front of over a hundred of them even stuck their neck out yelling from the back of the room, "They call you ruthless!" 

    When I went into the uber bicycle training I was in NETWORK facing Ned Beatty over why MUSLIM taxi drivers were compelled to kill themselves. AS HOW MONKS in VIETNAM did over a war just supplying MORE MONEY for evil people to ruin the world! That's what Oliver Stone's Vietnam films are about! He said he came HOME to find out and describe just how wrong it all was! TOO PARAPHRASED? S____ you too!

    ____ for brains! The tactless bastards could have not been in the way any worse or be more ruthlessly bad. The world inherited today that says raise our pay and shrewd money more, the poor ARE THROWN AWAY anyway so not learning enough to care is what the world will know because you've been told and LIED TO FOR GENERATIONS, cooperating. Don't need me for blaming. 


    Yes, Senator Schumer you're often enough coordinated to sound as stupid as ____ too. But your side-kick, the one who'll never equal owning up to sabotaging Al Franken? _____ both of you not giving a crap POLITICIANS! JUST BECAUSE REPUBLICANS ARE WORSE, doesn't exclude jack ___t as all WASHINGTON hides playing you can't stop BIG MONEY ruling the world so we won't face it RULING US OVER YOU! That's in the Constitution? As written and defined by our CORRUPTED United States SUPREME COURT!

    Doubt the ALREADY ADEQUATE BUFFALO-ED stadium would fall apart. Till torn down to collect and spread some bank loan or another among those connived in on the IN! Pattern REAL ESTATE has used and abused money management to the detriment of the country all-over-the-world. The Chinese Communist Party inherited a poisoned method of STALINISM, the rest of the world's excuses are nowhere near as good. NO GOD DAMNED apology accepted, as MY opinion!

    Right. WALL STREET is only a TOOL conniving with helping shred the penny into UTTER uselessness! USELESSNESSES! ... 

    GOVERNOR? You're IDIOCY along with anyone other than ME claiming republicanISM! And me censored is history's wrapped the world's corrupt up in a bow. KILL ME! But for once leave anyone near innocent alone! But then YOU FACELESS(!) CORRUPTED just about everyone to blame little me in my little, I know how to survive, poverty world. 


PINHEADED MISMANAGED NOT WORTHY OF ASSOCIATION WITH ANY ANIMAL IN NATURE YOU DAMNED IDIOTS, all scum! No amount of marijuana-in-the-world could console that shriveled soul!

    So dep(f)arting with this SIDE-BAR Epitaph. Epitaphing Off , not fearing my OWN tears! 

    To all the fake legitimate ethicless-NESS Enterprising! - The time, 1975, I was sent to a basement Recreation Room Party. In a home near a Military Industrial Enterprise Subsidiary Facility. The teenage girl looked at me, from across the room, and said, "No party here, everyone out!" That's what sitting on your money pretending you know how to count, COSTS! Party over when your LIGHT(S) out! Money's delivered ya'll home! Continue Circulating Patheticness in karCASHianism, rich, Pathetic Gory. ... ... ...

Congress Pretends To Solve Finance Mutilating It Again! 


BOTTOM LINE: GOD's assumed out on "sorry, forgive us anyway." 

"For GOD so loved the world ..." 

    The fraudulently placed (WOMEN PLACED FOR TOUCHING BY CUOMO) Governor of New York was on National TV Sunday. Complaining the Federal Government isn't stepping in and fixing the Natural Tragedy made worse by the GENERATIONS OF UNDEVELOPMENT SHE'S THE BASTARD CHILD OF! Road grading specifically not leveled high enough to avoid flooding for contrived saving in corruptions pockets is OUR ANCESTRY! FACE IT! 

    The Hysterical Aristocracy of this country in that GOVERNOR _itch's Face? Specifically following in the steps of the POLITICAL PLANT Robert Moses! She may as well sleep with Kim Kardashian herself, for all anyone human knows! For as useless as she is, to New York and Citizens of the United States of America, as bought and paid for speaking to America about destabilizing the Federal Government more, because the money spent on her life's all been for the wasting away America! Thank you Buffaloed School System or wherever the ____ she was trained to think hovering over people trained to be stupid is good enough. Politician? ____ for brains!

    98 readers yesterday! Down thousands who've left with their brains titillated + offended? 

    Your Kardashian Thrones are intact of poisoned souls comfortably starting another Monday. In particularly satisfying damned crap of your own creating! In the "hands of fools," your epitaphs, IDIOTS! 

    All those LA, + every other, celebrities satisfied basking in ____ for brains OBLIVION. With the rest of the World's satisfied pretending to give a ____ but don't! "If we can make it we can all laugh." And point? Bad souls finishing their "hands of fools" fooleries, destroying themselves in our names, is Pure Idiocy Period EXCLAMATION POINT! !!! ... ... ... 

    So why not another conclusion, from past weekend's The New York Times Book Review. 

Brian Merchant’s “Blood in the Machine” compares the labor struggles of the Industrial Revolution to today’s abusive gig economy.

    The review of this book concludes: But if we truly want to break from the future that Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have planned for us, with our blood in their machines, it could take more than legislation to do so. It might require a few hammers.


Tracy Daugherty’s new biography is the first comprehensive account of the prolific novelist who brought us “Lonesome Dove,” “The Last Picture Show” and more.

He liked gossip, dirty jokes and taking his slick Manhattan friends to stock car races.

    And that portion shows how no matter how sophisticated the world's been, become, or declares itself to be, we've been and are under the thumb of a mental state destroying the world. Thank you Larry McMurtry's Texas too, if YOU GROW UP! 

    Everyone hostage to Big-Oil's POPULAR OPINION!

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